News this morning that Newcastle defender Paul Dummett is set to be offered a new and improved contract by the club.

Only 19 months ago (November 2013) the United player signed a long-term deal that tied him to the club for as long as six years.

However, the Shields Gazette say that their information is that Dummett will be given a better deal in recognition of his progress and the fact he is now a first team player.

The newspaper also report that the Geordie defender will take over the number 3 shirt following the departure of Davide Santon, trading up from number 36. This being further confirmation that he is seen as a first choice player now.

Whilst Paul Dummett is a wholehearted player and has got some ability, I think most Newcastle fans would see him as a squad player rather than a choice for the first eleven.

Ideally a new left-back would come in ahead of both Dummett and Haidara, who didn’t convince last season.

If Paul Dummett is in the first team, then I think supporters would far prefer to see him in the middle of defence, where he easily outperformed the failing experienced trio of Coloccini, Taylor and Williamson.

What isn’t up for debate is that Newcastle’s defence needs to show major improvement after year on year being a weakness to the team, last season conceding more goals (63) than every other Premier League club apart from QPR.

Hopefully Steve McClaren and his new coaching team will be a major step up on what has gone before and bring out improvement in the players already at St James Park, maybe even properly defend and attack the off set-play…

However, the thought of going into the new season without any significant defensive signings, preferably a minimum of two, is unthinkable.

  • JohnBatchelor

    Nearly every article over the last few days has expressed some variation on how going into pre season with no new signings will be unthinkable. As hard as it might be, I think we all need to prepare for that. From where I’m sat it looks like nothing has changed at all when it comes to player recruitment.

  • SimonDavies1

    JohnBatchelor Yep here we go again. Wait for the “The squad is a lot stronger than I originally thought, so we have reduced our need for players”

  • JohnBatchelor

    Yeah I can see all the familiar reasons for not having invested in the squad being trotted out over the next few weeks. Excuses ranging from returning injured players looking like new signings, through to the strength of the current playing staff being better than expected, and finishing with not being able to complete financially with big clubs like MK Dons, Partick Thistle and Canvey Island!

  • ennyoueffsee

    How about this excuse ” I’m a fat lazy money grabbing Barsteward”

  • Paul Patterson

    Wooooah! A signing!

  • Stephen Walton

    It’ll be like a new signing……….

  • 1957

    It is telling that the few defenders we manage to bring through to the first team never look better than squad players. If Taylor and Dummett at the best we can produce McClaren needs to restructure the whole youth development system

  • cwtoon88

    1957 Taylor is a big mouthed crock but he is in a different stratosphere in terms of talent to Dummett

  • NUFC9

    I’m a bit concerned that our notoriously tight and inflexible owner is improving his contract only a fraction of the way through the existing one.  He can’t be flexible to keep/attract star players but is willing to do so for Dummett? I’d like to keep him at the club (Dummett not Ashley!) but only as a squad player in the mould of Aaron Hughes who can fill in at 2 or 3 positions but isn’t automatic first choice. 
    Promoting him to first choice LB and being so desperate to keep a player who is wholehearted and honest  but limited doesn’t smack of ambition when it comes to upgrading the squad.

  • amacdee

    NUFC9 “wholehearted and honest  but limited”
    How many others can you aim that at as well ?

  • NUFC9

    Second bit, plenty. First part, not enough.

  • GToon

    Are we assuming he will accept it? I’d turn it down if I were him!

  • TeamGB

    Let’s give a bit of credit where it’s due, Dummett has taken his chance in an under performing sub division team, we’ve actually looked better with him than without and of course we never got to see Santon truly develop in a Black n White shirt. I’d like to see Dummett take another stride forward this season and command a regular place as well as push on with Wales, I think he has potential, let’s see how he evolves in his 2nd full season under an experienced coach. The Achilles heal here is that the clubs lack of ambition stifles young talent, the negative working environment erodes young fickle confidence……Dummetts a Geordie, we need more in our team.

  • GToon

    Nice comment.

  • DownUnderMag

    JohnBatchelor oh i’m fully expecting no signings before pre-season.  In fact i’m going to be surprised with any new signings before the overseas tour kicks off and let’s not rule out not having new faces in by the time the season kicks off.  Lots of conspiracy theories abounding, but it’s a worrying sign of the season to come.