Even before the season ended, Yohan Cabaye instructed his representatives to meet PSG officials to confirm what his status was with regard to next season.

The message was clear, Manager Laurent Blanc rated other players ahead of the former Newcastle player and that is before any potential new signings this summer.

Manager of the national team, Didier Deschamps, when meeting Yohan Cabaye, said that he needed regular club football to be in with a chance of France’s Euro 2016 squad.

Yohan Cabaye made public that his only course of action was to leave Paris, with the Premier League his division of choice.

A number of clubs have been linked with the player, amongst them West Ham, Southampton, Arsenal, Spurs, Crystal Palace, Liverpool and predictably, Newcastle United.

News now though that Southampton have suddenly become favourites to buy Yohan Cabaye, with a number of bookmakers now making the playmaker odds-on to be at St. Mary’s next season.

I have to say that I can only envy the way that the Saints do business, backing their managers and when players (or managers…) leave they go out and make sure they get quality to replace them, what a strange concept…

The thing is, they do what it takes and aren’t hindered by daft rigid rules imposed by the owner.

yohan cabaye

Players such as Pelle and Long were brought in last summer in their late twenties and given contracts taking them into their thirties, whilst at the same time investing in other players such as Sadio Mane and Fraser Forster who have most of their careers ahead of them.

Yohan Cabaye is 29 and sadly because of price, wages and age, Newcastle appear to be ruled out on at least three counts.

Southampton have been pursuing Sevilla’s exciting 25 year old Polish midfielder,¬†Grzegorz Krychowiak, but an offer of ¬£9m was knocked back as the Spanish club are said to be holding out for nearer ¬£20m.

The reports then claiming that they have taken the pragmatic approach and gone for the next target on their list, 29 year old Yohan Cabaye. Continuing their policy of going for good players no matter what age they are.

If ‘Dreamboat’ ends up at Southampton I’d be interested to see how he/they do get on. Last season they played great football with a mix of home grown talent and bought in quality signings that they spent significant money on, once again massively outspending Newcastle.

Yohan Cabaye will be champing at the bit after being a part-time player at PSG and with the need to perform to keep his place for France.

He could have been class for Newcastle once again but it looks like it isn’t to be.

  • Oliver Lam

    Newcastle fans will continue to have f*** all to look forward to. Mike Ashley is a cheap billionaire, if there’s such a thing.

  • AndrewCowley1

    Great player but….after his antics last time when he demanded a move I’d think twice before getting him back.on second thought alls forgiven come back yohan.

  • Charlie Kitching

    You loved Newcastle

  • Willvenus1

    Schneiderlin is also odds on to leave St Mary’s for upwards of 24m (Man Utd) so they could bring in Cabaye as an adequate replacement and make a big fat profit

  • KevinHarland

    I’d have him back in a heartbeat and, to be honest, I think even at 29 it would be a good move. He scores and creates goals and we never looked like getting relegated when he was in the team. That’s your money back right there!

  • kuromori

    Midfielders can go on into their mid-thirties if they look after themselves, a la Rob Lee. A good move by Southampton.

  • Stu McSherry

    Why aren’t we getting updates on all our past players, is it just because Cabeye is lush?

  • Ring around Uranus

    The difference between Southampton and Newcastle is frightening.
    They are run by people with vision and ambition.

  • toonterrier

    Don’t want the greedy sod back. Let him rot in the reserves at PSG.

  • zemtex

    Soton were favourites to sign him a week ago when I checked. Old news.

  • onedavidmccreery

    After the tw#t refused to play at man city why the fu#k would anyone want him!

  • WilliamCarney

    I wouldn’t take him back, he wasn’t that good anyway… people think of him highly, he doesn’t do anything more than what most decent midfielders do, there is nothing special about him.

  • How is it that Southampton can become a strong force in the premiership in such a short time yet newcastle are going the other way a weakened team that don’t have the power or strength to bring in new decent players it goes to show how disgraceful newcastle have become it’s truly a shame

  • CMRowley

    I disagree but let’s say you’re correct, he’s streets ahead of anything in our midfield so what does that make our players?

  • WilliamCarney

    CMRowley You might not agree, but I think we can all agree that our current players are champioship players at their best, Cabaye and a few others were the only ones that can be called premier league players, there are many cabaye’s in the premier league, he didn’t really bring anything different than most worthy premier league players did and currently do.

  • TeamGB

    To compete in the EPL an ambitious club needs to present a squad that consists of a balance between experience and youth. A club should therefore offer young players longer term contracts at lower percentile salaries and shorter deals at a higher net income for ‘older’ more experienced players. Resigning Cabaye can be justified, the hierarchy just need to validate a workable equation. I have a bad feeling regarding the competency of Charnely.

  • TeamGB

    Cabaye is a world class footballer, he dictates the pace of a game which is a unique characteristic at EPL level and for a side littered with sub division players such as NUFC, his type go an awful long way to raising our overal team performance levels. Cabaye also scores goals in open play and is an authority from a dead ball situation. We need Cabaye, he would raise our current performance output by 20% at least, just look at the stats in his last season with us.

  • WilliamCarney

    TeamGB If he is such a world class player, how come he doesn’t get into the first team very often? surely a world class player would get a first team spot without any hesitations.

  • TeamGB

    @williamCarney PSG play a preferred 4-3-3 and they have got six quality midfielders, there owners aren’t short of a few Bob and don’t mind spending :) they rotate a lot and on that basis Cabaye got less game time at he would have hoped. He knows the Premiere League and at 29 needs to play this season to make a major international tournament before it’s too late. He’s class, I once saw him walk directly across the Tyne carrying his trainers as he didn’t want to get them wet, Boats were swerving and everything….

  • DavidWright2

    Such an uneducated argument.., teams that player in 433 usually play a defensive midfielder which is matuadi an offensive midfielder which is pastore and a dictating playmaker which is the role cabaye plays sadly Marco verrati is one of the best in the world which is why yohan doesn’t get the game time

  • SteveSmith16

    I think it’s more simple than that really David. The Brazilian players and Ibrahimovic threw tantrums when Cabaye was signed initially and I get the impression a lot of decisions are made to keep their stars happy.