Moussa Sissoko has given yet another French media interview, this time to radio station RMC, claiming that Jose Mourinho is monitoring his progress.

The Newcastle midfielder always wants it both ways and does say that he happy at Newcastle though…

Sissoko also says that he would be ecstatic if Patrick Vieira became Head Coach/Manager…but also appreciates John Carver!

Moussa Sissoko:

“I am still at Newcastle and I feel good there, there’s no problem.

“If I am to move, then the French national team will be part of my thinking and as for Champions League football – all players dream of playing in this competition and I hope to participate in it one day but I’m patient, waiting for my time.”

Jose Mourinho:

“Is he (Jose Mourinho) following my progress? According to what I am hearing, the answer is yes.

“He is one of the best managers in the world and he he’s won so many titles – any player would love to be coached by this man….for the moment I’m coached by other people but if one day I have the chance to work under his guidance, then I would be very happy.”

Patrick Vieira:

“If he (Vieira) comes to Newcastle then I would be very happy as he was a role model for me, playing in the same position as I do.

“He helped me to learn to try and be the best. At the moment the manager is still John Carver, even if the second half of our season was difficult, he’s someone who I do appreciate.”

  • Paul Forth

    After his performance against west ham I doubt he could get into the chelsea u21 team

  • Prateek Thammineni

    Didn’t he ‘pledge’ to stay?

  • Phil Wright

    If they have been watching him, they won’t be buying him.

  • whickhamrobbie

    another n,zogbia

  • Michael Maximus Moose


  • Sean Kelly

    does he want a lift?

  • toonterrier

    He probably means Prince Harry’s bird.

  • Kevin Render

    New car park attendant needed at Stamford Bridge

  • Big Al 1967

    Sorry Moussa, Jose is big on 100% workrate 100% of the time, which on past performances is completely alien to you

  • NottsToon

    I don’t put too much stock in quotes like that, it’s been proven in the past that things get lost in translation and taken out of context. Having said that I do believe that he wants out and has done for a while, look at his performances. Lack of action spoke louder than words.

  • Steve Passmoor

    who is he trying to kid?
    And they reckon us fans are deluded

  • SaveNUFC

    Wish I could miss you Sissoko! The door is wide open if you want to leave.

  • EastStander

    Id take 8 million now. Bone idle lazy player who turns up if it suits him