Almost as though they are rubbing salt in the (still gaping) wounds from last season, Newcastle United have published an interview with Mike Williamson on the official club website.

Most people feel obliged when talking about the central defender to start off by saying, ‘He seems a dead canny lad BUT…’, before going on to list all the reasons why he shouldn’t still be at Newcastle.

Very few Newcastle fans believe Mike Williamson is good enough to play in the Premier League but they don’t blame the player in the first instance, it isn’t his fault that United still have the same three centre-backs who played in the 2009/10 Championship season.

Contributing to the fact that  season after season Newcastle have one of the worst defences in the Premier League, with only QPR letting more goals in last season.

In this latest interview the club quote Williamson saying ‘I will always back my ability and back myself to play’.

Then going on to say ‘I still have a big contribution to make to Newcastle’.

It is bad enough for Newcastle to have done nothing on the transfer front so far (apart from getting rid of more players), without them winding supporters up further by putting this kind of inflammatory stuff up on the club website.

Surely at least one person at the club must be clued up enough to know what kind of reaction this interview will provoke…well at least you would hope so!

Mike Williamson speaking to the official club website:

“Whatever team I play for, I will always back my ability and back myself to play.

“I know I can have a good, positive effect on the team. That’s what I have done since I arrived here and hopefully that’s what will happen this season, too.”

mike williamson

Big contribution still to make:

“I feel like I’m growing, learning and maturing all the time and I still have a big contribution to make to Newcastle.

“It has been an exceptional time here. I can’t speak highly enough of the fans, the Club, the good and the bad.”

Enjoying every day:

“I have enjoyed every day of it, even the pressure that comes with playing for Newcastle.

“You have to enjoy that and if you can’t handle the pressure, you are in the wrong job. I have loved every time I have pulled the shirt on and hopefully this season there will be plenty more.”

What next…’Newcastle United make double summer signing – Williamson and Obertan get new five year deals’?!!!

  • Oliver Lam

    Leaving Newcastle United will be your BIGGEST contribution to us.

  • Iain Tranter

    You don’t.

  • TheBoneYard

    there seems to be an outbreak of the first ever infectious mental health disorder at NUFC……delusionism

  • partworntyres

    dear mr charnley-b.ll.cks,
     the transfer window is now OPEN.

  • dude 1

    Don’t think so bonny lad don’t think so leaving will be the biggest

  • Ben Jefferson

    He ll have a huge contribution to No fans being at the first game if he’s still here

  • NottsToon

    Pretty sure this interview was done purely to wind us up, or manage our disappointment when we sign no central defenders other than Lascelles.

  • Pedrothegreat

    He might come in handy as a spare goalpost.

  • Jamie Ingham

    What happened him moving to Leeds?

  • SeanLynch

    The only contributions I want to see from Willo would be his wages off the bill and his shirt number on someone else’s back.

    Maybe FCB could do a 2 for 1 offer to San Lorenzo … buy Collo, get Willo FREE!!!

  • lupamac

    must be buying a season ticket

  • toon tony

    “I will always back my ability ” pretty much along the same s#!te Carver used to spout last season.

  • Connor Mullins

    Yes. By finding a new club.

  • lupamac

    toon tony   Carver !!  the name rings a bell is that the same Carver that used to be one of the best coaches in the premier league?
    Or the Carver that said that Williamson could mark Aguero out of the game because he preferred playing against  big name payers . one the eve of the Man Citeh game the game we were 3-0 down in twenty mniutes ?

  • shadsdad

    To quote the late Brian Clough “He couldn’t trap a bag of sand!”

  • Andrew Swift

    No Mike you should join Mansfield Town or some other basement L2 side they’re about your level

  • PhilYare

    I thought the bogs were clean?

  • James Morrison

    Craig Willumsen

  • Richard Coe

    Please, no

  • NotFatFreddy

    ‘I still have a big contribution to make to Newcastle’ – Like painting the tyne bridge?  If Ashley owned it Mike would have to buy his own paint and ladder, though he would have the benefit of being on a zero-hour-contact, 10% off at Sports Direct if you spend £100 a week, and a good view of St James Park on a wet and windy November day.

    To be fair to him, he did do a good job to get us out of the championship and he is 100% committed when he is on the pitch, more than many who have worn the black and white shirt.

  • Andgeo

    Unless you are planning on beating the crap out of the fat man, you have no contribution to make. Get out of our club! Championship defender.

  • GToon

    This would be an easy post to make a witty comment about but what do we expect him to say? It’s up to the club to replace him with a better player. A comment below is right – he does give his best when he plays. It’s the ones that don’t that don’t that are the problem. I bet he would have been a really good player at Arsenal where the defenders worked as a team so well and were coached expertly by George Graham.

  • Steven Phillips

    Donkey rides for local kids?

  • Brown Bottle

    shadsdad ….cement

  • Scot Land

    An honest enough player, but just not good enough!

  • Harry Robertson

    people forget he cost peanuts, has done a decent job for what he is, he did not costs 30m + people forget that sometimes. Williamson is a average player at a very average football club.

  • Neil Robson

    Yep if we get a transfer fee for you Mike that will be your contribution!!!

  • Chris Usher

    Aye its called the Exit door that would be the biggest contribution u could do as he was a liability

  • 1957

    Taken apart on this and other sites for his lack of ability, every touch bringing groans from the terraces and subject to a disgraceful character assassination by his previous coach, but what has Williamson really done wrong. He doesn’t select himself to play and he is well paid in a job most of us would love to do. His employers can’t or don’t want to get rid of him and presumably at their bidding he contributes to the inane content of the official website.
    The problem lies within the club not with Williamson, he clearly takes on board what his coaches tell him, this article shows he fully embraced the Carver world of delusion