Mike Ashley is set to resign from the Newcastle United board according to reports this morning.

The club owner formally joined the NUFC board only in April 2014, the news revealed in the same announcement that saw Lee Charnley move up from club secretary to Managing Director.

The story has been brokem by The Mirror who also claim that Ashley stepping down from the board will also see two other directors appointed.

There is no suggestion that this is part of some bigger deal where Mike Ashley will sell the club, I can only guess it is being done for strategic reasons only known to the owner and his close minions.

Just as was the case when Ashley joined the board last year, this is part of what I wrote on 7 April 2014:

‘The club have announced today that Mike Ashley has now joined the Newcastle United board of directors.

The club statement had the headline news of Lee Charnley being confirmed as Managing Director but I’m guessing that the real story is Ashley putting himself on the board.

There must be strategic reasons for the owner doing this and no doubt we will discover why in the fullness of time.’

Changes were due anyway with the Newcastle United board, as Finance Director John Irving has left for a post at Newcastle Airport. The board having comprised of Charnley, Ashley and Irving.

A minimum of two directors are needed by law and so if Mike Ashley is indeed leaving (the board) as well as Iriving, then at least one new director would have been needed anyway.

Returning to a story we covered not so long ago, I still can’t help but wonder that now Derek Llambias and Barry Leach (former Finance Director at both Rangers and Sports Direct) are formally detached from Rangers, whether we are going to see Mike Ashley bring in his two loyal henchmen to shake the club up and iron out certain things he isn’t happy about.

Whether they would be in in line with what supporters would like to see, might be quite another matter.

  • Conman

    Wouldn’t be surprised at all if this happened. If these spivs are back in place, it will only show that he is still happy to run at a very low end budget.
    On the back end of this, not talking to better places coaches and settling for a man that turned us down three times, just goes to show what is coming.
    To all those who watched the fcb impromptu interview a few weeks back and thought a change was in the offing. It isn’t.

  • Porciestreet

    Llambias anyone……..!Nobody hold ya breath.

  • Happyharrys2011

    You need to hold your breath with the smell of bull $hit coming out of the place.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    I think this is the most obvious thing that could happen. Llambias’ resignation from here after all coincided with his involvement in and Directorship of RFC – not his alleged dissatisfaction over Kinnear.
    Run out of Glasgow but deemed fit enough, again, for us. Sounds typical Ashley.

  • wor monga

    Of course it will be those two, no doubt about it…what else
    did you expect?…some ‘directors in line with what the supporters want’…eh!!…does
    that kind of director actually exist…not in Ashley’s world

    …Ashley isn’t in day to day attendance at the club, and his
    trusted lieutenant Charnley fu*ked up big time in February by releasing Pardew,
    ( Santon and Mbiwa) for obvious financial reasons without any credible replacements
    brought in (because on paper we looked to be comfortable with 30+pts) a
    disastrous move which when added to injuries and suspensions left the club facing
    relegation, on the final day…

    …Charnley won’t be sacked, but his control over major
    decisions which impact on the playing staff will be lessened…

  • Paul Patterson

    Doesn’t really matter who is ‘on the board’, if the same lunatic is controlling the money . .

  • LeeRobson23

    shelbiie very much doubt it

  • shelbiie

    LeeRobson23 no where else has said anything about it. Not that I think it’d make much difference. He’ll still have them on strings

  • LeeRobson23

    shelbiie exactly, The Mag is an open forum for idiots these days. I think we’d hear about it if true. Then party.

  • shelbiie

    LeeRobson23 we’ll see. I’m worrying too much about the next season. Devastation all round U0001f622

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga A prime example of the Ashley business genius in regards to football and this Club.

    Promote the Club secretary to MD of a 130 million business. But it’ll be better when the ex Casino Manager returns.

    Plainly an excellent recipe for success.

  • LeeRobson23

    shelbiie still early days, think we’ll be better next than last. Going to be a long 62 days.

  • LeeRobson23

    shelbiie come up for first home game?

  • shelbiie

    LeeRobson23 haha I’ll try to!

  • v0ices

    @LeeRobson23 shelbiie the idiots are the people turning up in wonga shirts feeding the disease

  • snodgrass2

    He’s only stepping down so he can deflect the comments which will come his way when nothing at the club changes and we are in the same state next season as the last two. He realises his public appearance put pressure on him so by standing aside he can wash his hands of any situation and “blame the board”. The WAIT AND SEE BRIGADE will accept this excuse as normal.