Mike Ashley has removed an astonishing 14 people from the Newcastle United wage bill.

Despite being a club that are seriously understaffed both on and off the pitch, the club owner has found a number of ways to seriously reduce the current wage bill.

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Some opportunities have been put in front of Mike Ashley, whilst in other cases he has been the prime mover.

Over the last six months the following 14 Newcastle United employees have been slashed from that wage bill, with no replacements named as yet.

Alan Pardew

Hatem Ben Arfa

Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa

Davide Santon

John Irving

David Gilroy

Facundo Ferreyra

Jak Alnwick

Adam Campbell

Jonas Gutierrez

Remie Streete

Ryan Taylor

John Carver

Steve Stone

(There was also a number of young players not offered professional contracts as happens each summer)

Obviously we expect imminent news of Steve McClaren seemingly certain to take the manager/head coach role, with also the possibility of him naming a new coaching staff after John Carver and Steve Stone were formally confirmed as sacked this morning.

However, the overall effect of the departure of the 14 people above, is to have created a void and an opportunity at the club.

Those gaps we all hope will be filled by people who can make the club stronger on and off the pitch, though of course it also opens up the possibility of Mike Ashley just saving a massive amount in wages, or even the chance of making the club even more attractive to a potential buyer…

With the wages of Jonas, Ryan Taylor, Santon, Mapou, Ferreyra and Ben Arfa – that represents a huge saving instantly.

Whilst off the pitch, Finance Director John Irving going to Newcastle Airport and his assistant David Gilroy moving to a post at Manchester City, makes me think the possibility of Mike Ashley’s key people Derek Llamabias and Barry Leach (former Finance Director at Sports Direct and Rangers) ending up at Newcastle United isn’t just a fleeting daydream (nightmare).

This clearing of the decks in terms of slashing staff from the club, does appear to have been a distinct strategy in recent months.

Whether that is then with the intention of simply saving cash, or helping the club to move forward once again, we are about to find out.

Thanks to Chris Holt for giving me the idea for this piece with his ongoing list of people/players leaving the club, you can follow him on Twitter @MikeAshleyLies

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  • Marklp

    I will lose no sleep over the 14 mentioned except for Jonas, not for sentimental reasons, I think he played some of his best games at the end of the last season and possibly santon. Mistakes were made with the timing, especially the defenders who went during the season, but they all needed moving on as they are not good enough.

  • jack1x

    I see Swansea look like signing Ayew , it makes you weep , obviously Swansea are a much bigger and ambitious club than we are

  • Conman

    Why would any decent player come here. Honestly. Tell me.
    No chance of winning anything. No really top players left. No infrastructure below to grow a team in the next decade.
    It’s just a total mess

  • MW64

    and which of those gone would you really keep!!!!?? Jonas apart

  • wor monga

    I wondered who amongst the Mag’s writers who’ve been
    constantly telling us how utter crap Carver and Stone are…would be the first to
    find some way to complain about them going…after the club had sacked them…you
    didn’t let the side down Dean!!

  • Deluded

    Marklp  I agree with the really poor players. But if our coaching staff are as poor as they have been, and you only have to look at our set pieces to see how bad, then how do you know players like Santon and Mbiwa couldn’t have been better with better coaching? That’s what utterly baffles me with Ashley. We are set up in every way like a European club, bring in players who play passing football their whole lives then have them coached and set up by old school up and at ’em English coaches.

  • SGM

    For me, its a pity Carr is not on that list, He’s responsible for a lot of the under performing dross at the club.

  • SGM

    jack1x  You might find, its a good job they got him.

  • wor monga

    SGM        Carr just finds players, and reports back on them…then the
    negotiators are limited to unrealistic boundaries set by the owner, which they daren’t
    go past…but the best players all know they can get more elsewhere, and he is
    forced to look at other (cheaper) options to put forward…no other scout would
    be able to do better under the circumstances.

    …”The failure goes back to Ashley’s door”, he’s admitted it,
    and that policy must be drastically changed this summer for the club to stay in
    the PL!

  • toonterrier

    SGM I think his son picks most of them

  • Little Davey

    KevinHarland  How do we fit 10 new players into a 25 man squad that already has 23 or so names on it ?
    8 of which have to be home grown.
    Unfortunately we have to either sell a few more or make do with just a couple new incomings. ie 1 x striker, 1 x CB 1 x winger.
    Be honest now, you didn’t seriously expect to get 10 did you ? It’s never going to happen.

  • Little Davey

    SGM  What we really need is for Carr to work a lot closer with SM to get the type of players we really need. If he keeps on suggesting cheap alternatives, then that is what we get.
    He should just tell them, there is no cheap alternative. Simple as.

  • KevinHarland

    Little Davey We need 10 in my opinion.
    If you take out the players that are not good enough then we have very little in the way of a top 10 Premier League squad.
    I’m not sure what the rules are on squad sizes and home grown players etc but there are a number of players that I’d happily show the door to and replace.
    I’d be happy keepingColoccini, Steven Taylor, Aarons,Anita, Cisse, Dummett, Krul, Tiote, Haidara, Sissoko, Cabella, De Jong, Janmaat, Colback, Darlow and Ayoze. then we can sell or loan out the rest for all I care.

    So, that’s 16 players that are good enough in my opinion and even some of those are a couple of bad games away from losing me.

    We have the numbers but not the talent so when I say 10, I mean bring in 3 or 4 now then slowly but surely improve the rest of the squad on a ‘one in / one out’ basis.

  • KevinHarland

    Little Davey SGM Exactly. We signed Gouffran and Riviere instead of proven goalscorers and then what happened? We didn’t score for months. Now is the time to bring in players like Austin who have shown they can do it at this level. Cheap alternatives are always a gamble and now is not the time to gamble.

  • SimonFarrimond

    KevinHarland Little Davey we have darlow and jascalles the lads from forest so that’s 2 more doesn’t leave many positions left for new additions

  • stepaylor

    positive days right now and we should all try and get behind this new coach and club dialogue. Even if we have our reservations it is obvious from people in the game that Steve Mclaren is a very wise football man. Stuart Pearce, Rio Ferdinand, Jamie Redknapp, Gary Neville etc have all said very good things about him, his vision and wisdom so im going to give him strong support.

    Now sell Cisse and bring in Austin to lead the line with Perez in behind. Wished we could have moved fro Ayew but it seems he has gone to Swansea. Swansea make such smart moves as a club.

    Move out Williamson, bring in Caulker

    Bring in Micah Richards to play centre back with Caulker, let Colocinni go back home as its what he wants.

    Tyrone Mings from Ipswich and we have a core of English players that are young and very strong, quick.

  • DownUnderMag

    Deluded Marklp square pegs in round holes, that’s the way we’ve been coached for some time now.  I would love to have seen Santon and MYM given more of a chance…especially if those who said they weren’t good enough have actually been shown the door as their own levels aren’t up to scratch!

  • DownUnderMag

    What the club has failed to do is properly keep hold of their best players rather not recruit well enough.  I think some extra wages and some more players brought in would have shown the ambition, kept players happy and seen us a much more formidable side than we currently are.

    I see people are complaining about Swansea getting hold of Ayew.  Remember for every Bony we miss out on theres a van Wolfswinkel who would have been a waste of money… 

    Other than Jonas, who I think could still do a job for us, the rest of that list won’t be missed.  Ryan Taylor simply lost too much pace after being out so long, the staff weren’t good enough, the youth players hadn’t progressed (although how much of that was down to the coaching staff who knows).  I’d like to have seen MYM and Santon given more of a chance but they are gone and we must get on with our lives and hope that fatty has learned to actually get a good squad together before the start of the season!

  • Greekgeordie

    From the list only Santon is possibly a mistake, and of course a Mag article has to keep the usual line of knock the club what ever is the decision.
    Last season’s performance dictates drastic changes, and this includes in the playing squad, give the club a chance and stop cultivating a negative climate from early June.