Mike Ashley has taken legal action against Rangers and the two sides will be represented in a London courtroom only 24 hours before the special Rangers shareholders general meeting the Newcastle owner has forced for Friday.

The Sports Direct division of his empire have lodged papers at the High Court Chancery Division and the case will be heard at 10.30am this morning by Mrs Justice Asplin .

The Daily Record reported that details of the exact nature of the legal action have remained secret but it is difficult not to assume that this hastily arranged courtroom hearing is closely linked to the proceedings tomorrow at the meeting of Rangers shareholders.

Mike Ashley used his 9% shareholding in Rangers to demand the shareholders meeting, his shares being held within his company MASH Holdings which is also where his complete ownership/100% shareholding of Newcastle United is also held.

It was MASH that demanded the meeting and not Sports Direct, though the main aim of calling for the meeting is that Ashley wants to force Rangers into paying back the £5m loan to Sports Direct with immediate effect.

Rangers’ main man Dave King had threatened to use the shareholders meeting to expose the real truth of what the club’s shocking commercial contracts were with Mike Ashley’s empire.

Whatever the eventual outcome from the battle between Mike Ashley and the new Ranger regime, one thig is certain – they are most definitely getting under his skin!

  • dahaigh

    Pay back a £5 loan? Surely even Rangers can afford that.

  • Adam_B

    I’m guessing Ashley is seeking an injunction so that the alleged “dodgy dealings” will not come out in public. I refer to what has been described as contractual transactions that massively benefit MA with little reciprocal benefit for Rangers, and which MA was able to set up under the fog of the desperation Rangers were going through in the recent past. If it all came out, I suspect it would embarrassingly reveal just what a bully, chancer and opportunist our club’s owner is. He does not like it when other people see what his real actions are……

  • Dubaiexpat

    dahaigh they had to take the loan in order to pay their staff so not sure they can.

  • IntravenusMP

    dahaigh There seems a willingness amongst the Dave King lot to aquire shares but not such a willingness to lend the club any money. This is where Mike Asley holds the whip hand. When they failed to get promotion, the club needed to continue borrowing to stay afloat. The only one willing to cough up appears to be Ashley.