Michael Owen has given his verdict on Steve McClaren coming to St James Park.

The former Newcastle striker describes it as a ‘sensible move’.

The one-time Boro and England boss is yet to be confirmed as Newcastle United’s new manager/head coach, though yesterday brought news that it is expected to happen in the next day or two.

Using his Twitter account, Michael Owen said:

“Mclaren replacing Carver seems like a sensible move as does Bilic getting the Hammers job. Plenty of movement already in The Prem!”

Interesting to look back at a key period for Steve McClaren and indeed Michael Owen.

That infamous failed European Championships qualifying campaign involved a certain Michael Owen, as well as the ‘wally with a brolly’.

Michael Owen was still at Newcastle in autumn 2007 and Mike Ashley had only been the club owner for a matter of months.

Whilst Owen played no part in that final desperate defeat to Croatia in the rain at Wembley (he wasn’t even on the bench, no doubt injured as usual), he did play the full 90 minutes in the just as crucial game away to Russia only a month beforehand.

Russia were the other team that ended up going through with Croatia and England led 1-0 at the break thanks to a Rooney goal.

However, a dramatic second half collapse saw Michael Owen and his teammates lose the match 2-1 and set England on the road to that final disaster v Croatia.

Ironically, that match in Russia ended up being Michael Owen’s last competitive game for his country, the defeat helping to finish off both Steve McClaren’s as well as his own, international careers.

Must be a relief for Steve McClaren that he can now rely on Michael Owen’s full help and support now, just as he could back then…


  • John Bainbridge

    Who cares?

  • KevinBrown11

    Who gives a shyte what you think you little mercenary!!

  • mrkgw

    Fingers crossed, McClaren will turn around the club. Lets face it, things couldnt have been much worse. Now is the time for supporters to get behind the side and give Mike Ashley one final chance. We really do need this to work.

  • Gallowgate82

    Michael owens view on Mclaren getting the NUFC job.: Its nice to have a new backside sitting on the bench instead of mine.

  • Wayne Clayton

    Odious little oxygen thief. Who cares? Stick your twitter account up the 5-4f.

  • Timptoon

    I wish The Mag, The Chron and any other NUFC-related publication would refrain from giving the odious money-grubber any coverage whatsoever. He was a waste of space when he was here and the sooner forgotten the better.