The question we asked yesterday was – ‘If Steve McClaren replaced NUFC coaches with his own people would it make a difference?’

With the new Manager/Head Coach seemingly all but ‘over the line’, could the mixed reaction regarding his appointment be improved if there is a major clearout of the coaching staff?

Just how much do Newcastle fans see the coaching staff as part of the ongoing problem, rather than part of the solution at St James Park?

If Steve McClaren brings in a whole new coaching staff, will it be seen as radically different to the Newcastle job going Pardew-Carver-McClaren without anything else at the club changing?

If the former England boss alne comes in, just what chance would he have if he has to operate under the current structure?

So we posed this –  ‘If Steve McClaren is allowed to bring in his own coaching team instead of Carver, Stone, Woodman etc, would it make you more confident of the appointment being a success, less confident, or it makes no difference?’

coaching staff

As you can see a massive 72% would be more confident of success under Steve McClaren if he brings in his own NUFC coaches.

A further 24% aren’t sure it would make any difference either way, with under 4% thinking that changing the coaching team would weaken Steve McClaren and Newcastle United’s chances.

  • NicholasDryden

    with under 4% thinking that changing the coaching team would weaken Steve McClaren and Newcastle United’s chances.
    Who are these people!!!

  • LeazesEnder

    NicholasDryden People who didn’t understand the question and those who hit the wrong button.

  • LeazesEnder

    Looks like everyone is resigned to Steve McClaren coming…..  Pardew 2 the sequel,  same regime, same 
    ‘blueprint’ same rubbish, same excuses, same lies, same puppet, same Charnley….. what I’m saying is the same….

    ….I’m bored

  • Big Al 1967

    This is a coach/manager who thinks Richard Keogh is a decent defender and captain material. This is the same player who makes Mike Williamson look world class.
    More of the same I’m afraid and although not a betting man if it is a team of McClaren and Carver I’m off to Paddy Power to see the odds on us getting relegated. Joke appointment from a joke club.
    FCB out!

  • tino o

    Instead of hiring a manager why don’t we just get a cardboard cut and put it in the dugout it would have the same say and influence on the team. It would definitely be an improvement on carver.

  • Chemical Dave

    I hate him and he hasn’t even got the job yet.

  • philk4

    If McLaren brought in GOOD, REAL, coaches and not these hangers on then he would be off to a good start with the fans

  • wor monga

    John Carver and Steve Stone aren’t going anywhere they took
    over the club at a time when nobody else would touch it…because the squad had
    been allowed to get into such a pathetic mess…by the decisions of those supposedly
    running the show…

    …the club were in such bad condition that the manager walked
    out to a much smaller outfit that was already in the stuck bottom three…simply to
    avoid being the patsy for their total incompetence…

    …Carver was up against it from the word go…his captain showed
    no authority to the others on the field…they had no real physical strength or
    punch up front since Remy/ Ba …they had no expert with a dead ball since Cabaye, they’d sold fit defenders, were forced to play an untried kid in goal for the first 6
    games, and had other players going missing in action, not bothering to break
    sweat, undisciplined, getting lengthy suspensions etc…

    …it was a recipe for relegation, and probably for further
    miseries down the track…despite this it can always be said that Carver (as well
    as Hull City) kept us up…that’s all Advocaat and Sherwood actually achieved for
    a lot more money…

    … No…the fairest option would be for Ashley to allow  McClaren to appoint an assistant to work on game
    plan and tactics and then move John/ Steve down to working with the fitness of the
    players…and if they didn’t agree to that then they’d have to move on…

  • NottsToon

    wor monga ……your writing style…….hurts my eyes……..and gives me a……..headache……..


  • wor monga

    NottsToon       It’s not my writing Snott’s… it’s more likely the ‘5 Fingered
    Widdow’ that’s to blame for the eye problems…you always come over as a bit of a
    player like…with ya-sell…that is!!!

  • NottsToon

    wor monga NottsToon I just assume that it’s the redundant pace at which your brain works, trying to make sense of all that’s going on around you as you await the nurse changing your muck sack again, and the medication to kick in.

    Never mind fella, nearly nap time before your afternoon soup and tuning in to Countdown.

  • Chemical Dave

    Don’t….be …rude….to….the…..old….mong….

  • Chemical Dave

    Are you serious Phil, he managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at derby, why else would fatty want this routine failure ? The difference between brolly and what we already have is largely irrelevant.

  • AndrewCowley1

    Anyone that thinks carver and co should stay in any capacity is deluded.hes been atrocious and I’m not just talking this season.for example how poor have are set pieces been for years?

  • AndrewCowley1

    Carver kept us up?the point is anyone out in charge of that team could have got the same number of points as,u,anyone.hes supposed to be a professional coach and that’s the best he can do?abysmal,it’s alright to give someone a crack and see if they can cut it but he’s had his go and he failed,to suggest he kept us up as some sort of praise is wrong and rather silly really.

  • wor monga

    AndrewCowley1     Course they could…sounds easy doesn’t it, but three managers
    failed to do just that…even with the rubbish we were putting across, each week,
    and staying in the PL is the yardstick for what they all set out to do these

  • wor monga

    Chemical Dave        You still sniffing the chemicals Dave?…and serial replying
    to postings on here…get yourself some sort of a life…before it’s passed you by,

  • Chemical Dave

    …time for your meds…you reek of piss…..

  • Basileus

    wor monga What utter crap.
    Carver and Stone were given a relatively easy job to get a few points to guarantee safety. A chance VERY few 3rd raters get in Premier League, as the owners aren’t normally as penny pinching as Ashley
    Instead they almost got the club relegated
    Incompetence and stupidity.
    Those words really arent strong enough to describe this pair.
    You Carver by any chance ?

  • Basileus

    Chemical Dave He’s cheap and can be controlled Dave.
    Obvious,. surely ?
    TBH – he’s better than Pardew and a couple of zillion light years better than the 
    Dumb-natic Duo

  • TonnekToon

    If wally does get the gig i think it’ll be a fair bet he wouldn’t get to pick his nose without Fatty’s permission , obviously love to see the Dynamic Duo moved on , but I’ll be surprised if it happens.

  • Capricorn2049

    What difference does changing the backroom staff of McLaren or any other coach that may be appointed going to make? Any players coming in are not of his choice, hence the term coach and  not manager.
    And please elaborate on the term `success` you speak of in your survey, not being in a relegation battle perhaps?

  • Jezza_NUFC

    AndrewCowley1  Agreed 100%. Carver didn’t keep us up. He took us from a safe 9th place at the turn of the year to the very brink of relegation.

  • v0ices

    Basileus wor monga to be fair dear old monga is catching up and has finally realised why pardew left and has stopped blaming the support for carver getting the job.

  • Capricorn2049

    72% of fans are more confident of success if McLaren is allowed to bring in his own coaches to give Newcastle a fresh start? Really? No wonder Newcastle continue to be a failing team if this statistic is correct. It just goes to prove that their fans are unbelievably gullible and their misplaced optimism is forever being stroked by the gravy train, otherwise known as the local media which far more often than not, just puts a positive spin on events at SJP.