I had seen a number of references on social media, where Liverpool fans were comparing their situation with that of Newcastle supporters.

The scousers apparently feeling sorry for themselves and believing they’d hit rock bottom.

Just as a reminder, it is only 13 months ago when Liverpool went within a whisker of winning the Premier League.

This past season Liverpool fans watched their team finish sixth in the Premier League, reach the semi finals of both the FA Cup and League Cup, plus play Champions League football which included playing Real Madrid home and away.

Liverpool have reacted to ‘only’ finishing sixth by revamping their coaching set-up and so far have signed four players:Adam Bogdan, Danny Ings, James Milner and Joe Gomez – the last three of those signings all linked with Newcastle this summer. There are other signings reported to be in the pipeline of the likes of Benteke and others.

Could there really be a significant number of Liverpool fans who honestly think that what they are having to put up with is anywhere near on the same scale as Newcastle fans?

Apparently so. I visited one of the main Liverpool fans’ message boards at This is Anfield and these were amongst the comments I found:

‘I feel like a Newcastle Utd fan now, we have Mike Ashley with an American accent. We have a John Carver manager who is a lame duck and a disillusioned fan base it seems.’

‘I am very disappointed that Rodgers has not been replaced. I have never had confidence in Rodgers the style and tactics of the teams bewildering me more than anything else (am I too old fashioned?). If the defense is not sorted out over the pre-season we will be back at point zero like we are now.’

‘It is fair to say that a huge amount of people are looking at our squad, manager and owners and seeing a pretty disappointing sight.

I think as fans we can have the wool pulled over our eyes far too often and the sickening argument that we should “stick behind the club” “through thick and thin” makes it even harder to question anything. Often the mantra ends up being the blind following the blind.’

‘Just utterly disillusioned by it all right now. Perhaps if we sign an undeniably great player for the attack that will change. But as things stand, and with the players we’re targeting so far, I don’t see it.I think we’re in for a Groundhog Day repeat of one of the most depressing seasons I’ve witnessed as a supporter.’

liverpool fans

‘The worst thing of all – we really are the laughing stock of football. Anyone with links outside Liverpool, who lives or works or does business outside Liverpool, and who has friends and family who are not LFC supporters, knows just what a laugh the rest of football is having at our expense.’

‘I respect all of the opinions posted in here, and understand the negativity after a campaign which on the surface brings no positives whatsoever. But to say we are a Newcastle, and we are no better off than under Hodgson? I’m sorry I have to disagree entirely.’

‘If we sign the most reliably linked targets, Milner, Ings, Benteke, etc… Then it would not surprise me to see LFC finish anywhere from 6th – 10th…you will laugh, but don’t write off Newcastle, they have a good year every 3 to 5 years and just 4 years ago they finished 5th. I just have no faith at the moment.’

‘Signing premiership proven players who are for the most part a waste of time and funds while at the same time utterly inept at retaining our best players. An inadequate manager who will be gone long after his usefulness expired.

And ultimately owners who, just like Moores and the two c***s, are proving day by day that they are unworthy of this club. Not much to be cheerful about, is there?’

  • Nic Mayer

    Jevon Johnson

  • Jevon Johnson


  • Jevon Johnson

    Naaaaah. not that bad.

  • DavidDrape

    well at least Liverpool fans actually still have expectations not like us fans, who’s expectations have totally evaporated. in the past LFC fans have been accused by some of us Toon fans as having to much expectation and we have used that against them but i aint got a problem with any fan setting above average expectations and i can understand LFC fans expecting more due to what they club has been used with since the mid 60s. Like ourselves we expect more in the FA Cup because our clubs history in this tournament suggests we used to be a mighty cup team with approx 13 appearances in they final. Nowadays, i  wouldn’t be surprised if ashley begrudges paying the 3K entrance fee to enter the fa competitition

  • Barry Goulder

    No team could sink as low as us lot.!!!

  • Dave Melia

    One person form the article linked them to us.

  • Paul Soulsby

    Never finished outside the top 8 in over half a century.

  • keeganRescueUs

    If self pity was an Olympic sport, scousers would bag gold every time

  • GToon

    Aye, just the same apart from the trophy cabinet.

  • LeazesEnder

    I think thats Ryder writing under an alias.

  • amacdee

    worst thing of all – we really are the laughing stock of football”
    You havent seen nuffing yet if you think you’re as bad as us. Here’s some suggestions on how you can reclaim your rightful place.

    Shirt Sponsor – ISIS
    Manager – Nigel Farage or Boris Jonhson

    Owner – The Conservative party

  • toonterrier

    They’re in the same boat as Manu. When their best players retire they don’t have the replacements to fill their boots. The difference with us is that we sell out best players and try to replace them with cheapies. At least  the other two clubs are spending money so will come good while we are just looking to survive in the Premier league. They can look forward we are going backwards.

  • And that is exactly the kind of reason why I detest that club and everything to do with it.


    This drives me insane. Rodgers is a standup manager. Possession possession possession. I’d love to have him at NUFC. How their fans don’t realize that when you take away Suarez’s goals, as well as Sturridge’s as he was hurt most of the season, you can’t expect to be the same if you don’t replace them!! Is it on Rodgers to not find the replacement? Maybe, but I’m guessing the funds weren’t there and it wasn’t his fault Sturridge kept getting hurt. I think he did well considering the number of goals he no longer had in the line up. One year removed from almost winning the league and they are all over him. Ridiculous.

  • fromtheheed

    Lost for words
    Difference between Newcastle and liverpool is like Hitler and Mother Terasa. You don’t know what poverty is.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Heart bleeds for them and Gooner fans. They have it SO bad!

  • 1957

    It sums up the importance of that special player for supporters and good recruitment. Suarez, like him or loathe him was the driving force that pushed Liverpool to the brink of winning the title. He left and they replaced him with Balotelli who couldn’t lace Suarez boots in terms of commitment on the pitch.
    There is a difference between NUFC and Liverpool. While we don’t buy Liverpool have thrown money away on ‘top’ players like Carroll and Ballotelli, who are in reality overhyped, very much what NUFC did during Souness and Allardyce’s time.
    We don’t need expensive or overpaid stars (such as MO) just players who can improve our lot and show some commitment to the cause. Come on Charnley get your finger out.

  • Toonbadger

    fans believe they’ve sank as low as Newcastle”
    You cant sink lower than the bottom and we are there and have been for a while now. Apart from the fact I couldn`t give a toss about Liverwho

  • fromtheheed

    If Ashley put his money where his mouth is I’m quite happy for him to stay. I don’t believe in paying over the odds on overhyped players. But we can be successful and maybe need to pay just that extra £2m to get our targets over the line. Ballotelli is the donkey of the season.

  • ForrestTonyf

    NUFCTheMag mickquinn1089 I agree they are not as badly off as us but can understand their annoyance at signing the likes of Milner

  • _Jenky88

    ForrestTonyf NUFCTheMag mickquinn1089 why? Milner was one of the most consistent performers at City. I’d have loved him back at NUFC

  • LeazesEnder

    NUFCANADA Their fans are more demanding….. most of ours don’t care.

  • NotFatFreddy

    When Liverpool and Man U and Chelsea go 50 years without a trophy then I’d like to see their fan base comments then, especially when the ambition is to finish above relegation!

    At least Citeh went down to the third before they won the jackpot and they know suffering, but then again many wish they were still the old Citeh at Maine Road!  I don’t think I want us to be a Citeh or Chelski,… a Southampton will do at the moment!

  • Shabilla1984

    fromtheheed  100% agree!

  • fromtheheed

    Would they have a fan base? It just proves we are the best supporters in the world.

  • Philippines

    Latest news is that NUFC have sent scouts to the Ladies World Cup.

  • fromtheheed

    Girls are too tough for Newcastle squad, they have balls, however they are sounding out their coach.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Latest news is the scouts have given up on football altogether after watching NUFC last season and have taken up needlework and the baking of fairy cakes.

    Anybody have a thought on the standard of women’s football at the World Cup.  I think they would beat most pub teams for a start!

  • fromtheheed

    Sign up Lucy Bronze she scored a cracking goal against Norway, besides she’s much prettier than Cabaye.

  • NotFatFreddy


    Being from Northumberland I didn’t think much of their Norwegian ‘girlie’ though.
    That is ‘goalie’ if you are from the rest of the North East, or ‘goal keeper’ if you are not.  Or ‘goal stopper’ or ‘goal minder’ if you are into soccer and other American substitute sports.  Wonder if Women’s football has ‘hooligans’ as I guess being hit with a handbag would be painful.