I just hope that the local media know a bit more about the goings on at Newcastle United than they are letting on and that there is more happening behind the scenes than is being reported.

Especially as the local newspapers have largely been positive about how the transfer market will eventually turn out, despite no visible action so far.

For older (local) readers, days gone by meant the Evening Chronicle was pretty much the only source for hearing rumours and then confirmation of new signings.

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The relationship was always close, many would say too close, between newspaper and club but that was THE place where you found out what was happening first.

Over the years we have seen this relationship diminish and indeed disappear altogether for a period of time when the infamous ban came into effect.

The Premier League era has also coincided with Sky Sports and the technology of the internet and now especially Twitter as an instant release of news, often by players or agents themselves.

Plus of course the advent of Mike Ashley and his ‘preferred media partners’…

The Mirror were the only newspaper allowed to speak to Steve McClaren when he took the Newcastle job but it is less clear just how much priveleged access the Chronicle, Journal and Sunday Sun get. They (NCJ Media – Chronicle etc) are ultimately owned by Trinity Mirror as well, but they weren’t invited to McClaren’s exclusive launch party, the only other outside media being Sky Sports.

Judging by the headlines over the last month from the Chronicle, I have to say that I hope they have a load of juicy information regarding new signings that they are sworn to secrecy on, because as you can see from the headlines below it gives you a bit of a sinking feeling if this is really how little is happening…

Thursday 11 June ‘NUFC closing in on a deal for Charlie Austin.’

Friday 12 June ‘Steve McClaren wants Newcastle United backroom staff in by Monday (June 15) at NUFC.’

Sunday 21 June ‘Newcastle United hoping for breakthrough next week.’

Sunday 21 June ‘Ten players at the U21 European Championships that NUFC should look closely at.’

local media

Monday 22 June ‘Eight ‘plan B’ strikers for NUFC if Austin transfer doesn’t come off.’

Wednesday 24 June ‘Will Steve McClaren have a new face on board in time for his first public outing as NUFC boss.’

Thursday 25 June ‘NUFC understood to be hopeful of new face in time for Gateshead FC friendly.’

Friday 26 June ‘Newcastle United understood to preparing bid for Anderlecht striker.’

Sunday 28 June ‘Newcastle United will learn if they have won the race to sign Charlie Austin in the next fortnight.’

Monday 29 June ‘NUFC understood to be hopeful of signing a player this week.’

With 2 days to go until pre season training begins, 11 days until the first friendly, 12 or 13 days until the squad fly off to America and of course less than 6 weeks now before  the Premier League kicks off again.

Let’s hope the headlines start turning into what Newcastle United have done, rather than what both the Chronicle and the supporters are ‘hoping’ will happen.

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  • Ryders_English

    I’d suggest that Lee Ryder actually knows LESS than he’s letting on.

  • Toonbadger

    All made up stories because as we all know the “club” doesn`t talk to the Ronnie Gill and Ryder and chums only know how to copy and paste.
    The club is a joke and Fat Mick is a [email protected]

  • Grrrbby

    Ryders_English They all know nothing. None of the papers do. They write utter tripe, everyday a new player is linked. They chang their minds about Austin every other day, we’re signing him, now we’re not etc, etc. Boring.

  • 1957

    Like all newspapers the Chronicle create stories to fill column inches. These originate from other publications from home and abroad, rumours leaked by agents, and sometimes they react to what they see as public opinion. The one thing I’m pretty sur of is that the transfer speculation they area printing isn’t coming from inside the club.
    At one time they were the place to go to find out what was happening at NUFC, but those days are gone. Now the Chronicle is filled with ‘surveys’, ‘answering’ queries posted by ‘fans’ and most annoyingly publishing opinions from ‘pundits’ who generally live outside of the area and merely tell us repeatedly what we as supporters already know. I couldn’t care less about the opinions of Quinn, Lee, Pav, Solano et al…, the saddest thing is they often get an airing on this site.
    In short don’t believe any newspaper, especially the copy and paste merchants at the Chronicle.

  • Grrrbby

    1957 Spot on!

  • TonnekToon

    There’s only one real source and that comes from the Club . Unfortunately they’re not saying anything as usual . Until the Club announces signings  anything in the papers is pure speculation .The local rags are cut and paste merchants at best , they no nothing because they seem to be kept on the outside of the  Club anyway .

  • wor monga

    Ashley runs it like a business, and he keeps any of his (or Charnley’s)
    intentions secret…so we won’t get wind of any transfer moves until they
    actually happen and then the invited media (paying for the priviledge) will be
    the first to be informed!!…

    …so in the meantime the media will make up anything
    that they can invent…just to keep the likes of us who they know take their
    papers and switch on every morning hoping to see some good news, interested.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

    …Ashley is not in
    this to appease the fans…his business model is based on the Sky TV yearly
    bonanza, and staying within the parameters of picking that up each time…that’s the
    reality  we have to live with!!…

    …the majority of the clubs in the PL run successfully with much
    smaller gates than we do…they also seem satisfied in the knowledge that they
    stand no chance of winning anything, but that’s the way it is now…so if you don’t
    like it then look around for alternatives, before it’s too late.

  • cwtoon88

    Id be amazed if the like’s of Lee Ryder and Miles Starforth know more than their dim looks suggest

  • Capricorn2049

    The local press and N.U.F.C. have been operating as a cartel  for years, i.e. the club sells newspapers, and the papers sell the club, thereby both parties benefit. What has the truth got to do with this seedy and unpalatable fact. Who was it that said decades ago “Don`t let the truth get in the way of a good story” and this story has been going on for decades regarding Newcastle. The local media has been as guilty as any party in perpetuating the myth that N.U.F.C. is a big club. It is not, it is no more than a massively over supported club, with those fans constantly being fed half truths with a positive spin.

  • Deltic13

    It’s dosnt help when you have the likes of lee ryder in the paper. He’s more interested in having geet big photos of himself and his name in lights than anything else. The mans an embarrassment to himself.

  • DownUnderMag

    Pretty sure no-one has any idea at the moment, least of all those in charge.  The Chronicle just serving it’s role as PR piece for Ashley and Co by spouting hopeful headlines to drum up season ticket sales…???

  • Mal44

    EC haven’t a clue what is going on and simply produce a load of mythical stories written whilst sitting at their desk. There are rarely any quotes from anyone with any credibility. They get invited to interviews when it suits the club and in return they toe the party line. The train of headlines produced above show they have no idea what is happening though in fairness this is partly the fault of the club whose relationship with the press is at an all time low.

  • LeazesEnder

    Capricorn2049 Yes

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga Ashley’s a shopkeeper with less on the shelves than an undertakers window

  • LeazesEnder

    1957 Maybe the ‘Daily Mirror’ has told them what is happening?…. they are Media Partners….and they own the Chronicle too!