Lee Clark believes Newcastle are ‘one of the best run clubs in the Premier League’ as a business under Mike Ashley.

The former Newcastle midfielder saying they are a world apart from Blackpool where he recently resigned from, after relegation to League One.

Ironically, the reality is that Blackpool’s dramatic collapse came about because the owner’s chose to bank the Premier League riches rather than invest them in the team.

Whilst Newcastle United’s (relative) collapse comes about because the owner has failed to invest enough of the TV riches in the team….

Clarkie, not surprisingly, dreams of managing Newcastle and cynics would say that he could stand every chance with his Managerial CV consisting of two lower league sackings at Huddersfield and Birmingham, as well as his resignation after being part of the Blackpool circus.

Speaking to The Mirror, Lee Clark says that John Carver was right to take the job under Mike Ashley and questions whether any other Geordie would have done any different:

“It would be my dream to manage the club. People ask John Carver how he could take the job with the owner not spending, but if you are a Geordie and you turn down being Newcastle manager, you will regret it for life.

“A lot of people have told me there are similarities between Newcastle and Blackpool, but Mike Ashley presides over one of the best run clubs in the Premier League, judged on sound business principles alone, although in football that isn’t always possible.”

An acceptance from Mike Ashley:

“People say that their (Newcastle fans) expectations are too high, delusions of grandeur, but they just want a team that mirrors their passion.

“When I played under Kevin Keegan, he totally understood that and from what Mike Ashley said before the West Ham game, he accepts having exciting players and playing the Geordie way goes with the territory.”

  • fireflyuk

    Comparing us against Blackpool now, can we go any lower?

  • njh 4h

    instead of  dreaming about the toon job  clark should apply  for the job at gateshead and then we shall just  how good he is as a manager ps bet he is to scared to

  • A lex

    what Mike Ashley said before the West Ham game, he accepts having
    exciting players and playing the Geordie way……..”
    Must have been a different interview from that which the rest of us heard, Lee.

  • toonterrier

    You have to prove you’re up to the job Lee and so far you have done very little.  Your quote about playing under KK is on a par with Charvas I worked with Sir Bobby. Get your head down and put some graft in and come back in a few years time.

  • Geoffrey Stobbart

    Lord help us NOOOOOOO!

  • DavidDrape

    1957 good point

  • fireflyuk

    I agree with Clarky, what Geordie wouldn’t want and accept the role as Head coach/Manager, but the difference is that after the worst run of form since the 70’s and almost getting the club relegated most would say “sorry this is to big for me I’m not good enough, please accept my resignation”. apologise to the fans then walk away. Not Carver.