The ‘exciting’ Charlie Austin chase took up another weekend of newspaper headlines.

Can Newcastle get him over the line?

Will Mike Ashley pay what it takes?

Is Lee Charnley’s still waiting to get Charlie Austin’s phone number from Joe Kinnear?

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I’m sure most of us have long accepted that the answer to the first two questions is ‘No’ and the answer to the third is ‘more than likely’.

A round-up of the Charlie Austin newspaper claims over the weekend featured claims that:

Newcastle won’t pay more than £10m

Southampton have already bid £10m as their starting point

West Ham are now in ‘pole position’ and some bookies stopped taking bets on that destination at one point

QPR won’t take less than £15m

joe kinnear

Sifting through the nonsense for the truth is a bit like prospecting for gold, you have to look a long time before you find anything of value.

What I do believe though is that QPR will bank at least £15m and there is no chance of Newcastle buying him.

Once there is any kind of public ‘auction’ then you know Newcastle are knackered.

Last season, the Remy Cabella saga dragged on and on with the Montpellier owner making regular public comments that for the player’s sake he didn’t want him to go to Newcastle, whilst at the same time trying to attract other clubs to at least match United’s offer or preferably pay more.

There was zero interest from other clubs and having seen Remy Cabella over the course of a season we have sadly seen why. He might adapt eventually to just about cope with the Premier League but he’s not very good is he?

Whilst there was no long drawn out public chase for Siem de Jong we have also seen with him why Newcastle didn’t have a battle on their hands to land him.

A very productive player in the weak Dutch league but the reality is that he has reached the age of 26 and has only 4 minutes of competitive football for his country, as well as the reality that last season’s injury blighted season was simply a continuation of his final one at Ajax. Other clubs didn’t see him as a viable option to go for.

We all want to believe that this summer will be different in the transfer market but signing Charlie Austin is surely the stuff of fairytales. We all have to accept that for any chance of it happening, it would have seen an instant deal after the end of the season with Mike Ashley putting his money where his mouth (final day of the season speech) was.

Predictably it didn’t happen and the deal won’t happen.

Just look at those clubs we are supposedly competing with, both for Charlie Austin and league placings.

Last season Newcastle were strongly linked with Valencia, Sakho and Kouyate – they all ended up at West Ham.

The same with Southampton, Newcastle were regularly reported to be interested in Long, Mane, Pelle and Wanyama, yet all went to the Saints.

Whilst Swansea haven’t been mentioned (yet) as ‘serious’ Charlie Austin contenders, I would still sadly rate them as having a better chance of landing the QPR forward than Newcastle have. Players such as Bony, Ayew and Gomis have all been seen as on the brink of moving to St James Park but Swansea being the club willing to pay the money.

All three of these clubs finished above Newcastle last season, all three have had a much bigger spend on players than United in recent seasons, all three are prepared to pay the wages and transfer fee to get a player ‘over the line’.

joe kinnear

Some Newcastle fans still cling to the hope that everybody else is wrong and Mike Ashley’s way will somehow be proved right.

It won’t.

Mike Ashley has to start and let Newcastle compete on everybody else’s terms.

He won’t.

Charlie Austin won’t be in need of applying for a Geordie passport any time soon.

Where does this leave Newcastle?

Only 9 days until pre season and 18 days before the first friendly, having been turned down even by a number of coaching candidates and the only transfer activity seeing more players out of the door.

The sad (and also the very small piece of hope) thing is that Mike Ashley could instantly change this whole destructive strategy at the drop of a hat and ironically, it would almost certainly see him making even more money in the longer term.

  • dude 1

    To be honest I don’t know what to believe with regards to Austin I have read West Ham are not intrested Southampton havnt bid for him and we will not pay the money for him I have read that crystal palace will not pay the money either so what next
    Then we have The back room of our new manager No one will we have anyone in by the time we start our first training get together at Benton? answer doubt it will we have any new signings ?possibly not what a state of affairs
    So much for the new beginning we were promised by fatty why will the fat controller just spend some money on say a prolific centre forward has he not got the nonce to realise that if he done that his newcastle shirts would fly off the shelves season ticket sales may pick up etc ect but no he just can’t see the big picture I just can’t believe it the man must wear blinkers

  • Duke Fame

    quite what Joe Kinnear has to do with this story in perplexing.

  • stepaylor

    first draft done

    will have it linked to the .com within a day or so. You seen it start right here today. Like the facebook page and lets see where we can take this

  • SimonMarks

    This article is so depressing. I also feel its nonsense as well. Charlie Austin is odds on to sign for Newcastle and 3/1 for West Ham. I’d prefer to take the bookies opinion than someone who just wants to have a whine.

  • DownUnderMag

    If we do sign this lad, how much pressure is he going to be under?
    And how hard will it be to do his job of scoring goals if we fail to sort out the lack of creativity from midfield?
    I’m nervous as most are about our apparent lack of action and the fact we need to do so much work just to stay safe next season let alone push up the league, but there is plenty of time yet (the window hasn’t even opened yet for those who are asking why we aren’t signing anyone).  I will give it a few more weeks before the real panic sets in, as long as we start making moves so the new players get some pre-season in with their new team mates then it will be fine.  If there still is no movement by the end of July then Ashley deserves all the abuse he will no doubt get!

  • Andgeo

    The fat man has been let off the hook. Absolutely nothing has changed in his approach to running his football club. It seems that everyone is expecting him to invest in new signings, to bring the squad back up to scratch. In reality this will not be happening, and only second raters will be brought in. No decent player would be inspired to sign by lee charnley! The players we will attract will join for a better pay deal than their existing clubs, are likely running down their contracts and will be those other clubs arnt interested in. This is realistic based on the facts of recent history. Some might say pessamistic, but those are the folk who believed the fat mans 3 minute salvo!!! Please do not be fooled by mike ashley! Ok, let’s give him a couple of weeks, but if it’s the same old crap then the pressure has to be put back on fat mike, and this time it needs to be intensified until the greedy swine is forced to leave.

  • Andgeo

    It is hard to distinguish who would be able to do a better job charnley or kinnear.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    SimonMarks  Is it nonsense that we were very strongly linked with Valencia, Sakho and Kouyate –  Long, Mane, Pelle and Wanyama, Bony, Ayew and Gomis only to see everyone of them all sign for smaller but more ambitious clubs?

    This time last summer we were odds on with  the bookies to sign Enner Valencia before he went to West Ham for £12 million. I just hope you haven’t bought a season ticket in the belief that you’re gong to see Charlie Austin in a black and white shirt next season.