Moussa Sissoko has accepted that he would be taking a massive risk if he left Newcastle United for a club who could offer Champions League football.

A potential move could leave the midfielder on the bench a big possibility of then being ignored by France.

That is of course if any Champions League competing club would actually want the Newcastle midfielder after a season where he was anonymous for the majority of the time.

In quotes carried by Le Parisien, Moussa Sissoko has once again wanted to have it both ways, this time seemingly saying he accepts staying at Newcastle is best for him in the short-term to protect his international ambitions, but making clear playing for another team in the Champions League is his club priority.

Sissoko’s comments about Didier Deschamps back up those made by Yohan Cabaye.

The PSG player saying that the national coach had told him he had to playing regularly to stand a chance of representing his country next summer.

Moussa Sissoko:

“Didier Deschamps told us clearly that he will only consider choosing players who are regularly playing (club football).

“With only one year to go until the Euros, you can’t change your club and find yourself on the bench.”

I can’t do that at Newcastle:

“At the same time though, I want to play for one of the biggest clubs and I would especially like to play in the Champions League, something I can’t do at Newcastle.

“One day or another my time will come, I do though see myself staying in England.”

  • toonterrier

    Surprised he hasn’t said he was a massive fan of Charva and now that he’s gone he doesn’t want to play for a club that sacks the best coach in the world. I thought the players had been banned from talking to the press but this bloke is coming out every other day with come and get me statements.

  • mrkgw

    Quite fed up of quotes coming from this player. Time to ship him out. Clearly he thinks the grass is greener elsewhere and he should perhaps look at Cabaye on that score, with him currently sniffing around Palace of all clubs.

  • Double Carpet

    He’s just like every other player. None of them understand loyalty, none of them actually care about the Club they are playing for. They are all focused on one thing only – themselves. The ones who say they do care are merely saying what they think people want to hear.
    It staggers me how or why some people remain surprised by this sort of thing – the number of examples of this are overwhelming – including local players who couldn’t wait to get away from SJP in the past.

  • BillytheFish

    I couldn’t give a toss what he says about France or Champions league as long as when he plays for Newcastle he gives his all, he then earns the right to speak out..

  • wor monga

    That cuts the field down a bit if he wants both the CL and
    to stay in England, and doesn’t want to sit on a bench…seeing as most of the
    clubs occupying those spots have better midfielders than him now that can’t
    even get onto their bench…perhaps he’d have to settle for a loan to Pardew at
    Crystal Palace along with Cabaye.

  • TonnekToon

    There’s one good thing going for him if he engineers a move to Arsenal or Chelski , (haha, I know )  . with the modern seating in the dugouts he’ll never suffer from spelks in his @rse .

  • Lars Gulbrandsen

    Sell him. We dont need players that doesnt care. Get him out…

  • Rachel Batchelor

    Ship him out!!

  • kuromori

    “I would especially like to play in the Champions League, something I can’t do at Newcastle.”
    Ah, reality bites, eh, Moussa? It was only three years ago we finished fifth, before the horrors of playing in Europe upset the FCB. With a little ambition and investment…