Jonas Gutierrez has launched yet another attack on Mike Ashley and Newcastle United after his treatment by the club.

The Newcastle midfielder saying that the proper way of doing things is ‘man to man, face to face’.

Ryan Taylor and Jonas Gutierrez went public with an interview on Sky Sports, revealing that an embarrassed John Carver had been told to ring the pair of them to let them know they were no longer needed after six and a half years and seven years respectively.

Ryan Taylor explaining how Carver had asked him to pass his phone to Jonas Gutierrez after he had first delivered the news to the versatile scouser.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Sportsweek, Jonas Gutierrez:

“I think man to man, face to face is the nice thing to do. It made me think they don’t care about anything.”

“I had been there seven years and I always did my best. The only 18 months I didn’t play was because I was going through my illness.

“Maybe they could have told me before the end of the season so that I could say thank you to the fans on the pitch after the last game.”

Jonas Gutierrez will be out of contract as of the end of this month and will definitely leave Newcastle.

Both Jonas and Ryan Taylor said that they had no problem with the club’s decision to release them at the end of their contracts.

The pair having a problem though with how the club acted towards two longstanding players.

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  • Demented_Man

    They don’t care about anything, Jonas.  Except Tat Direct’s profit margins.

  • mentalman

    Most players are told via their agent so a phone call off the boss surely is no worse.
    To be fair Carver could have handled it a bit better

  • SGM

    He new long before the last match that he wouldn’t be getting a new contract and he had the opportunity to milk the crowd after his season saving goal, but he chose to taunt the board instead.

  • NottsToon

    The treatment he received from the club over the last year has been nothing short of despicable and he deserves to have his say.

    All this nitpicking over who or how he should have been told, and opinions on how he should have reacted is in bad taste. None of us have gone through what he has, in such public circumstance.

    The club acted as it did and Jonas can respond as he wants, when he wants and as often as he wants to. Have your opinions on him as a footballer but you can never doubt his commitment to the cause or how badly he was treated.

  • DownUnderMag

    I actually wonder if the way it was handled was not more to do with embarrassing Carver as one last dig before he was given the old heave ho rather than disrespecting the players.  Either way it shows the unprofessional nature of running this club from the very top.

  • ToonCoyne

    mycousin1975 everyone has rose tinted glasses on over jonas. He is certainly not one of Toons best players ever. Piss poor actually

  • mycousin1975

    ToonCoyne not the best but at least he gave his all unlike others

  • delashio

    The way he was speaking after that last game he already knew he was not getting another contract. Stop keep trying to stirr things up jonas and leave with dignity and with all the best wishes of the fans.

  • delashio

    You cant just give someone a contract because they’re ill though and as for how he was treated, i never form an opinion without hearing both sides of the story and so far i’ve just heard one. Best of luck jonas and thanks for the service but its time to move on.

  • delashio

    Exactly mate! He just seems to want to stirr up trouble now.

  • Philippines

    “Attack”? Another slow news day?

  • ToonCoyne

    mycousin1975 i agree he gave it his best shot and loved the fans But some of the stuff i read you’d think he was Ginola

  • mycousin1975

    ToonCoyne aye ne Ginola

  • Scottthompson72

    ToonCoyne mycousin1975 well said

  • NottsToon

    1) He isn’t ill.
    2) I didn’t say that they should have given him a contract did I?