Jonas Gutierrez and Ryan Taylor have revealed Mike Ashley’s cowboy tactics of telling them they were fired.

The two players have been interviewed on Sky Sports today and made public how John Carver was humiliated by being ordered to pass the news in such an unprofessional manner.

The players have been at St James Park for a combined total of thirteen and a half years and while both accepted the decision to not offer another contract, they couldn’t believe the manner in which it was done.

The pair are away on a coaching course together and had just came out of a lecture when Taylor took a call from John Carver and after being told the news, was then asked to pass the phone to Jonas Gutierrez!

Ryan Taylor:

“We came here and we were probably here not even a day and had just finished a lecture.

“John Carver rang me and he told me the club weren’t going to offer me a new deal. Then I had a chat with him, he’s a good friend of mine – I spent a lot of time with John, in and out of the club.

“So I had a chat with him and then he asked me to pass the phone to Jonas…which was unbelievable!

Jonas Gutierrez:

“I didn’t expect they were going to offer a new contract, it’s not about that, because you have to move on.

“I can understand all the football issues, all that type of things, but the most important this is pick up the phone and call me, or call my agent, and say thank you for all – but we are going to release you. That is the way.

Ryan Taylor

“He (John Carver) was made to do it. He obviously was upset in doing it because I spoke to him and he seemed upset about telling two good pros who have been here a long time, ‘look it’s going top end’.

“I can’t really blame John because he’s under instructions on what to do.”

  • fireflyuk

    Who’s going to ring Carver to tell him he’s been sacked. That should be done by a raffle winner, I would buy a ticket.

  • ilullissat

    I will ring Carver to him to tell him that the fans don’t want him and his fat mate at the club anymore

  • BuckBlack

    Absolutely shocking.

    What a way to run a football club.

  • AndrewJohnson6

    what a class act

  • Alsteads

    Just when you think we can’t get any lower!!
    And by the way I think I’ve written and said that at least 4/5 times and every time I’m proven wrong!

  • PeterRobson

    fireflyuk get in line mate !!!!! You need to be older than 56(and a half) to get in front of me lol

  • Sickandtiredstill

    And we really hope this is going to change? Luke Edwards at The Telegraph is saying that the Club hasn’t even contacted Vieira as yet and McClaren remains the desired choice.
    Looking at the way these two (Jonas again!) have been treated, I seriously doubt a change is on the horizon. 
    Makes you wonder just how spineless Carver actually is as well. Feels it more acceptable to do that than tell Charnley to shove it and do it himself.

  • toon tony

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they reversed the charges.

  • Drumbo

    The more crap like this you hear about the club, the more you distance yourself from it. He run’s it like his poncy shops and never does any of the dirty work himself.  No wonder any player with an ounce of talent or ambition want’s away.

    Thank you and good luck to Jonas and Ryan and join a proper football club.

  • stet1971

    Mike_Ashley_Out NUFCTheMag elgalgojonas TaylorR1984 they knew ages ago they weren’t getting new deals there in Ireland on a coaching

  • Toontoon09

    Mike Ashley would have had nothing to do with the exit of these two players, it’s NOT how he operates the club ?!
    Garbage article !!!

  • NottsToon

    Although it wasn’t really unexpected, the way it was handled was crass and low class, which is just about par for the course of how Newcastle United conducts itself these days.

    A man like Patrick Vieira has too much class to work at this two bit, pound shop, football club I think, but a fading coach who’s down on his luck like McLaren (and Pardew before him) seems like just the ticket.

  • stepaylor

    i really dont see the problem. The club manager at the time calls them to tell them they will not be offered new terms. They’re both good guys for sure but Jonas isnt worth the money he was on weekly anymore and neither is Taylor.

    The whole politically correct way of doing things is ruining the world.  They are two players called directly by the manager (to tell them they arent being offered new deals). So what?

  • ilullissat

    Toontoon09 Oh you mean Ashley didn’t know about this or he did which either way makes him incompetent.A bit like Sepp Blatter

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Nice to see the Comedy Duo of Charnley and Carver living up to there shite reputation

  • ilullissat

    stepaylor It’s called conducting your business in a professional manner,sadly something that is lacking at this football club

  • ilullissat

    I fear that it will be business as usual next season because the club will exceed even it’s low standards by upsetting the fans,it’s started already

  • Alsteads

    On the money!

  • RexN

    fireflyuk Charnley sent him a text but told him to keep his phone off on holiday. Just like free transfers, you don’t know how expensive overseas texts can be.

  • nufcslf

    What tacky pile of shite. Surprised Charver didn’t have to say, “Oh, hang on a minute I have call on the other line coming in, I’ll put you on hold” and never to be heard from again because it was to say he was sacked and the phone cut of immediately the second he was asked and confirmed that both players were told the news. Face it, nothing is going to change while idiots make the decisions. Any normal run club would have already sent Charver packing by now, not getting him to do jobs they can’t be arsed to do. Pathetic

  • Jimmywayhay

    Sorry but that’s the life of a professional footballer, that’s why they get paid mega bucks ,because it’s a short career ,even if you avoid serious injuries ,Liverpool would have kept Gerrad on if his wages had been a lot lower. If Newcastle have a good next season these guys will quickly be forgotten about to a certain degree , you can’t have it both ways !

  • Sickandtiredstill

    stepaylor Oh aye, I’m sure you wouldn’t give a stuff if after 7 years in a job, fighting back from Cancer (or other injury in Taylors case) your boss sacked you over the phone.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    RexN fireflyuk Holiday or no holiday – it proves those fekkers were all still talking to each other and making plans of some sort.

  • stepaylor

    Sickandtiredstill stepaylor they werent sacked. They just did not have their contracts renewed which in relaity they already knew through their agents as there were no discussions going on.

  • RichardBraverman

    Technically you are correct but that does not make the methodology acceptable. It was a crass move that has nothing to do with political correctness and more to do with manners.  Jonas and Ryan Taylor served NUFC with class. Is it asking too much for the club to respond in the same manner only for the last time it would interact with either player? Step, I would hope you would treat your employee better.

  • PittsburghMagpie

    These loyal players might not be able to blame John Carver but I can. The guy should have had the backbone to say, “I won’t make that call, not that way. I’ll fire these guys but only in a more honorable manner.” Just like he’s managed, zero backbone.

    Gutierrez gave an incredible amount to Newcastle. He didn’t have to stick around in the relegation season. But he did. Now Newcastle turned its back on him in a despicable way. Mike Ashley is a disgrace. Period.

  • PittsburghMagpie

    stepaylor Gutierrez just saved the club’s premier league status. He just saved Ashley’s investment. The least Ashley could do is fire him with sime dignity. Ashley has none, so as disappointed as I am, I’m just not surprised.
     If you expect anything different next season based on Ashley’s interview before the last game, then you’re delusional.