Javier Hernandez is surplus to requirements at Man Utd and has returned from a ‘frustrating’ loan move, in his own words, at Real Madrid.

He has described his time recently as ‘being made to feel unimportant’ as he was restricted to a bit-part player at the Bernabeu, only making 12 competitive starts (including 7 in La Liga) throughout the whole season. This despite Karim Benzema being the only recognised top striker at the club.

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Now seeing as Newcastle are crying out for a centre forward with the qualities to consistently bang them in,  in the Premier League, surely bringing in Chicharito on loan at the very least would be a no-brainer?

If there is a club in the PL who make their strikers feel important it’s NUFC. No other club can compete with the love and worship the Toon Army bestow upon any individual who can find the back of the net.

A season at St James Park could be the dream scenario for him as a player to feel loved again, as well as to find his scoring boots. Whilst we as a club find that marksmen we can rely on to grab us 15+ goals in a season, we have severely lacked since the likes of Demba Ba and Loic Remy felt being third choice Chelsea striker was more appealing.

I am certain a man like Steve McClaren would jump at the chance to work with a player with Hernandez’s qualities, in terms of both talent and hard work. A plater who, somewhat despicably, has been cast aside by Van Gaal in favour of the shadow of Falcao and a hastily ageing Van Persie last season.

His time at Real didn’t exactly show Van Gaal he was wrong, so we could take advantage of this and bring in a player who was as sharp as anyone in the PL when he worked under Alex Ferguson.

Good in the air, clinical finisher, pace to burn and available on the cheap…a no-brainer surely?!!!

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  • Les Higgins

    Getting a striker in is a no brainer….whether or not we even get a tealady in or an assistant manager is another thing

  • jack1x

    I think he would be a great buy and probably in our price range , should of had more games Witt manu , but when he played , scored regularly , think him and Perez could be good together too

  • I said the same thing to someone the other day. Very surprised he doesn’t seem to have really been linked with anyone so far.

  • Hez

    He would probably piss himself with laughter if he read this article! Would be nice but there list of other clubs out there much higher on his list then our mob

  • Big Hairy Man

    He would have to take a big pay cut to come here, although if fatty offered him a lifetime supply of Puma trackie bottoms and Lonsdale hats that might just swing it.

  • NottsToon

    Out of our price range/ wage structure/ class.

  • Toonbadger

    You would have to have no brain as IMHO

    1 He wouldn`t come here
    2 Ashley wouldn`t pay the going rate
    3 He is no better than what we have

    4 Perez is better

  • Gary Linney

    no he keeps falling over!

  • Corkyjohn

    I think you’re deluded if you think he’d choose to come here. We still have a championship squad with no sign of progression despite numerous linked players….as things stand we’re looking like a bottom 3 team next season

  • jack1x

    I’m not deluded , I agree with you , but it’s players of that calibre we should be looking at , and I think we could end up bottom three too , unless we start spending some money and showing a bit of ambition like Southampton , Swansea , west ham , stoke , etc , all much smaller clubs than us

  • Andgeo

    For the toon fans still in denial, we will not sign this player for the following reasons:
    1) ambition – why would an international class man utd player who was on loan at Real Madrid want to play for the toon? The fat git that owns nufc is happy with a bottom half finish and does not show any ambition. Far from the champions league!
    2) trust – the fat git that owns nufc is a proven liar and can not be trusted.
    3) wages – although the club has one of the highest total annual incomes of any football club in the world despite being handicapped with having to subsidise it’s owners tat shop to the tune of tens of millions of £’a each season in free advertising, the fat git that owns NUFC refuses to pay the going rate for top players.
    4) transfer fee – despite the financial strength of the club the fat git that owns the club prefers to bank the clubs multi million £ income than invest it in top players.
    Please wake up! Ashley out!

  • Andgeo

    They would be great together, but being great just isn’t on the agenda. Ashley does not want on pitch success.

  • Steve1221

    Would be a poor signing, he needs to be in a team which is capable of dominating possession and creating chances whilst carrying him as a passenger for 90% of the game. Doesn’t work hard enough for the majority of mid/low table teams.

  • jack1x

    No one’s in denial only commenting on the blog , everyone knows we will not sign him , he’s too expensive , people are just commenting on article by the mag

  • jack1x

    Totally. Disagree with you , most of us have seen him play because man u. Are never off the box and every time I’ve seen him his work rate has not been bad for a striker , and more important than that he’s a natural goal scorer , and a perfect foil for Perez , I think they would compliment each other , and he would definitely improve Perez .But this is all supposition anyway because he’s too expensive for our small minded ambitionless club , but bear in mind we have to start somewhere

  • Andgeo

    Poor signing??? He would be our best signing this summer!

  • Andgeo

    There a thousands still believe this sort of crap.

  • jack1x

    My season ticket is long gone , as long as Ashley is here , I’ll support the boycott ,

  • GToon

    Best? Only more like.

  • TeamGB

    Pains me to say it, although factual, teams such as Southampton, Stoke, Everton, West Ham, West Brom…..mmmm, and probably a few more, would represent a more desirable destination than the Toon for a player of the calibre of Hernandez. We are not considered good employers nor an ambitious footballing platform. I only hope I’m wrong and a new cheque book has been ordered……forever the Geordie optimists?

  • toon tony

    Would do nicely at Swansea, Stoke, Southampton, West Ham, Everton etc, etc. ……

  • GToon

    Spot on with the good employers comment. I would imagine quite a few players were disgusted with the treatment of Jonas and Taylor too. I can’t think of any player who would consider us a good club to play for. Potentially big crowds and that’s about it these days. You reap what you sow.

  • Drumbo

    Hernandez to Newcastle, lol. Uncle Mike will be getting a sweat-on looking in the Sky Bet league one bargain bin.

  • WilliamCarney

    Steve1221 you have no idea what you are talking about, Newcastle have most of the possession in the majority of our games when we play, our problem is we can’t defend or score goals, Hernandez would be one solution to our crumbling team.

  • Steve1221

    And how many chances do we usually create per game?

  • Belfast Toon

    Because it makes sense, it will never happen !

  • alreet

    Reams and reams of olayers who go to bigger clubs and get wasted coz they dont get picked. City did or do it with dzeko and rodwell. Madrid with hernandez. Psg with cabaye. Chelsea with remy.
    I could go on and on. I dont mind seeing players wanting to do the best for themselves but sometimes they need to realise that a stay or a step down maybe the best thing they ever do.
    Lets see if sissoko and krul stay with us through the hard times as they would both be on the bench at pool or spurs.
    Wanted hernandez since he went to madrid. Would make me happy if we nabbed him and austin or bas dost.
    Very unlikely though.

  • alreet

    Enough for riviere to fluff about 7 or 8 golden tap ins last term and enough for janmaat to get the most assists.

  • WilliamCarney

    Steve1221  We create just as many chances as any other team in the PL, we just don’t hit the target.

  • DownUnderMag

    Would be a great signing, but I think he would be out of our reach.  If we got rid of Cisses and brought Hernandez and Austin in to lead the line with Perez and Riviere as back up (yes I do think Riviere will come good provided he gets service and plays alongside another striker).
    BUT we would also need to revamp our midfield and get players in who could create goals for the forwards to prosper off.  We criticised our forwards so much last season but they were feeding off scraps.
    A few defensive reinforcements and I think we could have a very good season.  We all know what is needed, and i’m fairly sure the owner and manager (er head coach) do as well, but they will be concentrating on penny pinching again rather than chasing that elusive cup glory or a European place finish!

  • rick03

    you’re having a laugh, Hernandez is better than Ayoze Perez

  • Numero1

    Steve1221 did you see him with Real Madrid the last few games while Benzema was out injured. A crowd favourite there.

  • AlanFurness

    Wake up everyone , none of this will never happen and throw a bucket of cold water over your head and realize Mike Ashley is the owner.

  • Drumbo when have we ever shopped in the League One bargain bin??

  • omarbgn

    I would love to see Hernandez at Newcastle

  • Drumbo

    Roberts Grey Pants Drumbo

    Fair enough, but not buying a player at all for 3 transfer windows has helped to put us in the situation we are in now. We are down to the bare bones of a team. We would need to spend £50 million plus to even think about getting in the top ten.

    Sadly, this is not going to happen.