With rumours aplenty, but no new arrivals, many Newcastle fans are a ‘little’ concerned about the apparent inactivity.

I don’t think it is a lack of inactivity, more a lack of ability. By that I mean that Newcastle United are no longer a draw for high-calibre players.

Players are not stupid, well, not all of them anyway.

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They read the newspapers and look at sport websites the same as we do. In fact, many of them will be more clued-up than we are, as they will probably know someone at the club, or if not, they’ll know another player that does.

They will have a bigger insight into the shambles that is, and has been for the past few years, synonymous with Newcastle United.

In all honesty, with the current climate of turmoil, fan protests, lack of leadership, penny-pinching, ridiculous media policy, bad publicity, lack of ambition, and even an inability to attract an assistant manager, who on earth would want to sign?

However, for this to change; Ashley, Charnley, Carr, McClaren, or whoever it is that will make the ultimate decisions, need to show intent. The only way they can do this is to use the one bargaining chip left for them to use – Money.

For too long now we have seen Newcastle make mediocre bids, often under half of a club’s asking price, in an effort to gain (if we’re being honest) maximum profit for any inevitable future sale.

However, their behaviour, more often than not, insults the club they are negotiating with, which leads them to openly criticise Newcastle and their derisory offer in the media, leaving the predictable scenario of other clubs becoming aware of the position and a player’s availability.


Those other clubs then make a sensible offer, and they sign a player in a deal that we did all of the groundwork for them.

With the state of our club and the desperate need for us to make a positive statement of intent, the only viable option for the club is to make decent offers to potential selling clubs, offer any potential signing a lucrative contract, which includes a sizeable signing-on fee, a competitive salary (in footballing terms I mean), incentives for success and give them real, believable assurances that we will be competitive.

I know that often this scenario can lead to a mercenary signing, like that of Michael Owen, but in the present position we find ourselves in, do we have any other choice?

Clubs that were once considered a step down from us, the likes of Crystal Palace, Southampton, Swansea and West Ham (not to be disrespectful to them), are now soaring ahead of us, because they know how to treat players and clubs honourably.

Do Charnley and Co really think that offering Charlie Austin the number nine shirt at Newcastle will make him turn down other clubs who are offering better contracts? It won’t.

Unfortunately, money speaks loudest of all in football. The Alan Shearers, Steven Gerrards and Jamie Carraghers are very much the exception to the rule.

Newcastle United’s hierarchy must swallow their pride, and reform their business model. They must offer the going rate, and maybe even a bit more, to the players they want. They must treat other clubs with the dignity that they expect to receive from them.

The time for coy negotiating and haggling is over. We need to act now, as other clubs are. Players that we are supposedly interested in are going elsewhere, while we continue to try and shave a few quid off the quoted price.

Signings breed signings and until we get the first one or two through the door, we will struggle to make anyone believe in us.

The situation is in danger of spiralling out of our grasp, we will again be left to watch on as, week after week, players that could and should have been playing for us, are instead hammering another nail into the Newcastle United coffin.

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  • partworntyres

    the fall – always the same,always different.

    nufc – always the same, always the same.

  • rob1980

    Its abit like be a poor kid wanting that toy on Christmas day you always believe it might happen I hope we sign

  • prestondave

    Well said mate, my feelings exactly. Nothing but despair and dont think its going to change. We are a joke.

  • Paul Patterson

    Since we sold Andy Carroll in January 2011(Now nearly five years ago) we have probably just about spent the £35m in net transfer fees. And that includes substantial sales of a £20m+ Cabaye, a £12m Debuchy. With silly tv money coming in all the time.
    That’s around £6-8m per season spent. That’s a transfer policy for relegation. And shock horror, we’ve came damn close to that three seasons out of five.

    So that begs the question, one we all know the answer to, where the hell has the money gone and where is it currently going?

  • 1957

    Spot on, the reality is NUFC is no longer the home of the high wage and high transfer fees that it was during Shepherd’s era and the first year or so of Ashley. Clubs, players and their agents are looking for the best deal possible and this is why we fail to get players ‘over the line’. While making a stand against this extortion is admirable (I base that opinion on memories of Owen, Boumsong, Geremi, Viduka in particular but there are so many more in our past) it’s suicide in today’s EPL

  • Paul Patterson

    1957  Yes, but how much money has the club had through the coffers over the last few years? How much has been spent? How much is the owner worth? How much of the blame needs to be levelled at the owners door for mismanagement and running the club down to such a state where now we MUST spend just to stay in the league?

    The time for haggling is over, otherwise we will go down. No last day heroics this season, we won’t get that far . .

  • Wallsendstu

    We all know the fatman doesn’t miss a trick. The new transfer directive given to Penfold and Carr is to only try and sign players with nine or more letters in their names (Wijnaldum, Konoplyonka), this allows tat direct to earn a couple of more quid on each shirt sold to those willing to give the fatman more of their hard earned cash. Also think how many T.Shirts they can stack in his shops by not spending that extra million or five on a player, no wonder his share value goes up daily.

  • v0ices

    Paul Patterson i think we are in the black on transfers since ashley took over.

  • Paul_Nicholson

    Paul Patterson 1957 Agreed. The trouble is that fans no longer believe a single word that is (rarely) spouted out of the club, so Ashley’s speech was worthless without actions to back it up…and there’s very little to no sign of that.

    Fans get mad at Lee Ryder, Mark Douglas and The Chronicle about their articles, but in reality, they are forced to feed off crumbs, and they have editorial deadlines to meet, so the fact that a lot of their stories are similar is not their fault. That and the fact that the actual printed newspaper only gets one main story per day.

    As usual, they get all the stick when it is the Club, with their lack of ANY info, that is the real culprit, but they [NUFC] are too cowardly to say it as it is, and quite happy to let the local press guys cop abuse, basically hanging them out to dry.

    I can see us stumbling over the transfer deadline day line with another Riviere and the same shambles of a back four that did ‘so well’ last season.

    I hope they prove me wrong.

    I just want something to be happy about again.

  • Paul_Nicholson

    Wallsendstu I wish he’d see the bigger picture though. How many shirts would he sell if he put a decent performing team in them every Saturday.

    I am not even thinking in terms of winning anything. Hell, we won nowt under Keegan…but nearly every fan in the country loved watching us, and kids everywhere were buying and wearing a Toon top.

    Trouble is, Ashley, for someone with an allegedly great business acumen, can’t see the woods for the trees!!

  • PhilYare

    the only money seen is the money coming out of our pockets for that selfish p***k.

    no more please, cut off the supply to the fat f**K