Amongst all the conflicting stories about who will be the next Newcastle Manager/Head Coach, the subject of actually signing players has taken an unusual turn.

The management issue has to an extent pushed it to one side, which may indeed be a major reason for Mike Ashley stretching it out….

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However, even those fans who have little/no faith in how Mike Ashley is running Newcastle United, still think that despite having no manager, things are busy busy busy when it comes to the transfer market.

If you just stop and think though, even if you put to one side all the other negatives of NUFC under Ashley and the problems of selling the club (to players), which credible player is going to be signing for anybody without knowing who they will be working under?

United need real quality players to reverse the decline of recent years and the near disaster of last season.

This group of players will have a choice of clubs and so put yourself in their heads.

Newcastle aren’t going to offer bigger wages than their competitors, whether that is Spurs or Swansea or Stoke. So what else is there?

Catching out unsuspecting foreign clubs and players seems long gone now, with the riches floating around these days why on earth would anybody take the first offer they get?

Many of us presume that our club is now sold to prospective signings on the basis of being a stepping stone and following in the footsteps of players such as Ba, Debuchy and Cabaye. Presumably this being a hook for the likes of Remy Cabella and Daryl Janmaat when moving from leagues with a lower profile than the Premier League.

The fact remains though, what kind of player could NUFC be currently negotiating with, who is going to seriously consider moving to Tyneside when there isn’t even a manager/head coach in place?

signing players

If United start to sign players before appointing a manager, then that must surely be a nightmare scenario where you are bringing in players who are either just desperate, have no ambition, or see Newcastle as a very short-term destination.

The starting point has to be appointing that manager/head coach ASAP because that is the starting point, then you agree the transfer strategy and who the targets should be.

With only 67 days until the Premier League kicks off again, every day that goes by is another obstacle to any necessary repairs being made to what is a severely damaged vessel at St James Park.

Captain Ashley tried to sink us last season when employing Cabin Boy Carver to steer the ship and finish the job off, there might not be enough buckets to go around and bail us out if he waits any longer to appoint somebody to look after the team.

  • Marklp

    The transfer window doesn’t open for another 30 days, so Its a bit of pointless article. All the papers are saying we will have a manager by the end of the week, if that’s correct then that’s plenty of time for him to have an impact on potential players.

  • Wallsendstu

    The thought of McClaren taking over just because he is a mate of Carr turns my stomach. He had a similar end of season to Carver and this is what they should be looking at not that he is a friend and won’t rock the boat. It is Carr who gets players who match the ridiculous profile set out and this has to change with more input from the manager or head coach after all it is him who gets it in the neck when it goes wrong while Penfold and Carr get away scott free. If we do start to get players in before the manager I would suggest that nothing has changed and it is business as usual.

  • Andgeo

    Why would anyone even attempt to defend Ashley’s approach to running our football club. Vieria is a smokescreen, we are getting McClaren and half a dozen average players. Instead of following the embarrassing summers antics of a Fat tat shop owners abysmal running of our football club, don’t renew your season ticket and get a life!!!

  • toon tony

    I can see it now. …with his s***** d***** umbrella.

  • Fozzyworld

    It’s hardly pointless. Take your 30 days off the 67 remaining and it gets very tight. I agree totally that the boss must come first. This week!!!!

  • Wallsendstu

    Talks and agreements can take place, it is only registrations that cannot be done before July.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    And who exactly would want to come and play here after seeing how they treat their players  – players with 7 years at the Club let alone life threatening and possible career ending injuries.
    Supporters criticise so called ‘mercenaries’ even though that’s who this Club seek to buy as part of their ‘model’ – and then slag off anyone who looks for a move.
    No ambition. No class. No hope.

  • Fozzyworld

    Carr has always been though of as a great scout and an asset for that reason. I don’t understand why he was suddenly promoted to having a say in how the club is run. I think it shows how desperate the management are for any help they think they can get. I suppose that’s what happens when you don’t have a manager.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Fozzyworld A football club which currently has a Board of Directors of two – Ashley and Charnley. When we talk of cheapness, Ashley takes that to a whole new level.
    Carr is in effect the DoF now also.
    Plainly, whatever his few relative successes in bringing players, the entire model is cheap, flawed and a failure in all but balance sheet terms (the cart).
    If Carr was so great at football management then he would have made a far better career in that than as a scout – but in reality he’s ‘managed’ at – Dartford, Weymouth, Nuneaton, Northampton, Blackpool, Maidstone, Kettering and Dagenham & Redbridge.
    Inspiring, eh?

  • Chemical Dave

    Wouldn’t care but Carr’s scouting record is a average at best.

  • It looks like Vieira wont get the job because he wants control of transfers which does not fall in with the Ashley/Charnley/Carr blueprint.For Gods sake, do they not realise their idea does not work and will never work.Do they never learn. Here was the chance to change the club for the better. Vieira would have been perfect.Vast experience as a club and international captain, which is like having a manager on the pitch and in the changing room, and also he has had excellent grooming at Man City.It looks like the old pals act with old man Carr getting his mate McLaren in.Dont get me wrong, McLaren is not a bad coach,but the club needs something better in order to push on.Unless there is a good coach is coming in from left field.We can only hope.

  • The chronicle mentioned the other day that Carver was a fall back option.Please God no.Charnley did say that there were 80 applicants for the job.Surely in that lot there must be guys better than Carver. Charnley and Co. are obviously going for the cheapest and easy option with the current staff in place.Where is the ambition. Here was a big chance to get the fans and the city onside.Freddy Shepherd had his critics, but he would have a least tried to get Klopp.I dont think he would have succeeded, but he would have a least tried.

  • Peaco

    Disastrous news is that many sites seem to be reporting that McClaren is set to be announced in the next couple of days. One premiere league top ten placing; 1st stint at Twente league runners up; Wolfsberg sacked after less than one season; Nottingham Forest sacked after less than six months; 2nd stint at Twente sacked after a year; then Derby -sacked after failing to get promotion.
    Is this Pas-de-clue mark 2? I know Graham Carr and McClaren are mates, but is getting another failed manager from lower leagues really the best that we can do?
    I will get caned for this but I question whether Graham Carr’s knowledge in anything other than scouting cheap imports to be trusted?

  • magpiefifer

    Who says that many believe that things are ‘busy,busy,busy’ even without a new head coach appointment.Yes, as usual there is much speculation in the media about target signings – but is there any substance,I have more than a few doubts on that score.
    Regrettably,I cannot see anything other than McClaren or Carver getting the job – with McClaren the least worst! However,why appoint someone who has failed to get a relatively major club promoted to the Prem!?
    So typical of the shambles that is the ownership/management of NUFC!!!!

  • stepaylor

    what is going on at St James Park. Am i really left to believe that Mike Ashley has left Charnley, a zero respected and uninformed football person to decide who is next to drive the club forward from a footballing and coaching perspective?

    Surely this can not be true for a company with this kind of profile, exposure and revenue?

    It is totally crazy.

    If not Viera, then why not Laudrup or Remi Garde? They have fresh ideas, would bring excitement back and the club is crying out for both of these things.

    Charnley, out of his depth, wtf

  • snodgrass2

    Davey h I read on another site that Charnley said he was mistaken. After checking his list of 80 he actaually realised it had taken Carver 79 attempts to spell his name correctly.