The hard work starts now for Mr Lee Charnley.

The easy task of replacing John the Geordie Carver and his merry men/man is nearly complete, with Steve McClaren in and his coaching team hopefully soon to follow.

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The pressure now shifts back over to Lee Charnley in a transfer window where he must act quickly and efficiently to create a squad capable of finishing in the club’s suggested top 8 position and the small matter of winning a cup.

The squad is the weakest it has ever been in the Premier League era and even if the club brings In the suggested 6 players, that for me isn’t enough.

As it stands, the strongest available 11 in my opinion is (4-2-3-1)

Starting: Krul, Janmaat, Colo, Taylor, Dummett, Tiote, Colback, Aarons, De Jong, Sissoko, Cisse,

Subs: Darlow, Haidara, Cabella, Abeid, Perez, Lascelles, Armstrong.

Micah Richards was available on a free but has gone to Aston Villa.

Ings was available on a free but has gone to Liverpool.

Milner was available on a free but again, has gone to Liverpool,.

Ayew was available on a free but has gone to Swansea.

These are the types of player that would improve not just our squad, but our starting 11, and in case you missed it they were all available without a fee need paying to the club (Liverpool will pay compensation for Ings I know but you get the idea).

We need a LB, 2 CB, Holding Midfielder, RW, Attacking midfielder and 2 strikers as a bare minimum.

The likes of Obertan, Gouffran, Elliot, Williamson, Ameobi, Riviere need to be sold ASAP and replaced with proven Premier League quality players.

Charnley needs to prove he is up to the task of a major overhaul of the squad with around 6-7 need shifting and at least 10 players brought in to make the squad capable of the new club targets.

lee charnley

He needs to be able to negotiate a deal quickly rather than drag out deals over the space of a week, which brings out interest from other clubs and we end up missing out on target after target because the club keeps trying to pay Sports Direct prices for Harrods products.

Season ticket renewals are massively down and until the club start to back up its promises then nothing will change, the more deadlines it sets itself with nothing happening (McClaren I’ll have my backroom team in Monday”) then the more we as fans will start to think here we go again.

Start communicating properly and effectively as promised and we may start to believe again.

Lee Charnley, the eyes of the Geordie Nation are firmly fixed on you to deliver the promises made by Mike Ashley.. .

Are you up to the challenge??

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  • mrkgw

    I really do consider Charnley to be the weak link. The club should most certainly have made progress in the market by now but the silence is as per usual, deafening. I hope that he proves me wrong but, as things stand, we appear to be in for much of the same next season.

  • magpiefifer

    Charnley is an unqualified very weak link yes-man.
    As usual we are fed misinformation by owner and directors – urgent forum meeting to be arranged (71 days later!);competing in Cups and trying to win something,it’s all fantasy at best,more lies in actuality.
    Until Ashley goes this will continue to be the norm!

  • Mark Wallace

    You’ll find him underneath ashley’s desk keeping his master happy!!

  • v0ices

    mrkgw charnley is doing exactly what ashley wants otherwise he would be gone.

  • geordieladdo

    Always makes me laugh like.

    People go on about Charnley he’s useless, Llambias he’s useless, Kinnear he’s useless….
    There’s one rather rotund common figure involved at all times….. Mr Ashley.

    Yeah sure they are complicit but aren’t the real problem, they are following instruction. The real problem is that scheming lying moron who appeared on sky sports on the last day of the season (and I don’t mean Jamie Carragher)

  • Willvenus1

    They are just con-men, attempting to dupe those remaining supporters who have non seen through their lies and false promises into buying season tickets. They lack class, respect and professionalism. I already feel sorry for McClaren

  • MartinJW

    To blame Charnley is to miss the point. He is supposedly trying to attract top quality players to a club which has shown no ambition for years and is seemingly not prepared to pay the going rate. This cannot be done. I am sure that Austin would love to come to an ambitious NUFC which was signing top quality players for him to play alongside. But we are not. So he will not come. There is no point blaming Charnley. Mcclaren once again today stressed that the most important thing to him was the character of a new signing. In stressing ‘character’ above quality, ability, proven track record etc he is signalling the type of player we will end up with. And it is not Austin.

  • fromtheheed

    The latest is Sissoko up for £18m and targetted by Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. We’ve seen it all before, unsettling a player, or is it his agent spurred on by Newcastle so as to create funding for new players.
    We are yet again penny pinching, just what is the £34m in the bank to be used for. How much extra is Ashley releasing to fund our new world, it would appear we are selling or top players yet again if reports are true. So much for a cash injection.

  • dude 1

    With no new signings and no new back staff in fatty having extended the season ticket deadline I think thing are just normal for this outfit like I have said on numerous occasions the bank manager will not release the purse strings and it will be same old stories coming out of nufc
    For a so called premier league side we are afraid to spend over £10 million on any players we in my opinion will not get Austin or any player over £10 million which seems to be the going price for players since the premier league is riddled with money and everybody knows it
    Penfold is well out of his depth now with all these football men around him and once McCLaren gets his back room staff in he will be like a fish out of water

  • stepaylor

    Free transfers usually mean a signing on fee to the player of usually a decent size and wages to reflect the overall savings. They aren’t as free as people seem to think.

    Not that i disagree, Ayew, Milner, Richards etc would have for sure improved our first team and if you look at the cost over a 5 year contract they would still represent better value than the standard full transfer fee paid to another club. Danny Ings for example will incur an actual fee set through tribunal.

    Its just wrong to label them as free

  • stepaylor

    Well so far the horse that has been bolted on is a donkey

  • Mister Tee

    So is he just “supposedly” playing at having a job?
    Does you think he just “supposedly” gets paid a small fortune for “supposedly” doing his job?
    I’m not sure I understand your way of thinking here.
    What an easy job he has – put out a few statements “80 applicants for job, blah, I have to challenge Mike, blah-blah, I am looking at the next transfer window and the window after and what impact it will have on that, blah” but he doesn’t have to act on these statements because, as you say, Ashley won’t allow him to.
    He is basically a glorified PA then?
    The way you say: “He is supposedly trying to attract top quality players to a club which has shown no ambition for years and is seemingly not prepared to pay the going rate.” and almost exuse him from any blame is baffling.
    He is a part of it and if he is just tagging along because he is getting paid for a job he “supposedly” can’t do because of restrictions in place then, in my eyes, that makes him as culpable as Ashley.
    He is not solely to blame but he must take his fair share should he not deliver this summer.

  • GToon

    Why extend the season ticket deadline at all? Did I miss something over the past few days? I know we did well in the latest cricket game and the sisters of mercy are touring in October but for NUFC it was just the usual wasted week.

  • Paul Patterson

    The people in charge deserve the scrutiny they get, but to say we need 10 players is stupid.
    No club can sign ten players and expect a god season.
    Get real and accept that through mismanagement, we now need to rebuild a team, starting with 2 strikers and 2 centre backs.
    Work from there.
    Talk of 10 players is idiotic . .

  • mactoon

    McClarens main target was reportedly Charlie Austin. Now, after the ‘football boards’ transfer summit it’s reported we are going for Dost and Deeney as they are both available for around 10 million and Austin is relegated to “interest still remains in Austin” Due to the FACT that Charnley won’t meet the clubs asking price of 15 million… does that failed strategy ring a bell?

    Let me give you a few stats and see if you can spot the bargain:

    Sergio Agüero Man City scored 26 – bought for £30 million +
    Harry Kane Spurs scored 21 – £40 million bids this close season
    Diego Costa Chelsea scored 20 – bought for £30 million +
    Charlie Austin QPR scored 18 – £15 million valuation
    Alexis Sánchez Arsenal scored 16 – bought for £30 million+

    Just pay the damn 15 million before another team ‘gets the deal over the line’ !!!!!

    NO other club is as inept as NUFC at buying players. I despair I really do

  • GToon

    But 8 have left already. Ok, maybe 8 then. Tick tock, better get a move on then!

  • LeazesEnder

    No…. Charnley should have been sacked, a more clueless individual never walked this earth…. he’ll buy utility players and leave the team short of creativity, set piecer players, and a meaning in life.

    How do I know?…. just a hunch that this is an accountant running a football club…. and accountants don’t have a soul.

  • Paul Patterson

    Brilliant comment. This club makes the simple look so hard and complex . .

  • NotFatFreddy

    Remember this isn’t Ashley’s generous supply of money, but money coming into every Premiership club.  A level playing field.  Once upon a time we were the club below the top few who would attract those not deemed good enough for the likes of Chelski, Citeh, Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs etc because we paid the wages and a high transfer fee. Now we are on the same level ground as the mighty Palace, Stoke and WBA; with Swansea and Southampton, and WHU with their new stadium, probably bigger attractions now.  Also the Villa.  We seem to be about as attractive as SAFC or a Hull City. Foreign players will always choose London and the South Coast if it is the same level play and wages.  We won’t match those wages.

    Now we know NUFC is marketed as about as an attractive proposition as buying your new 1000inch TV from Poundland rather than John Lewis.  “Lessons on How Not To Run A Football Club” by Mr Ashley.  He can’t grasp that if you get the punters excited and on side, then the rest is far easier.  Hall and Shepherd knew it.  You buy someone to get the fans excited early pre-season.  His name is on the back of the new shirt.  The nasty polyester new shirts sell in their 1000’s due to the new signing.  Business is good, tickets are selling, punters have some new sense of optimism.

    Now if other clubs spend their new money to the max then we need to do the same and more. 

    Ashley says he is going nowhere.  He says he will not leave until we win that elusive trophy.  Therefore as we haven’t won one for 50 years, he knows that we know it isn’t his expectation to win anything!

    Simples.  If it was his intention, we would have already spent £45 million on 3 strikers.  Then more money to follow on the defence etc.  Then the rest of the money from the sales of the likes of Cisse would also be spent.

    1000’s of toon No 9 ‘Austin’ shirts would already be sold! 

    So we are slow out of the blocks.  Does that seem ambitious?  A desire to buy top quality to win a trophy?

    We pessimistically watch in  hope.  I won’t even grumble if we spend £45 million on the best championship players with potential and a couple of good foreign buys.  Those who see NUFC as a big club and happy to pull on the shirt are probably now limited to the championship.  Better be quick before even Stoke and WBA and Leicester snap them up! 
    – See more at: //

  • Jail for Ashley

    As much as I dislike the little I know about Lee Churnley you cannot blame him for not signing Danny Ings or who ever else for that matter if the player wants 80K a week and he’s only allowed to offer 50K, the same with Charlie Austen, QPR want 15M but the fat man says we can only offer 10, the best negotiator in the business can’t do anything about that. I’m not even sure that Lee Churnley exists to be honest.
    Ashley Out !

  • NottsToon

    Sod all to do with Charmless, he’s just the latest stooge in the Kinnear mold.
    The problem remains the fat skinflint who refuses to bankroll any serious investment or pay the going rate for players.
    Another relegation battle looms and we are well short of decent soldiers for the battle.

  • Morpeth mag

    It might be idiotic, but due to the mismanagement of our club, it is now a fact, we havnt even got a decent back up keeper, we havnt got a decent center half, so theres another two, two forwards thats five, left back, six, right winger seven,,, a creative midfield player 8, then back up squad players, 10 is being conservative,, there is probably only. 4 players who are first team starters in our squad, we are thread bare,,,with the exception of young Perez, who is one for the future and janmatt, we havnt bought a half decent player for years,,,it was ashley who said he wanted to win something, well unless he strengthens massively, we will be in the relegation mix up again,,,,,,,

  • Andgeo

    Charnley is the weakest link!!!

  • v0ices

    Mister Tee his job is not to target players like austin i doubt the club has any real interest in him his job is to run the club as cheaply as possible while remaining in the premiership to ashley hes doing a great job.

  • Jail for Ashley

    Very good post by the way.

  • lupamac

    Come on lads why the doom and gloom. by May 15th next year we,ll have the biggest empty ground in the championship plus the extra added bonus of watching England fail dismally in the  european championship . and Sports Direct will be selling England shirts at £8-00 and flags at 20 pence a time come June. Ashley will get knighted for services to industry there,s loads to look forward to

  • robson1892

    Totally fed up of these inept people running the club. I fell in love with NUFC in the seventies during a 0-2 home loss to coventry city (aged 6). I’ve always had a belief (not an expectation) of success due to black and white blood, but I’ve never felt as misled as we all are under the current regime. Talk is cheap mike, put yr money where yr mouth is and invest in not just the team but Newcastle to make us once again UNITED

  • mactoon

    Surely ashley has withdrawn from the football board and given charnley a kitty to spend so it is down to the football board to use that money to buy players so it’s down to charnley to make bids?

  • robson1892

    Howay mac, Do you honestly believe that BFM has no further interest in transfer dealings/expenditure?? We are already lagging behind (even promoted teams) in squad strengthening. 24TH May he came out and did his tv interview since then nothing. Not a betting man but come August, I suspect, not much will change

  • Davey Hat Trick

    I’m beginning to think this bloke is completely out of his depth. Chris Mort was alright, I thought, then we took a step backwards with Derek Llambias, but he was just about competent. Charnley seems slow, weak and clueless. A bit like half of our players. There is just no authority about him. I can’t see him impressing a player, an agent or a selling club. At least Llambias did things, even if we didn’t like them. This bloke just seems to blink uncomprehendingly through his specs while everything goes speeding past him. I’m struggling to work out what it is he does do. If the club want to pay me big money to do nowt, I’m up for the challenge…

  • DownUnderMag

    To be honest, Milner and Richards would have been far too high in terms of signing on fee and/or wages.

    Having said that, it is becoming apparent we aren’t likely to be signing anyone soon, and i’m questioning the role of Charnley all together,   It wouldn’t surprise me if Charnley, like Kinnear before him, is more of a smoke-screen or a patsy to blame transfer inactivity on, Ashley can spend nothing once again, blame Charnley at the end of the window, sack him and then grab a few bargain buys before blaming that the club didn’t have time to sign anyone because of staff incompetence.

  • mactoon

    No you miss my point mate. Ashley has withdrawn from the decision making process and put the pressure on charnley to deliver. He has given charnley a transfer kitty and a restricted set of rules so players like Charlie Austin is out of reach.

  • RaySte

    mactoon At the end of the day not one of us has a clue what is going on. Everything is pure speculation.

  • Andgeo

    There is absolutely no intention to improve the squad to the level it should be. Ashley out!

  • Andgeo

    We need to force the fat man out. It’s the only way!

  • Andgeo

    Problem is he has only given him £20m and told him to sell cisse and sissoko before bringing anyone in. One thing is for sure, we will start this coming season with an even weaker squad than last season. And remember De Jong is like a new signing!

  • Andgeo

    Cheeper than buying a second rate utility player from holland and then never playing him as he just isn’t good enough! Or worse getting in a second rate championship defender and then playing him in every game and relentlessly hoofing set pieces at him despite his failure to score! Pay peanuts and you get monkeys.

  • Paul Patterson

    DownUnderMag  Strange, that’s never happened before . .

  • Paul Patterson

    Morpeth mag  Krul, Janmaat, Haidara, Colback, Tiote, Anita, De Jong, Sissoko, Perez, Cisse.
    I’m happy enough with them in the first team squad rotating. Add in two centre backs and another striker. One centre back could be Lascalles, pair him with a Ryan Shawcross, stick Charlie Austin up front and then add in a creative midfield player and we would have a good first team.

    We have Darlow as a 2nd keeper, Aarons, Cabella, Obertan, Abeid, Dummett.

    Theres 19 players to select from and I’ve only made TWO signings. We can try and get rid of Riviere, Elliot, Collocini, Gouffran and Williamson, and we’d STILL have those 19 players.

    There’s no excuse for not going and slapping a £15m bid in for Austin or testing Stoke with £12m for Shawcross, but, I’ll say it again, signing 10 players WON’T WORK!!!!

  • Paul Patterson


  • cwtoon88

    You Sir are an idiot and should stick to football manager, Dummett with no pace, no ability on the ball and with atrocious positioning at LB and Sissoko on the wing as well as 2 ultra defensive mids in the middle.

    Try watching these players play before you put your favourite names down

  • Morpeth mag

    Krul ok, Carlow suspect, janmatt good, haidara, is unproven for us, tiote wants away, but is reckless, Anita has had one good game, West Ham last game of season, de Jong good player, but looks like he is injury prone, sissoco good, but wants away and and has shown in his attitude in the pitch, Perez good, but he is young and to much has been put on his shoulders, also I know that he is only here as a stepping stone and will leave, Cisse I don’t rate, he has a terrible first touch, can’t hold the ball up and is offside to often,, if your happy enough with the first team you are very easily pleased,, las alpes has not had a great season at forest and would only be a back up center half, do you think we will get shawcross?? Dream on,,,do you think we will get austin? Dream on,,,
    Carlow not good enough, Aaron’s, ok Cabella has been terrible, what’s with the step over, overran, now I know that your having a laugh,, he has been terrible for us since he signed, abeib should have played at the end of the season but didn’t, but at the moment he is not premiership class, dummett is only a back up player, I actually prefer him to haidara,
    If you kept that squad with your two signings we will be in trouble again,,, are you working for ashley,,????
    I’d rather spend and bring in ten players than the dross that you want on the pitch, ive watched that load of **ite for to long,,

  • DZA187

    I believe Penfold does not have a clue what he is doing.

  • Paul Patterson

    Morpeth mag  F**k off, ‘working for Ashley’


    Of course I want more signings, but you cant hold a gun to players heads and say ‘Sign for us on this deal or else!’ And you also can’t just tell players they aren’t wanted and to go away and find another club . .

  • PeterS84

    cwtoon88 I’m 31 years old , attended my first game at the age of 4 and from the age of 13 I can count on both hands the amount of games ive missed during that time (home, away and European) so to call me an idiot is a bit unfair. what i was trying to put across in my strongest team selection is there isn’t anyone else in the squad good enough to start over them (by the way Sissoko regularly plays on the wing for France) so we are going to have to play players out of position.

    We need a big overhaul and with Charnley involved in negotiations and trying to sell the club to the players im not holding my breath that it will happen.

  • TheBoneYard

    SD do business at there own leisure, terms and costs – they can afford too as having bought out all the competition they now have none…….unfortunately you cant buy out all the football teams and so you have competition when it comes to doing business for new players – at your own leisure, terms and costs does not work………..Charnley looks like a man who seems to be just there but looks unsure as to why he is there, oh but then his monthly pay check comes and it reminds him why he is there, and so he affords himself a smile and self reassurance and as looks down from his tower at the peolple and laughs…..’yes Mr Ashley…..ooooh yesssss’………………….right i’m off to purchase the ‘’ domain name

  • TheBoneYard

    Andgeo realy ? you got any more exclusives, feel free to enlighten us all……..

  • Morpeth mag

    Did I swear at you???
    You are part of the problem,, you accept what ashley has done,, and you CAN sign 10 players and make it work, but you need a decent manager, national teams from all over the world, especially South america, bring players together who don’t play with each other and have success, so bringing ten decent players together can and will work, if you have the right manager and coaching staff,, As for the two players your talking about, we won’t get either of them,, so carry on sucking up to ashley,,,,,,,

  • TonnekToon

    The silence from Penfold is deafening !

  • Morpeth mag

    That’s not swearing,
    And your friend ashley, said he wanted to win something,, the two players that you want us to sign will only marginally improve our squad, we’ll be no nearer winning something, so you should have a word with him and get him to make some real signings, as the other kiss asses at the club just pander to him.
    As for it not working, sunderland signed poor players and had poor managers, I told you that we need good coaches and a good manger,, so next time your speaking to your friend, “PASS IT ON”

  • GToon

    Unfortunately they don’t sign poor players. Johnson, Wickam, van Arnholt, DeFoe, Pantillimon and Rodwell are all good players. They are much more ambitious than us. I’m not sure why they don’t do well. Funny though isn’t it.

  • desree

    lee Charnley goes to buy a ferrari.
    salesman ‘this is the latest ferrari, most sought after model, only on made and we have 3 people interested, ready to buy. we are looking for 150,000″
    LEE “I’ll give you 100,000”
    Salesman “lee we have two other buyers prepared to pay 150,000, why should we drop the price”
    LEE “because my wife says I can’t pay more than 100,00. Take it or leave it, 100,000”
    Salesman “we’ll leave it Lee”
    LEE “thats not fair, I’m going to the Porsche garage, one last chance, 100,000 or I’m off”
    Salesman “[email protected] off Lee”

  • desree

    but he is md and sits on the board, his job is to run the club and if he has a budget to spend it. I think Lee is scared of putting his neck on the line and getting told off. if he bought Austin for 15m and he failed like cabella has then he is toast.
    it is pretty simple to seethat the pressure is coming from every angle and he is folding. and why should he cope, he has never ran a business before, let alone a football club where you have the expectations of a whole city to deal with. The next toughest job is Prime Minister in terms of scrutiny and Lee certainly wouldn’t win that vote.

  • GToon

    And with the cars he has got he tries to sell them and replace them with cheaper ones. It’s the way to run a garage but not a football club. You could have added the bit about him telling the press he’s about to sign a Ferrari.

  • desree

    he has already been in touch with watchdog to highlight how unfair it is. Good point about Lee trying to pedal an old clapped out, BMW for the same price he wants his brand new ferrari, sounds like we have found his calling. Penine windows are hiring Lee?

  • Paul Patterson

    Morpeth mag  Whatever . .

  • Morpeth mag

    A very well thought out and pretty ironic response, considering that you believe ” WHATEVER” your friend Ashley says,,,,, well done,,,,

  • Paul Patterson

    Morpeth mag  Prove I know Ashley then. You can’t because I don’t. I don’t like the man. But if you must persist with this line then, whatever . .