So, just what do I do, I promised myself and everyone else I would pack in if Steve McClaren was appointed…and now I am being reminded of that promise on a daily basis!

Well strangely enough, I was fairly impressed by his words to the chosen media few. Clearly he has ambition and while a top 8 finish is still conservative for a club of this size, it still represents massive improvement on what we have just witnessed.

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The club then stated something quite astonishing,  Steve McClaren will be ‘heavily incentivised to win a cup’ , incentivised ? It had me reaching for my dictionary, what does it mean? I am still not sure, but I think it is positive!

I don’t  know about anyone else but I might even settle for the FA cup 4th round, massive improvement once again, as for the league cup…well Pardew blew that last season at Spurs.

In all seriousness can anyone imagine the party if we do bring some silverware back to Tyneside, we got a timely reminder only yesterday that it is 46 (teleprinter – forty six) years since proper silverware was bought back here.

I have said before I do not want to die a trophy virgin, yet with each passing season and the knowledge that Gordon Lee (AKA the grim reaper)  is possibly just round the corner, that possibility is all too real.

The rumour mill is in full swing, talk of at least 5 centre forwards coming to Newcastle, three of them English, really?

If we get one through THAT door it will be a bonus, two would represent a major change of direction from the owner, three would be simply gobsmacking, but let us not forget they are just rumours, I await with bated breath.

Funny how these rumours have not yet mentioned a centre-half, unless you count overweight Man City fallen prospect Micah Richards, who as I write is destined for Aston Villa. We absolutely need two quality centre-backs.

As for midfield, I believe if we keep what we have then it might be enough, and while Yohan Cabaye would improve us in that department, I don’t want him back.

He chose to bench warm at PSG in much the same way Remy did at Chelsea, and contrary to the song – there was no riot when he left, why? Because he initiated his own move by going on strike!  After he left his mate sprinted out the door also, and amusingly enough spent most of the season horizontal on the Emirates treatment table – no thank you!

I want players who are going to put the effort in and want to play for that shirt, a bit of skill would not go amiss either, so again I wait with bated breath.

The next week or two should tell us a lot, players need to be signed now, not at the end of the window six  games in, new players need a full pre season so that come the big kick off, all are ready.

‘We demand a club that tries’ – is it going to happen? is it too much to ask? Is it just more false promises?

Back to the original question of whether I am renewing, well apologies to Prestondave and all the others that I lied to but I am going to give the benefit of the doubt to the new manager, and give it one more season at the theatre of comedy.

I am however going to forgo the pre season trips to the USA, quite simply I can’t afford it, but York and  Sheffield Utd  give us a good chance to get an early view of things,  so I will certainly be going to those 2 grounds, indeed York will be a new one for me!

I hope everyone is having a good summer, but remember first pre season game at The Heed Is only about 4 weeks away, is close season really this short this time round, if McClaren wants to gain our faith he better act quickly.

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  • SGM

    You should have kept your promise.

  • shawsy0788

    Think before you speak as people will have a hard job believing you now sadly :-(  Anyway I hope you are right and the fans at last get what they deserve, a team to be proud of

  • Brian Standen

    turncoat? Guilty as charged!

  • JohnyH

    Exactly why nothing will ever change at NUFC. Ask yourself this;
    How many times have you gave it one more season, to be let down by mediocrity on the pitch and total lack of ambition in the boardroom?
    How many times have we been enthused by talk of quality transfer targets and the promise of great times ahead of us, only to be let down after renewing our season tickets, because they couldn’t get them ‘over the line’.
    When you consider the state of our current squad in terms of the age, quality and contract length remaining on the players, it would take a few seasons of spending £60 million per season to build a competitive squad. Do you think it will happen?
    We’ve plumbed the depths of football management in recent years, so anyone coming in is an improvement, but do you really think McClaren is a good manager?

  • Bianchi Boy

    See you then.

    Close the door on the way out.

  • hettonmag

    Good luck to you Brian, but there has been many false dawn’s and  lies at this club never more so than in the last 8 years. Time will tell whether  their will be a change in direction at the club but the sceptic in me say’s that won’t be the case.

  • Brian Standen

    Fair point

  • Brian Standen

    I don’t to be honest, hence why I said if he came I would pack it in and head for the golf course, but ……..

  • kuromori

    I think we’ve all gone back on our words at some point in life, especially where NUFC is concerned so I won’t pillory you, Brian. It’s just a shame that this reminds me of Nigel Farage!

  • Demented_Man

    Hope is always the last thing to die.

  • wor monga

    Why did you feel the need to tell us you weren’t going to renew
    (or stay away) in the first place Brian…who’s really interested in what you
    choose to do with your time and money…most of your compatriots seem to have
    given it away over the years anyway, so you must be quite a rarity at the Mag.

    …Why not give McClaren the support he needs?…he’s a good coach who’s
    worked with some of the best players, and you don’t get that opportunity unless
    you have something going for you…he’s also had success as a manager, and he wouldn’t agree to take this job on until he had guarantees from Ashley that allowed him a part of
    the decision making process of the board…something that had always handicapped
    Pardew’s ability to operate properly.

  • SGM

    The only person I’ve heard say that MCClaren wont be  good fit at NUFC (Apart from the doom mongers on here) is King Muppet Adrian Durham.
    I’m on board.

  • TonnekToon

    Obviously time will tell , have the Club  turned a corner  in the right direction or do we head off in a big circle to end up right back where we started ? McClaren seems to be saying and wanting the right things but will Fatty provide ? I suppose we have to give  him the chance , a big Plus is the fact J.C. and his sidekick have thankfully gone . I’m reminded of the old saying , He may be a Wally but he’s our Wally . It’ll be an interesting next couple of Months.

  • SGM

    Respect Brian, you came back to respond.

  • Woodplumptonmag

    Good article, personally wish that I had not renewed in February, but actually quite excited about the new season. The proof of the pudding will be who he signs!!

  • Demented_Man

    SGM You’re on board all right.  The ship HMS Deluded.

  • snodgrass2

    Brian Standen “but………..” what? The reality is you are like the team itself…..gutless. Ashley knows his “punters” well both at the ground and in his shops. It’s why he has multi-billions and we have only hopes. Show some self respect and abstain.

  • Brian Standen

    Totally agree, but once again living in hope

  • Brian Standen

    Gutless? Really? Using my real name when writing, leaving myself open to criticism, hardly guiltless!
    I will however take up your point on the SD stores, most families don’t have much cash to throw around, so when a kid wants a new pair of trainers, where do most parents go? Yes SD, I would not ever have a go at anyone for spending money in the SD shops, so my friend I ask you the question where do you go when you or your family needs or wants something that SD sells? Do you show self respect and abstain, do your family do without or are you filthy rich and shop elsewhere ?
    Like it or not SD is the cheapest place in the UK for sports and leisure goods by the country mile, so yes Ashley has the whole market cornered!
    However I am sure your self respecting principles will ensure none of your hard earned cash goes into his tills………

  • Happyharrys2011

    SGM He is a good fit at Newcastle yeah I agree, because he is a spineless nodding dog.
    Nobody else would touch him with a barge pole, he is probably paying Jabba the hutt for the privilege of being Newcastle manager. How desperate would you need to be to work under these circumstances its a dictatorship! This is not doom and gloom this is reality !!!!

  • Happyharrys2011

    wor monga Have you been smoking crack? He wouldn’t come unless he had guarantees from Jabba the butt, that he would be allowed to make decisions. What planet are you on?This man has gone from Man U, England via loads mediocre clubs to scraping the barel with derby getting sacked . His stock has dropped year on year and he would take on any job he could possibly get, he is at desperation alley. This is probably the worst management job in football at the moment. It reeks of desperation for me. Would he of even contemplated taking this job on when he was at the top of his game?? 
    I think the answer to that is clear.
    He would’ve took this job on under any circumstance as not a single other club in the country would touch him now.
    Just like Pardew a few years ago.
    Wake up and smell the roses cause all I can smell is bull $hit.