The appointment of Steve McClaren has failed to inspire a large portion of the fans, with claims of ‘Pardew 2.0’.

More fashionable names were mentioned in the discussion of potential new managers, such as Patrick Vieira, Frank De Boer and Michael Laudrup, leading to mass disappointment when the ‘Wally with a Brolly’ emerged as the leading candidate.

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I too shared the disappointment as the talks with Vieira ended and Steve McClaren became the only realistic candidate. However, after some contemplation, is Steve McClaren really a bad choice as manager, or can he inspire some change to Newcastle’s recently bleak fortunes?

Let’s look at McClaren’s résumé:

1995-1999: McClaren began his coaching career at Derby County, where he assisted Jim Smith. In his first season with the club, Derby were promoted to the top flight of English football.

1999-2001: McClaren was appointed assistant to Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. Whilst McClaren worked under Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United won three league titles, one Champions League and one FA Cup.

2000-2002: Worked as a coach for the national team under Peter Taylor and then Sven Goran Eriksson.

2001-2006: McClaren received his first job in management, taking over at Middlesbrough.

In 2004, McClaren won the League Cup, beating Bolton 2-1 in the final.

In 2006, McClaren’s Middlesbrough side reached the UEFA Cup final, coming runners up to Sevilla, who won the final 4-0. In his five years at the club, McClaren became the most successful manager of Middlesbrough in the club’s history. McClaren’s departure from Middlesbrough was not met with disappointment from the club’s fans, who had grown tired of his negative tactics and boring football.

2006-2007: The proudest moment in McClaren’s career inevitably led to his lowest moment.  Having taken over as England manager from Sven Goran Eriksson, who he had assisted for the second time from 2004 to 2006, McClaren failed to guide England to qualification for Euro 2008, with a home defeat to Croatia ensuring that England would not be heading to Austria and Switzerland in the summer of 2008. Images of McClaren stood in the rain with an umbrella as England slumped to defeat saw him labeled as the ‘Wally with a Brolly’.

2008-2010: McClaren’s return to management saw him in the Eredivisie with Dutch side Twente FC. In his first season, Twente finished second in the league. One year later, he took the club one step further and won the Dutch League, becoming the first English manager to win a domestic league title since Sir Bobby Robson. It was the first time in the club’s history that they had won the Eredivisie.

2010-2011: After winning the league with Twente, McClaren headed to Wolfsburg in Germany, hoping for another European triumph. It wasn’t to be however, as McClaren was sacked after nine months in charge of the German club.

2011: McClaren returned to England to manage Nottingham Forest, where he only lasted ten games before his resignation, having only collected eight points from a possible thirty.

2012-2013: McClaren headed back to Holland to manage Twente for the second time. McClaren could only manage 6th place in his first season back, and resigned in February 2012, as supporters began to criticise their former hero.

2013: As manager of QPR, Harry Redknapp came calling and McClaren joined his coaching staff for three months.

2013-2015: At the end of his three months at QPR, McClaren replaced Nigel Clough as head coach of Derby County, where he had began his coaching career.

With Derby struggling in the league under Clough, McClaren reinvigorated the side, guiding them to third in the league, narrowly missing out on promotion to the Premier League, losing the play-off final to QPR thanks to a last minute winner from Bobby Zamora.

steve mcclaren

In the following season, Derby looked on course to gain promotion to the Premier League, with McClaren’s side sat at the top of the table in February. However, Derby’s form fell away and the club finished outside of the play-off positions. McClaren was subsequently sacked.

Quite the mixed bag from McClaren.

Moments of brilliance combined with some horror shows.

On paper, McClaren’s CV is quite prestigious: worked under one of the greatest managers in the history of the game, managed his country, reached a European final, won major honours and being the first English manager to win a domestic title since 1996.

Underneath the facts, McClaren’s spell as England manager tarnished his reputation and created a laughing stock, his time at Middlesbrough ended with no tears from the club’s fans, and his last two managerial jobs in England ended in being sacked by Championship clubs.

This begs the question, which Steve McClaren will turn up to St. James’ Park?

Whatever does happen, the new manager must be given a chance to succeed by the fans and by the board.

The fans must support the manager, meaning we can’t begin a ‘’ come September when we haven’t won our first couple of games, and Mike Ashley must back him financially, giving him the means to create a team that can be competitive in the Premier League once again.

I’ll be backing Steve McClaren, will you?

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  • geordie4567

    UI bet fatty loves his tie

  • BillytheFish

    He speaks with respect which is a start, and he is a coach respected by people with a lot more knowledge than us, so yes it’s Steve Mclaren’s black and white army all the way for me……………

    Just get rid of Wonga please….

  • toonterrier

    He has been appointed our head coach so I would like to think he will get the full backing of the supporters and bring back proper football to St James’s park. Time will tell but hopefully after a few games we will see more positives and players wanting to play for the club rather than using us a stepping stone with the excuse that they want to play in the Champions league when they haven’t been good enough to play in the premiership. We also need to see a lot of the dead wood moved on and not given new contracts as we couldn’t get the players we wanted as their demands exceeded the limit set by the club.

  • amacdee

    “I’ll be backing Steve McClaren: Will you?”
    We dont have a choice do we ? As usual the Fatman avoids real, quality management potential and settles for submissive Schteve. 
    On the plus side at least the feckers won something but thats no guarantee he’ll do it again. However if you asked whether I’d back either Pardwho or Wally then it’s a no brainer !

  • Jimmywayhay

    Same information ,going around in circles about McLaren ,untill a real storie pops up !

  • NottsToon

    To be fair to McClaren, he hasn’t done anything wrong yet other than be appointed under dodgy circumstance to a role which, on paper as described by Chamless, sounds like a something no self respecting manager would even think of taking.

    That isn’t really his fault, maybe he is confident that he can work under these constraints who knows? The hate should still be directed at those who deserve it, the owner and his clueless berk of an MD.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Personally, I can’t support the bloke for accepting the job on the terms that Ashley dictates, even if he is another one who thinks he can be successful despite it.

    I hope he does well, for and with the team of course, but I would hope that any discontent remains focused on the real cause. That is Ashley. 

    It all begins and ends with him. Talk of a new dawn and lessons being learned went straight out the window with Jonas, then the farcical ‘press conference’ a few days ago. And not to mention the EGM he called for at Rangers then didn’t even turn up for it (costing them around 50k).

    Seems that underneath all the bluster it’s just business as usual.

  • ncncnc

    so that means you wouldnt support any manager who had come in as they would all have had to work under ashleys terms?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Nothing has changed so therefore i don’t see hoe i can get behind anyone how would of come here under the same circumstances.
    They wanted him (since Januay) and got him as he fits what they want to continue with. Plainly no one else was reistically considered, or quite rightly they didn’t want to manage in this way.

  • GToon

    I will back him and I imagine most fans will but it’s not our backing that he needs if he is to be successful at SJP. Sits the backing of you know who…..

  • v0ices

    Sickandtiredstill same old ashley bully boy tactics as far as the rangers egm is concerned not to mention the injunction he took out to silence rangers over sports directs dealings with rangers. l certainly hope hes a huge success ends up winning as many trophies with us as his old boss won at manu.

  • Slowlybutsurely

    Go support another team man, take that dark cloud with you!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Slowlybutsurely That dark cloud is going nowhere until Ashley leaves. But keep on deluding yourself.

  • Demented_Man

    When will you lot grasp this simple truth: as a certain Mr K Keegan once said, nothing will change fundamentally at Newcastle as long as a certain Mr M Ashley is there.

    His first press conference, where all but trusted media partners were excluded, should tell you all about the way this will go.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    ncncnc Sickandtiredstill He can’t even talk to the bloody press – that’s how much freedom and say McClaren has in this set up.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    v0ices Sickandtiredstill I’m sure he wants the deal he struck with Charles Greene (in 2012) kept very secret.

  • Chemical Dave

    Like domestic abuse victims, “he’s said it will be different this time so I’m giving him one last chance”.

  • foggy

    I’m waiting to see which new players are brought in before I give any support to McClaren. He has to have a chance but if he toe’s the line for Charnley / Ashley and pulls the wool over the fans eyes then he can go jump in the Tyne.

  • centrepaddock

    Under the current owner who else could we get? the real problem still exists.

    However we have to back McClaren, it’s what supporting our team is about.

  • whickhamrobbie

    Its not a case of will we back him we MUST otherwise another season on moaning whinging and protests will bring the club to its knees .
    Yes the ownership issue will always raise its ugly head but we must rise above and support the lads to the full ,you never know a couple of decent signings (british preferably) some young talent brought through (as mcclaren has done in the past) and the season might not be as bad as we are fearing.
    On the other hand it could all go t%£s up.

  • whickhamrobbie

    Sickandtiredstill  If you cant support the manager under your terms then don’t turn up and support someone else ,Yes its not ideal but we MUST give him a chance

  • Happyharrys2011

    I will never ever back anything from these muppetts. Jabba the butt has treat us like kunts for years!!

  • desree

    If MClaren can behave like arthut cox, KK or sBR I’ll be happy. If we get another prdew, souness or allardyce then he will get all he deserves. Just give us some entertainment please Steve. I’m sick of getting up at 2am on a sunday to watch drivell!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    whickhamrobbie Do what you want, bonny lad, but don’t go telling me what I must or mustn’t do. 
    It seems no matter what fatso does a lot of you will just take it, keep taking it, and say it’s because you are ‘real’ supporters. 
    Same people that argued that Ashley is good for the Club, despite him/them just admitting that for 8 years they purposefully tried to win or compete for nothing.

  • whickhamrobbie moaning whinging and protests were / are a result Ashley and his s**te direct bringing the club to it’s knees .

  • shadsdad

    Lets be honest, with all the bile swilling about he at least has the balls to have a go.The big question is if we finish in the top 8 and win a cup(I know, I know!) what happens next?

  • amacdee

    Sickandtiredstill whickhamrobbie We can ALL support the manager but “Sick” is right. Until the Phat Phecker shows us he’s prepared to change, spend money and give his employers the freedom to do what they want then we’re all pissing in the wind.

  • Kazie23

    I would like to know that answer….Are we finally going to see ashley leave if we win a cup