News today that Ian Cathro has been linked to Newcastle United.

Only 28, the Scot is said to be in line for the assistant manager role at St James Park rather than the playing staff.

With the search for Steve McClaren’s number two becoming ever more tortuous as Phil Neville, Steve Round and Bolo Zenden already reported to have turned down Newcastle’s advances, pre season training begins in 8 days time with no replacements as yet for the sacked John Carver and Steve Stone.

Ian Cathro was linked with the Rangers manager’s job but has now stepped down regardless from his role at Valencia only two weeks ago and returned to Scotland, citing ‘family reasons’.

This ended a three year association with Valencia manager Nuno Espírito Santo, who together guided the Spanish club to fourth place in La Liga.

Ian Cathro had an injury-curtailed spell playing youth football and briefly appeared for Forfar and Brechin, but he set up a coaching school while he was still in his teens.

Working for the Scottish FA’s regional coaching set-up, Cathro was then appointed as Santo’s assistant at Rio Ave in Portugal, the pair having met while both were working on their coaching qualifications under the SFA.

At Rio Ave they finished sixth in the league, made it to two cup finals and won European qualification for the first time.

Then in their first season at Valencia, they returned the Spanish club to Champions League football.

When announcing his departure from Valencia earlier this month, Ian Cathro said that it had been a difficult decision but one that he’d taken some time beforehand.

Ian Cathro:

“I would like to thank Nuno Espirito Santo for the opportunity to work with him in the top leagues in Portugal and Spain. It has been a unique and hugely rewarding experience for an ambitious Scottish coach.

“I wish Valencia the success they deserve. I had an amazing time with a great club in a fantastic city. This was a very difficult decision to take and was agreed some time ago.”

  • geordieladdo

    well it’s either this unknown guy OR Mick Wadsworth…woohoo!

  • geordieladdo why does it matter if he is unknown? Sounds like he has some good credentials.

  • toonterrier

    Cant we get Nicola Sturgeon to help out. I’m sure she could sit between Chumpley and Moncur and stop them from dozing off and maybe even get Carr out doing his job instead of posing as another office boy.

  • LeazesEnder

    …….. Never heard of him either…… I’m beginning to think that there are literally millions of people I’ve never heard of….

  • Kid Bwapo

    Cathro is a terrific coach and highly regarded north of the border. Responsible for developing a number of young talented players at Dundee Utd, the most obvious one being Ryan Gauld who is now at Sporting Lisbon. Focuses on developing players technical skills. He’d be an excellent appointment

  • geordieladdo

    Roberts Grey Pants geordieladdo I didn’t actually say there was an issue with him being unknown simply that he is unknown but that if it ISN’T him then there’s very little left.
    I dont care if he’s known or not the point I was kinda making is that he’ll probably turn us down as well and then we’ll be left with some old has-been

  • geordieladdo it just kind of implied that he was bottom of the barrel. This obviously needs to be sorted asap but there a loads of coaches out there, many who a lot of us may not have heard of so don’t think we are quite in the position yet where it is desparate.
    From what I have heard about this guy I think id rather him than Phil Neville for a start.
    Don’t have to have heard of them or them to be a big name for them to be a good coach. Look at the likes of Mourinho etc who started off as a nobody in the football world.

  • TonnekToon

    geordieladdo Or, Mick Harford , now that would be  a grenade hoy’ed down from fatty’s bunker !

  • geordieladdo

    Roberts Grey Pants geordieladdo Nope not what I was implying but if read that way fair enough.
    I dont know the lad so cannot offer any real opinion on how good he is.
    What I would say is Steve McClaren seems to rate Phil Neville / Steve Round / Bolo Zended higher than him and he’s a football man so maybe he’s not as good as he reads possibly?
    Biggest concern obviously is that his first choices are rejecting the chance to link up with him. Not a reflection on him i’m sure but definitely a reflection on the club/owner.
    Point being is that even if he is all that who’s to say he’ll accept the role – then we might well and truly be scraping that barrell!

  • geordieladdo

    TonnekToon geordieladdo haha dont rule it out !! Remember ANYTHING is possible

  • Kazie23

    I hope we get him in as our assistant coach and not as our staff……..
    And who knows this could be a long term choice as he might become I our next head coach in the future when McClaren steps down or gets sacked or resigns or something…Now that I heard about this young coach(Who is my freaking idol now because of his age-28 and how young he started…It’s something I want to do in my career…I’m only 17 and I want to follow in his footsteps)And back to the point is that I can see him as our next head coach sometime in the future and maybe a bit as a similiar role to how Gary monk started

  • Kazie23

    I really want this young coach as our number two as he might become our next head coach sometime in the future…Who knows it could be this season

  • geordieladdo I don’t think it necessarily means he rates Neville, Round or Zenden higher – surely more to do with the fact he has worked with all 3 previously either as players or coaches?
    Don’t think their rejection is necessarily a reflection on the club either. Think Neville is more interested in TV at the moment and Round clearly gave the reason that he wants to be a manager rather than an assistant coach.

    Plenty of coaches out there, obviously now may be a case of going for people that McClaren doesn’t know specifically but that doesn’t mean they won’t be any good.

    Obviously just going to take a little longer than initially hoped.