Harry Redknapp says that Newcastle United and Steve McClaren will be a great fit.

The former QPR manager added that he thinks the mix will hopefully be able to bring a trophy to St James Park.

Rent a quote ‘Arry also believes that the former England boss will get on well with owner Mike Ashley.

Redknapp rates Steve McClaren and was impressed with what he saw when the ex-Boro Manager did some work for him at QPR, after son Jamie recommended him.

“It looks like Steve McClaren is set to be named Newcastle manager and I thinks that’s great for Steve and the club.

“He’s a very good manager and I can see him doing well there and hopefully ending Newcastle’s long wait for a trophy.”

No doubt he’s a good manager:

“He did a bit of work for me at QPR, Jamie (Redknapp) recommended him, and I was very impressed. I thought he did a good job at Derby and was unlucky the way that it ended.

“But there is no doubt he is a good manager, he and Newcastle are a good fit and I reckon he will get on well with the chairman (Mike Ashley) and hopefully get the fans a trophy.”

The Harry Redknapp comments have come on a day that has seen John Carver and Steve Stone sacked by Newcastle after a disastrous second half to the season.

The removal of the pair is sure to give McClaren a much better chance of hitting the ground running when he is confirmed as Newcastle’s new manager/head coach.

Our recent poll saw Newcastle fans overwhelmingly say that McClaren bringing in his own coaching staff would give him a far better chance of succeeding.

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  • Alltomuch

    Ok so if he gets the job please back him with some proven players.
    Just seen little Swansea (bigger than us) are meeting Awye just great!

  • Antóin Mac Cathail Riabhaigh

    Who cares what ‘Arry has to say?

  • Sean Kelly

    what does his dog think?

  • Alsteads

    Harry FxCK OFF. You had your chance here and bottled it and got found out else where. For once we had a lucky escape!

  • magpiefifer

    Why doesn’t Redknapp zip it! He is the most opinonated man in football.

  • Alsteads

    He got found out at spurs and chairman seen through him much to the arry loving press. He bottled it several times during his “career”
    Avoids prison cos he portrays himself as illiterate and puts a kick back in a tax account in the name of his dog??? WTF the bloke is everything that’s wrong with football. A dinosaur that has probably got away with a lot more than we know or will know. Your a lucky man Mr Redknapp. You would be best advised to be quiet and enjoy your multi million pound mansions on your modest earnings over the year. You have done very well for being so illiterate (and stupid)
    You can’t kid a kidder. What a prxck

  • GToon

    McClaren could be really good at his job but let’s just remember the constraints he will have to work under. I think that will become apparent to him when he hands Ashley a list of players he wants to sign and Ashley hands him a list he wants to sell!

  • Happyharrys2011

    This is what Steve Gibson the “BORO” owner has to say about McLaren. Sounds like he will fit in with Ashley perfectly.
    If Steve McLaren said “the grass was green I would have to go outside and check,he can be charming but he had a streak of ambition that was absolutely bloody ruthless and you can’t go through life always trying achieve your ambitions on the back of others”

  • kuromori

    “He did a bit of work for me at QPR, Jamie (Redknapp) recommended him, and I was very impressed.”
    And how did that work out for you, Harry? Says it all, really.