Freddy Shepherd has been having his say about the current goings on at St James’ Park, yet again.

The former Chairman and major shareholder says that if you pay enough money then you can attract anybody to a football club.

Speaking before any chance of Patrick Vieira coming to Newcastle was dismissed earlier today, Shepherd said that United could attract the Arsenal legend if paying him the going rate.

According to media reports, Vieira made clear he wasn’t interested in the NUFC job due to having little or no say in buying and selling players.

Yet Freddy Shepherd says that Mike Ashley ‘isn’t stupid’ and knows he has to buy players this summer in order for the club to bounce back.

Whatever happens, Shepherd says that he really hopes John Carver will still remain in some role, which could have been prophetic from the former Chairman. With rumours today that Carver could even keep the Head Coach job despite only 3 wins in 20 matches, fans now fear the worst.

Amusingly Freddy Shepherd refers to the supporters being the real owners of Newcastle United.

Funny kind of ‘ownership’ that, when it was fans who put all the money in and the Shepherd and Hall families walked away with tens of millions of pounds.

As for the fans? We were left with Mike Ashley thanks to John Hall and Freddy Shepherd passing the club to him, walking away with their final massive payout from their association with the club.

Freddy Shepherd:

“According to the bookies, John (Carver) hasn’t got much of a chance and it is either going to be McClaren or Vieira, though there is still maybe a twist there.

“At the end of the day, will Vieira come? Of course he will come if the money is right, if you offer anyone enough money, then they are going to come and that is what it will boil down to.”

freddy shepherd

Mike Ashley learns his lesson…

“I’m sure Mike Ashley has learned his lesson, that supporters own the club really. Owners think they own it but at the end of the day it is an institution and supporters own the club, make no mistake about it. I learned that lesson while I was chairman.”

“What has gone on over the last few months saddens anyone connected with Newcastle. To see Newcastle go through such turmoil, and it was turmoil towards the end of the season, was not nice for any supporter to watch it. I just hope he learned his lesson and he comes out fighting and gives the manager his full support and backing.”

Buying players:

 “I had my run-ins with the fans, of course I did, and I’m a Geordie, which to be fair Mike Ashley is not, but it will be interesting to see how he treats this summer because he has to buy players.

“He knows that, he is not stupid. If he doesn’t buy players, does he want to be in the same situation as they were this season? No. Therefore he will have to buy players. I just hope John Carver is kept on in some capacity.”

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  • Tony Mark Elsender

    So we’re getting nobody

  • Simon Sharp

    That was always Freddy’s mantra. Offer enough and they will come….Luque….Souness….Owen….Boumsong….Allardyce.

  • tino o

    Keep carver? Why? He doesn’t deserve a job! It seems we are running the club around him and Carr. Carr is also part of the problem a scout who decides who the manager is? Doesn’t happen anywhere else. His job is to find cheap players who Ashley can sell on at a profit any one who isn’t cheap doesn’t come. Everyone turns up with the dream of playing for another team. We should be looking to recruit players who want to play for us a near impossible task while Ashley has this club. Carr like anyone who contributes to ashley is a feeder. Ashley out! !

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Charnley’s pursuit of Patrick Vieira –

    Ring ring, ring ring …..” Allo?”
    “Ah, Patrick, it’s Lee Charnley here”
    “Lee who?”
    “Charnley. Managing Director of NUFC……………………………………..hello? hello? HELLO?…. Is anyone there?”

  • Gallowgate82

    Any quote form FFS is just a waste of air.

  • A lex

    Sickandtiredstill On the other hand, it could have gone like:
    “Sorry Lee, thanks for the offer, but ‘non'”
     “OK, fair enough. Look, while I’m on, are you standing anywhere near Jonas? I need to tell him something……..”

  • Chemical Dave

    Fat Fred made millions, compared to this guy it was a price worth paying. I was overjoyed to see the back of him, I’d no idea how it was going to go so anyone slagging him or hall off for selling to fat boy, please let me know how they should’ve known?

  • NotFatFreddy

    If it is Carver and/or McClaren we have more chance of success with the more entertaining real Chuckle Brothers.

    Ashley can’t be seriously wanting to win something and not appoint someone like Vieira?  Why does such a proven football failure like Ashley think for one second that his current methods will ever win anything? We know IF he wanted to win something he would go the tried and tested route…appoint a coach who brings in his own staff and who buys the players he wants to succeed.  Back someone like Vieira to the hilt and I would believe Mr Ashley was a changed or changing persona.  Bring in McClaren to work with Carver and he may as well have stuck with Big Sam.  Mid table mediocrity at best when the only entertainment is the half time pie and the odd pigeon on the pitch.

    NUFC is  now like a neutered dog.  The passion and energy is long gone.  Do we really think Mr Ashley has a cunning plan to succeed and really aim for that elusive trophy.  Then again who would have thought the Boro would ever win a trophy and McClaren at least has won something as a manager.  BUT he isn’t the right fit for NUFC as he is going backwards; we needed to take a risk on a World Cup and European Championship winner; a premiership winner; a man who already has some fondness for the supporters; he just happened to be French and the right fit for our club.

  • A lex

    Chemical Dave I always get irritated by those who stupidly say, “it’s their fault, they shouldn’t have sold to Ashley”.

    If I’ve a nice car to sell that I’ve taken good care of, do I sell it to the kind old lady who’ll drive it carefully but offers £4000, or the young lad who looks a bit dodgy but offers me £5000?

    Ashley offered the price the seller was looking for. You can’t expect a seller to make judgements and to know how the buyer will treat what has been sold.

    The deal was done. After that, the seller can’t be blamed. Everything is solely of Ashley’s doing.

  • Willvenus1

    You are light years off the mark Freddie. Vieira “will not come if the money is right” and it does not boil down to that. He has massive respect throughout the football world and why would he risk ruining that by coming to NUFC with no say in player recruitment and if he doesn’t agree with the clubs alleged transfer policy. Absolute madness. All he said was St James’ Park was his favourite ground FFS!!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    So, Carver was on holiday but found time to call up Taylor and tell him he was finished along with Jonas.

    McClaren is on holiday and won’t come back early to be interviewed by Charnley (suggestive of something in itself).

    I think Ashley looked everyone in the eye live on tv and lied to our faces while he was [email protected]@ing in our pockets.

  • Chemical Dave

    Spot on bud, even more hilarious are those who defend Ashley and post “careful what you wish for” are the first ones to sneer at fat Fred and sjh, oh the irony.

  • SGM

    Chemical Dave I would really like to know, just who do you want to buy this club, and then run it?.
    Who in their right mind would dip their hand in their pocket and not expect to eventually walk away with anything other than a huge profit?
    Im pretty sure Santa Clause doesn’t exist, other than in the minds of the  deluded “So Called” Careful what you wish for.
    Pardew wasn’t all that bad really.

  • A lex

    SGM Chemical Dave I’m sure Abramovich, the Abu Dhabi lot, the Glazers etc etc will all walk away with a fat profit sometime in the future.
    The difference is, they’ve built their club and brand in the meantime to generate their profit. 
    Why do the likes of you just not get it?
    Oh and Pardew WAS that bad really.

  • SGM

    A lex SGM Chemical Dave Yeh dream-on. We’re not Chelsea, Man u, or City, get yersell in the real world, this is Newcastle (check your map) were in the northeast with Middlesboro and Sunderland

  • SGM

    1957 Thats the profile of most businessmen.

  • reformed

    Theres two opposites in the FFS world 
    one … peanuts get monkies
    two …. pay the world get mercenaries.

    The picture above showed Michael Owen who came for the money, took the money and flew off.

    Will NUFC ever get management that can think and act like sensible honourable people.

  • v0ices

    SGM A lex Chemical Dave not so long ago we were bigger than city and chelsea and hot on the heels of manchester united.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    SGM A lex Chemical Dave Errr, City weren’t the present City until the Arabs arrived!
    The same one’s that apparently wanted to buy us but Ashley dissed them.

  • v0ices

    Sickandtiredstill SGM A lex Chemical Dave amazing what can happen when a billionair buys a club to have fun and grow the club instead of bleed it dry and run it into the ground.

  • Chemical Dave

    SGM Chemical Dave 
    simpering gormless mug, I’ve got no problem with people making money out of NUFC, I’ve said a million times on here that you’d have to be pretty naïve to believe that anyone buying the club won’t be in it for their own gain. Those slagging hall and fat fred off need to picture what the club was like before they got involved, it wasn’t particularly pretty though to be fair, it was better than it is now for one simple reason – those that had it would liked to have won something. So in your own, gutless and spineless words SGM, ‘careful what you wish for’.

  • Porciestreet

    Sickandtiredstill Sounds like the owld Popular side… !

  • Porciestreet

    The main resson why we got skinted.

  • snodgrass2

    What”s wrong with these people? Do they lack self esteem? All I’ve seen of Carver shows him to be boastful ignorant bullying and lacking sophistication.  Do they need him to make themselves feel capable? Why on earth with his record would you keep him in ANY capacity?

  • Alsteads

    This is all really unbelievable even by NUFC standards. Is anyone just hoping for us to reach breaking point sooner or later so we can get on with rebuilding OUR club?

  • DownUnderMag

    If after so much posturing for the top job permanently it goes to someone else but Carver stays, it shows he has absolutely no pride and undermines him at the club completely.  It’s looking for all the world this morning (erm…night uk time) that McClaren is in the frame to get the job…all because of Carr.  Again, if this happens Ashley has learned nothing and again resorts to “jobs for mates” rather than looking for the best person for the job. Now maybe McClaren was tapped up in January and wanted to job so he engineered the sacking so he gets a payout AND gets the Toon job….but I can’t see that.  

    As for Ashley buying?  I have no doubt that he knows he NEEDS to buy but whether he will buy the right players is another matter entirely.  I feel another summer of bargain bin hunting, quantity over quality and looking to spend the wages of the likes of Jonas on two players instead of just one as we once again will end up seeing good players head off to other clubs who are willing to stretch their budget a little more than we are or who will pay that extra 1m in transfer fees to get the club to sell.

    I’m also fairly confident Ashley won’t want to buy anyone too quickly and risk having extra wages to pay.  I just can’t see after so much penny pinching that we will spend big.  Actually, No!  I don’t expect and have never expected Ashley to spend big, I just want us to be able to spend what the club can afford and match lesser clubs spending power to ensure we get the best players possible.

  • sick of lies from fatty

    THEY ARE ALL FOOLS TOP TO BOTTOM, But well paid fools so why would they leave, As for paying players enough money and they will come (Freddie Shepherd) What player worth his salt would WANT to come here. I love NUFC and if I played I would not work for Fatty Direct anywhere, We are fcuked as a club whilst he stays here,

  • SGM

    Chemical Dave SGM Sticks and Stones mate.

  • IntravenusMP

    A lex Chemical Dave For your car analogy, when have a car but can;t make the repayments, you are very close to losing the whole thing. You may as well sell it to whoever will pay. In this case, they found someone who will pay off the finance and with loads left over.

  • v0ices

    IntravenusMP A lex Chemical Dave must you a’ways bring up the myth that the club was in financial meltdown.

  • IntravenusMP

    v0ices IntravenusMP A lex Chemical Dave Fair point, who needs reality if it’s staring you in the face.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    IntravenusMP v0ices A lex Chemical Dave regardless of the fact you seem stuck on one issue, that was 8 years ago.
    Ashley is now worth 4 times more than when he bought us. He hasn’t ‘invested’ a penny of his own money since we came back from relegation (and 18 million of that was added to the club ‘debt’).
    If H&S spent too much, well, Ashley spends nothing at all. We are still +25 million of net spend on transfer activities since he arrived. Profits reported and 34 million cash in the bank. TV revenue increased year on year.
    We don’t have a car any longer – he’s replaced it with a Robin Reliant, running on LPG to save more.

  • v0ices

    IntravenusMP v0ices A lex Chemical Dave if you want to say long term would FFS have destroyed the clubs finances yes I agree he was a awful chairman but at the time of the takeover the club was not in financial meltdown it was a myth created by ashley to justify his penny pinching policy, as stated by sickandtiredstill the clubs now cash rich but still penny pinching.

  • IntravenusMP

    v0ices We were cash rich at the time of the last accounts, we also had liabilities due at the time, it’s just a refection of the bank account at that particular time. It’s like saying we’re all minted on payday but disregarding the fact our Mortgage, loan etc Direct Debits are all due to go out. 

    I’ve been over this many a time with a couple on here, we were technically insolvent when MA took over the reins.