With Steve McClaren expected to be formally announced as Newcastle United Manager/Head Coach next week, Dick Advocaat has made clear what he needs to do, or else he’ll face almost certain disaster.

Sunderland had lost the manager who had kept them up after only eight matches of his initial nine game contract, the Dutchman talking about exploring other opportunities such as possibly a return to international football.

However, Sunderland owner Ellis Short has made a number of commitments to Dick Advocaat that have persuaded him to sign on again for the Mackems, in the belief that he has the right ‘tools’ for the job.

Dick Advocaat:

“The club would not let go and the owner is willing to make resources available.

“They want to build Sunderland into a force and the owner wants to help me build that team.

“Sunderland is a fantastic club and I like that I can pick and build a team for the new season.”

A figure of £50m is reported to have been pledged by Ellis Short for Dick Advocaat to spend in the transfer market, with the manager the key figure in identifying the players who should be signed.

So then what about Steve McClaren….

If we assume the former Boro boss has got the Newcastle job, what has he insisted on before he takes it?

I think to be honest that this is the crux of whether Steve McClaren can be a success at St James’ Park, not simply whether McClaren is a good or bad manager.

If he has been desperate and willing to take the Newcastle job on the terms most of us imagine: which is basically little or no say on which players come in, plus no commitment from Mike Ashley on major investment in the squad – then in my opinion, both Steve McClaren and the rest of us are knackered and the season ahead looks a total nightmare.

However, if Steve McClaren has only taken the job after assurances that Mike Ashley is prepared to do a u-turn and give the manager/head coach the central say on transfers AND has pledged funds to allow the club to recover, then who knows where we could potentially go…

Something for the former England manager to ponder on his holiday.

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  • A lex

    Frankly, if I were McClaren and been given such assurances by that ‘trustworthy’ Mr. Ashley, I’d be carrying around a big shovel of salt with me.

  • Moljim

    Are you mad ? Or have you been asleep the last 8 years.

  • SteveSowden

    Well that sounds like Sunderland might be out of our relegation battle … our net spend will be less than 20 mill again. Carr was simply protecting jobs (Stone Carver Beardsley et al) when his casting vote went to Shhteve

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Forget all the hype and media BS. Here’s the only facts that are known.

    1. Pardew leaves, and Charnley said, on January 20th –  “Clearly a number of those (80+ applicants) can be easily discounted but what has been left is a good number of individuals who have different qualities, experience and strengths – some of those are willing and available to come now, others not until the summer.
    The important thing to stress here is that there is a process I have been working through the same as I would if I were looking for any other senior member of staff.
    It’s http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-not-hurry-name-8404501”

    2. McClaren is approached in January. McClaren is approached in May. McClaren is again approached after being sacked by Derby.

    3. Charnley – “Our overall strategy and structure won’t change – we’re looking for someone who will work within our parameters and will buy into and work with us in terms of what we do and how we operate.
    The traditional English manager who would want full control is not what I’m looking for – they don’t fit within our structure or strategy.”

    I would suggest the obvious here, that there has been only one candidate and he’s the only one who has been in serious consideration, hence the three attempts to get him. Safe to say that Carr was and is behind this choice yet again.

    McClaren won’t be handed a ‘war chest’ – why? Because Charnley made perfectly clear how it will work.

    “Does he have any say (in transfers)?’ Yes. Does he have the final say? No he doesn’t. There’s a difference there.”

    “You aren’t going to get that now but you will in the summer’, it’s someone who is prepared to say ‘OK’ and trusts us to do that.
    It’s also someone that for example, if we were to get an offer for a player that is at a value that we want to take, isn’t nervous about getting a replacement. There has to be a trust”

    So, a system which even Pardew has criticised is going to remain in place. It’s been so successful after all, hasn’t it? Clearly not, to everyone except the people who want to cling to it.

    Stop inventing scenarios or clinging to hopes that things are going to change for the better. This is how it is and how it’s going to remain and we’ve all been clearly told that. 

    They simply needed to find another person willing to accept this idiotic failure of a system, and 6 months of repeated approaches clearly suggests they have – in S McClaren.


  • SGM

    Sunderland should know better, giving new managers pots of money to spend when they come in is not a recipe for success. They have had 4 or more managers since 08, and spent over 100k on players, and still cant finish above us.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    SGM Oh right. Not having a Manager and allowing the Chief Scout and the MD to choose and spend on players has been a fookin excellent success has it?

  • A lex

    Sickandtiredstill Yes, it’s all out there and it’s all been said before. If only more would have the gumption to remember, instead of having the memory of a goldfish…..or a sheep.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    SteveSowden  QUOTE: “our net spend will be less than 20 mill again”

    Our gross spend will be less than £20 million. In net terms we will once again make a profit on our summer transfer dealings.

  • kuromori

    Sunderland’s survival ‘strategy’ for the past couple of years has been to spend loads, bank six points off of us and bring in a new manager when the inevitable happens and rely on the ‘dead cat bounce’ effect to keep them up.

    We do the opposite, namely we spend little, throw points away, and when it all goes wrong we put the same old crap in the manager’s seat and watch the dead cat sink.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    It`s a Kinda Magic

  • Chemical Dave

    SGM, stupid gullible mess.

  • Chemical Dave

    Useless failure as “head coach”…the spend us therefore irrelevant.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Is it not strange that Derby fell away after Ashley’s approach for McClaren, then he is sacked, so no need for compensation.  Yes I am bored, so turning the spin into a conspiracy theory.  Steve was always the man.

    Also Conspiracy theory number 1 Zillion, is don’t ever qualify for Europe again…so lose as many games as you like after January to make sure we don’t.  Carver took it literally!