There have been previous claims that Alan Pardew was interested in taking Tim Krul to Crystal Palace and now they have resurfaced, with reports that the South London club are prepared to meet the goalkeeper’s wage demands.

The Dutch keeper is said to be on £30,000 a week at St James Park but is looking for £50,000, with Palace now prepared to pay that according to The Sun.

The newspaper also report that Newcastle are looking for an £8m transfer fee which would be within Palace’s comfort zone.

How much substance there is in any transfer stories is always open to question, but with Karl Darlow arriving this summer after a year’s loan at Forest it raises questions about the goalkeeping situation at Newcastle.

Rob Elliot is still there with a year left on his contract, whilst 18 year old Freddy Woodman continues to progress and spent the end of last season as United’s keeper on the bench.

With major surgery needed on the Newcastle squad, the only realistic way you can see any credible amount of money being spent is if cash is also generated by a further sale of players.

The sales of Davide Santon, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Alan Pardew himself will have generated over £10m for starters, plus the wages also now disappearing for the likes of Jonas Gutierrez, Ryan Taylor and Hatem Ben Arfa.

With so little cover and indeed quality in both defence and attack, it is difficult to believe that Mike Ashley will allow so many goalkeepers when his usual ploy is to keep the squad to the bare minimum.

Whether Tim Krul does indeed leave or not, Newcastle’s defence has to be taken apart and rebuilt, with last season yet another shambles as only rock bottom QPR conceded more goals than NUFC.

  • Andrew Barton

    Hardly in a position to demand more money after last 2 seasons….

  • Barnesay

    Off you go Tim, shouldn’t be too difficult to find a replacement at £8m, assuming we spent all that of course! I’d love to put a bid in for Butland or try to persuade Begovic to move. There’s also the Dutch U21 we looked at a couple of years ago. Or Heaton from Burnley would do a job. Haven’t seen enough of Darlow to know if he’s a good replacement

  • Stephen McMenzie

    He’s done a decent job for us but £50k a week is ridiculous.

  • FreshFool

    “Hi, boss! I know I looked promising a few seasons ago, did a half arsed job with some questionable performances and tunnelling antics with me pal Defoe, and let in more than my fair share of goals, but could I get a 66% pay rise? Yeah?! Cheers, boss”

  • Hez

    We wouldn’t sign a replacement but be left with Darlow from the championship, fat Elliot and a kid. The keepers you are talking about would probably cost more then Krul so we wouldn’t go for them

  • Peter Nealon

    If someone is willing to pay that then he’s in every position to demand it

  • Hez

    Good keeper who has made some errors recently but in a pathetic team with an even more pathetic defence in front of him. His wages aren’t that high for an international sqaud player and the fee is relatively small, keep him at NUFC if possible as we won’t get a better replacement in for the money

  • Jamiekgordon

    Good luck Tim, nothing to lose!
    I’ve supported Newcastle United for 30 years and I use to dream about playing for them but I wouldn’t set foot in SJP now. All NUFC FANS SHOULD BOYCOTT EVERY GAME BUT ALL MEET OUTSIDE THE GROUND THE MEDIA WILL SHOW THE WORLD HOW LOYAL AND PASSIONATE WE ARE AND THE HUGE FANBASE BUT IT WILL ALSO MAKE MIKE ASHLEY LOOK LIKE A FAILURE. A empty SJP with 50k fans outside causing havoc will cause a very bad image for MIKE ASHLEY AND SPORTSDIRECT…

  • David Williams

    Whats more laughable is a club like palace being a better option

  • TonnekToon

    You have to remember  this is according to the Sun , I wouldn’t wipe my backside with that rag , but saying that, if he doesn’t want to be here , then cheerio and thanks Tim . Regardless of his performances this last couple of years , if his heads elsewhere it not going to do the team much good in terms of togetherness . that applies to all players .

  • desree

    Read that NUFC hope to make a breakthrough in the transfer market next week – this must be it. Even Gordon mcKeag didn’t sell this much!

  • TheBoneYard

    Ok Tim if you can reflect on your last seasons performances and your honest opinion is that you performed well enough to warrant a substantial increase in wages then my opinion is that you are either deluded or just another lying mercenary footballer.

  • DownUnderMag

    Good keeper on his day but just a little error prone last season, although hardly all his fault with some of the atrocious defending going on in front of him at times.
    Im not sure what is more laughable though, the fact Palace are now seen to be a better and higher paying option than we are or that I think fatty will be clapping his hands under the delusion that we can get away with our new keeper Darlow coming in to replace him….

  • Brownale69

    Goin to a “bigger ” club?

  • AndrewCowley1

    Sell him he’s a liability

  • killyted

    Do you think we will hear the well used saying ( we just couldn’t get them over the line) time is ticking

  • Andgeo

    Just where exactly is all out money going??

  • Paul Patterson

    Brilliant. It may just be paper talk but hands up who didn’t see this coming?

    We have Darlow, Elliot and Woodman.

    Charnley and Ashley will see Krul as an expensive waste of space. Plus at £8m, he would be seen as a clear profit for Ashley.

    Never let football get In the way of a quick earner . .

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Mikes Swiss Bank Account

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    thats everybody ! if you hadnt noticed Nufc is Toxic

  • v0ices

    Andgeo its going on 28 million unexplained increase on operating costs in the last set of books.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    To be fair to Krul he has had a shite defence in front of him for a good few seasons; I would not blame him if he left for higher wages and a better place to ply his trade.
    Fatman will be counting the money in already if its true, another step towards the Championship!
    Ashley out!

  • Jamie Ingham

    Sell him, it wasn’t just our woeful defence to blame, his kicking game went to pieces, Woodman is partly to blame, take him too!

  • Barnesay

    The £28m was only unexplained when draft figures were released. As full accounts have been filed at companies house and are public record any decent journalist would be able to get them analysed and then explain it. But we have the chronicle who just summarise various stories on the Internet and report it as news.

  • Barnesay

    When the Forster/ Krul argument was on I thought we had made the right choice in Krul. Seeing Forsters development and Krul going backward I changed my mind. But this could be as much the fault of our coaching staff. If we had made the opposite choice Forster would probably be nowhere near the England squad. Hopefully woodman will follow Pardew and McClaren bring in Steele who he seems to rate. Pav would be a popular choice but that is on personality, don’t think any of us have been following Sparta Prague to know of his coaching ability.

  • nufcslf

    Jamiekgordon With matches being beamed all around the world these days, it would be everywhere if the sheep could just stay away. Fools for going and letting fatty off the hook. Laughable. Wouldn’t be caught dead in Sports Direct Arena.

  • Ballbearing

    Desree is right that NUFC are in line for a breakthrough in the transfer market next week. I can reveal that Ashley is releasing the money to bring in a striker from the Albanian Third Division. The lad will cost £20,000, and scored 7 and a half goals last season (he put one in with his hand but the goal was disallowed after the match on review by the Albanian FA). He is coming on a Zero Hours Contract but will have to bring his own boots and buy a Sports Direct  NUFC shirt before he can play.