One of the more headline grabbing transfer reports this week, has seen Yohan Cabaye supposedly set for a reunion with Alan Pardew.

An easy story to write, in terms of having a (supposed) basis in truth/possibility, due to the pair having being together at Newcastle, but could it have any truth in it?

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It is The Sun who first carried the story and according to the reports, Yohan Cabaye has knocked back Aston Villa because of Alan Pardew and the fact he’d rather be in London than Birmingham.

The thought of the inspirational midfielder ending up at Palace whilst we gamble on some untried, relatively unknown, foreign budget import, isn’t a pleasant one.

If he is willing to move back to England then he will still cost a decent amount (£10m speculated) but would represent a massive profit for Mike Ashley regardless of the exact figure.

I think Yohan Cabaye is EXACTLY what Newcastle need this summer, a player who we would all be very confident in producing the goods, also somebody who can get fans back onboard and maybe even bring something better out of players such as Remy Cabella who has struggled.

Sadly though, with the midfielder turning 30 in January, you can’t imagine Mike Ashley entertaining the thought for a moment.

With the Euros in France next summer you would be guaranteed that Cabaye would be busting a gut to impress Deschamps and guarantee a place in the squad and hopefully the team.

Could Crystal Palace really give him the profile to get into the national team. At Newcastle United he already achieved that so why can’t we make this transfer happen?


  • Sickandtiredstill

    What that would say about either of them is about as hilarious as it gets.

  • ncncnc

    have you forgotten about him going on strike and not wanting to play for us?
    these are the type of players we want nowhere near the club

  • Paul Patterson

    ‘An easy story to write’.

    Just end it there really.

    Seriously, I’d see him doing well at either Tottenham or Southampton in fairness. Or, if he wants to come back a bit more north, Liverpool will be looking for a midfielder this summer . .

  • mrkgw

    I find this something of a shocker. And, also the fact that He wants to reunite with Pardew. Remember, the player went on strike for him previously. Clearly, a bit of money talks. £10m – for Palace that is mega bucks and talk of them selling the likes of Gayle to fund the move should be worrying for their supporters. To tear up a decent side for a player that will exit on a whim – they must be mad.

  • wor monga

    If this move is on the cards it just shows how much Cabaye’s
    star has faded…seeing as these clubs aren’t the Champions League teams he went
    on strike to force a move to less than 2yrs ago…

    …and that PSG are now admitting
    they ballsed up big-time on paying what they did for a player who wasn’t as
    good as any of the handful of mid-fielders they already had at the club…

    …I’d only have him back seeing as we’ve missed his dead ball
    skills, but if he’d much rather play in a pokey ground in front of tiny crowds
    for the man he helped to drop in the sh*te…just cos it’s closer to the channel tunnel then good luck to him!!!

  • Jimmywayhay

    Would he come if Veira was manager ? ………YES ….he walk every step of the way !

  • kuromori

    Palace have ambition, we don’t. While I doubt the veracity of this story, I can see Palace out-bidding us for any player. Remember, we can’t compete with the likes of Swansea (Bony/Gomis), Southampton, QPR (Remy), etc. Watch how many of the players we are linked with go elsewhere (e.g. Danny Ings).

  • IntravenusMP

    kuromori QPR showing what happens.

  • IntravenusMP

    Jimmywayhay He would come is Pardew was manager but we had

  • TonnekToon

    Palace are welcome to him . Hope they enjoy him until spits out his dummy and goes on strike again.

  • mentalman

    Crystal Palace would be a good club for him where Pardew and the fans will accept his mediocrity in ezchange for a few good games.
    If he went to another top team he’d end up back on the bench

  • Adelphi

    IntravenusMP Jimmywayhay   Yes, Pardew wasn’t good enough for  one of our mysterious internet based “fan groups”, many of whom don’t attend SJP and some who wouldn’t even know where it is, yet he seems to be rated by a top international player.
    Can’t wait for the next whoever campaign and the bed sheets. If nothing else it gives the rest of the nation a good laugh at the “angry” Geordie fans.

  • Demented_Man

    Adelphi IntravenusMP Jimmywayhay They laugh twice as hard at the docile and subservient fans who roll up at SJP to watch turgid crap week in and week out despite Ashley’s obvious contempt of them.

  • Munich Mag

    great signing for both cabaye and palace. ashley made a fortune on him, end of an era.

  • v0ices

    Adelphi IntravenusMP Jimmywayhay if he was a top international player psg would be playing him. intravenusMP dont forget we cant compete on wages with clubs like palace.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    v0ices Adelphi IntravenusMP Jimmywayhay He’s obviously prepared to go anywhere and say anything to get a move and try to make sure of a Euro ’16 place in the French side.

    Plainly some folk seem to think he just adores and misses Pardew’s excellence. Talk about being borne under a bush!