Andre Ayew is on the brink of signing for Swansea according to widespread reports, which would make him the latest player where the Welsh club has outbid Newcastle United.

The Marseille winger is out of contract at the end of June and available on a Bosman free, yet recent days saw journalists close to Newcastle United running the story that the club didn’t think he represented ‘value for money’.

The implication clearly being that the wages Andre Ayew would command/demand as a free transfer, were too rich for Mike Ashley’s tastes.

There appears little doubt that in this case Newcastle were seriously interested in the winger and had been continuously linked with the 25 year old for a long time, as his contract became ever closer to ending.

Ayew flew into Wales on Tuesday for talks and a medical is expected today, providing there are no sticking points.

Even if Swansea ended up not picking up Andre Ayew, with transfer discussions becoming ever more multi-layered these days, they have clearly shown the ambition to try and land a player who looks a great prospect for pretty much any Premier League club.

No wonder Swansea are keen to pay the price for the Ghanaian star, a record of 44 goals in 141 Ligue 1 starts over the last 5 years is impressive, as is the countless assists he has chalked up as well. Ayew has scored 60 goals in a total of 177 starts in all competitions in those last five years at Marseille, plus has played Champions League football in four of the five.

Swansea are rapidly becoming the club that Newcastle fans wish their club was, a club who are trying to make the very best of what they have got. Owned 20% by the supporters, Swansea play great intelligent football, have won the League Cup, and their eighth place finish last season shows how they are progressing and building their club.

Despite crowds of around 20,000 compared to Newcastle’s 50,000.

Despite Newcastle United having tens of millions more cash coming in each season, Newcastle can’t compete with a club such as  Swansea.

Last season Swansea’s turnover was £98.7m compared to Newcastle’s £129.7m – fully £31m less going into the Welsh club. Plus of course this doesn’t even take into account all the extra money Newcastle could be generating if they tried to pull in all the commercial deals that they are capable of doing, as well as the lost money via all the free advertising/promotion the rest of Mike Ashley’s empire gets.

When Swansea released their financial figures for that 2013/14 season, they revealed that as well as investing heavily but intelligently in the playing squad, they had spent £6.9m on improving the training facilities, as well as pushing ahead with plans to create a bigger stadium capacity.

At the time Swansea’s finance director, Don Keefe, said:

“The board continued to invest in the playing squad during the accounting period to maintain performance standards with notable acquisitions being Wilfried Bony and Jonjo Shelvey.”


Bony is yet another player that Newcastle were heavily linked with after scoring a bucket load of goals in Holland but Ashley wasn’t prepared to meet the £11m transfer fee in summer 2013. A contributing factor in the sorry NUFC tale that Ashley has still failed to replace Demba Ba some two and a half years after he left St James Park.

Swansea paid the price tag on Bony and that £11m investment brought them 26 goals in 43 Premier League starts, before Manchester City handed them £28m and a massive profit…part of which looks to be going to be invested in Andre Ayew.

A year ago another long distance Newcastle United transfer fiasco came to a rotten end. Bafetimbi Gomis was seen as a done deal for a long long time, only for Mike Ashley to once again refuse to meet the wage demands of the striker, Swansea yet again the club to step in and pay what was necessary.

Some Newcastle fans took satifaction when Gomis struggled for games and goals initially but the long-term strategy for Swansea once again came up trumps.

The Welsh club were able to sell Bony for that massive profit, largely because they had Gomis waiting for his chance to be a regular starter, rather than regular substitute.

Once he got a proper chance, Bafetimbi Gomis started showing his class and scored a total of 7 goals from only 18 Premier League starts, most tellingly though he scored five goals in his last five matches, suggesting he will be a real force this coming season having bedded in and got his chance.

When you contrast this to the hand to mouth existence at Newcastle you can only shake your head. A club owner who thinks he is being clever not buying a single player over the course of three transfer windows, in the short-term ‘saving’ money but in reality just storing up massive problems for a later date.


This was shown last summer when a squad that was short on both numbers and quality, did then see an investment allowed by Mike Ashley, but the mainly budget buys from abroad failed to cover all the holes and led directly to a near fatal relegation.

If a free transfer such as Andre Ayew doesn’t represent value for money to Mike Ashley, then we await with interest to see exactly what kind of jewels are going to be laid before us with this summer’s transfer dealings.

Last season Swansea were seven league placings and 17 points better than Newcastle United.

At this moment in time it is difficult to have confidence in Newcastle closing that gap, never mind overtaking the Welsh club.

I really hope Mike Ashley surprises us all and makes good on his end of season interview.

It is now 21 days until pre season traing begins and 59 days until the Premier League season kicks off.

  • Mick R

    In fairness it was reported that Charlie Austin would be better value for money and he comes with a fee so you have to ask firstly what signing on fee was he demanding and what were his wages, we all know that Ashley is as tight as a kippers backside but I get the distinct impression that Ayew is all about money, and personally I think we have had more than our fair share of that type.

  • Double Carpet

    Presume you meant ‘outbid’ not ‘outclass’. Paying a fortune in wages + signing-on fee for a player who’s been agitating for a move for over 2 years and will see Swansea, as he would have seen us, as a stepping stone? I’m happy we’ve been outbid. He’s no Bony.

  • NightmareOnBarrackRoad

    Great article. Swansea have outsmarted us big time and it’s all down to the good governance of that club compared to ours.

  • mrkgw

    Fed up with Swansea who seem to leech on the back of our bids for players. Not sure how they manage it especially with the alleged fair play rules. Crowds of 20k are paltry and they clearly survive as a result of TV revenue. If I were Ashley, I’d make a move to pull the rug from under their feet and sign Ayew. Time for some payback.

  • Paul Soulsby

    Missed out on a tidy profit on Bony there Jabba, yer slipping butterball U0001f437

  • Mal44

    We’ll never know the answers to your questions but I would imagine (say) a 4 year contract for Austin will cost the club around £25 million, if we are serious about signing him that is. I cannot imagine, given he is a free transfer, Ayew would cost as much as that even allowing for a hefty signing on fee. At the end of the day if you want top players you have to pay the going rate; hopefully the powers that be recognise this. I really hope we pull the stops out to get Austin. In the past we seem to have baulked at signing anyone who we would have to pay more than Colo, our top earner I think. The additional sky money following the latest TV deal has changed everything and we need to recognise that.

  • Mick R

    Mal44 Indeed we won’t know the answer’s to my question but just using simple commosence  tells you that Ayew is asking for a fortune, he must be if the club would rather sign Charlie Austin citing value for money as the reason, value for money doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper,for two years now Ayew has point blank refused to even discuss a new contract with Marseille such was his determination to get as much money from a signing on fee and wages as he could, would you really want us to sign a player who’s greatest movivation is money, I certainly wouldn’t .

    Yes money is important but he is hardly going to struggle to make ends meet where ever he goes, highest bid is all that he wants, personally I don’t want players like that.

  • amacdee

    mrkgw They “manage it” because they pay the going rate

  • IainElrick

    This is why I’m supporting the swans until fat man goes, feels nice to win games haha

  • Double Carpet

    Spot on. I’m pleased we won’t be signing him.

  • toonfifer

    Double Carpet Surely we have to get away and keep away from these mercenary signings.

    I long for us getting quality British players who don’t see us as a stepping stone.

    Lets go after Chesters, Caulker, Will Hughes, Townsend and Austin and leave these type of players well alone

  • Billco

    Double Carpet  West Ham are looking to move in for Austin.

  • wor monga

    … If the Toon had bought Bony, and then Ashley had sold him on
    to the ‘moneybags’ when he was offered a huge windfall…you’d be the loudest to shout
    out about him profiteering at the expense of the club…

    …replacing him with Gomis
    was always going to be a risky move, at age 29 and with a well-documented medical history
    of collapses…he knew that being on a free transfer he would be able to conduct
    a bidding war to the highest bidder for his services…pure mercenary end of

    …incidentally why  make Gomis’s 14-15  PL stats seem better than reality proves them
    to be…when his time spent on the field /goal was a lot poorer than Pappiss
    Cisse’s who played with a pin holding his kneecap together…Gomis 7 @ 235mins/gl,
    and Cisse 11 @ 105 mins/gl…they can have Gomis and Ayew we’ll take Austin!

  • robthesquid

    wor monga
     Aye , great , you’d best enjoy your last season in the prem then !!!

  • kuromori

    toonfifer With all due respect, what else do we have to offer a prospective player other than being a stepping stone? We have zero ambition. 
    Ambitious players sign for us to move on to bigger and better things. Unambitious players stay forever, stinking up the place.

  • Rowla

    wor monga er, no we won’t take Austin – you’re delusional man!

  • Mal44

    Mick R Mal44  I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments but unfortunately players do seem to go where the most money is rather than for footballing reasons. I’m hoping Charnley’s idea of value for money equates to  that of QPR and Austin as even he is likely to go to whoever offers him the best deal. Fingers crossed.

  • Billco

    robthesquid toonfifer Double Carpet  Very true.

  • Timptoon

    mrkgw They manage it because the TV money dwarfs the gate money. NUFC could sell their seats at 2/5 the price of Swansea seats and still have better finances than the Swans because of the commercial revenues. The real difference is in pride and and ambition. They have it and we haven’t shown any sign of it for years. 
    Three simple steps to turn things around.
    1. Get rid of Charnley
    2. Get rid of Carr
    3. Sign Jonjo Shelvey

  • Tadger

    wor monga  How are we going to kidnap him the point of the article is when the hierarchy have to fight then we see what a bunch of yellow bellies they are amazing thing is yellow bellies with money lots of it