Pretty much every summer we are told this is going to be THE season for Steven Taylor.

Without many of us really noticing, the years have slipped by and in the upcoming season ‘young and promising’ Steven Taylor turns 30 (Thirty).

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Fulfilling promise has become a distant memory but it doesn’t stop the newspapers, particularly the locals because of his readiness to be quoted, from every summer talking up Taylor’s potential contribution to the team in the following season.

When you look at how many first team matches Steven Taylor has actually played over the years, it is a bit of an eye-opener.

How many would you guess he has averaged over the years?

Below is how many league games Steven Taylor has started each season:

2014/15   7

2013/14   9

2012/13   24

2011/12   14

2010/11   12

2009/10  21

2008/09  25

2007/08  29

2006/07   26

2005/06   12

2004/05   11

In 1o Premier League seasons Steven Taylor has made 144 starting line-ups, an average of 14 per season (he also made 21 starts in the Championship year).

To hear talk yet again of United basing the new season around players like Taylor is plain crazy.

The defence has been abysmal for years and at centre-back especially, with very rare short periods of improvement, such as the Colo/Taylor partnership in the first half of the 2011/12 season when Newcastle went on to finish fifth.

The reality is though that United still have the three central defenders they had in the Championship season of 2009/10, with French international Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa brought in…never given a chance…then dispensed with by Alan Pardew as not good enough! (Mapou scoring the goal this season that ensured Champions League football for AS Roma and became a cult hero – sparking some bizarre fan worship which you can see HERE)

Sadly, Steven Taylor has become the new Shola Ameobi, still talked about as a player worth having, but having done next to nothing to justify it.

steven taylor

Newcastle desperately need two new quality centre-backs this summer.

Leaving aside whether Taylor is actually even good enough as a player, just look at this injury record of recent seasons.

Achilles tendonitis           January 2015

Hamstring                         September 2013

Knee Injury                       April 2013

Hamstring                         November 2012

Calf Muscle Strain           September 2012

Achilles tendonitis           December 2011

Hamstring                          November 2011

Hamstring                          January 2011

Arm/Elbow injury            August 2010

Steven Taylor is committed, loves the club and the area, but that isn’t enough.

Come in Number 27, your time is up.

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  • Jezza_NUFC

    Agree entirely. He is no use to us and we should get rid of him. The Shola comparison is valid. Another promising youngster who never fulfilled his supposed potential.

  • Paul Patterson

    I have to say the comparisons with Shola are stark here.

    Both have/had injury records as long as your arm, both are from the area, but (crucially) have survived at the club far to long for a number of criminal reasons.

    1. Perceived as being local and therefore more valuable to the cause than a new signing.
    2. Effectively a free/ghost player, ie- one that you can keep and not have to shell out money to get someone up to the same standard (or better).

    To replace Taylor, you’d probably have to pay £5m and that would be someone who has a good couple of games, but fades into a very average-poor player for the next 8 games. That’s Steven Taylor. The same as Shola, take his Mackem exploits away and you have a poor to average player. Replaced with Riviere (£6m) a poor-average player.

    To get a top striker £15m+ is needed (Austin is available and QPR have quoted that exact figure).
    The same will apply for a centre back. I’m sure Van Dijk would be priced above £10m, as would my personal favourite of Ryan Shawcross.

    Charlie Austin, Ryan Shawcross/Van Dijk or Steven Taylor and Emanuel Riviere?

    No contest . . Sadly, Riviere and Taylor will be in our squad next season. I doubt the others will . .

  • Conman

    Not good enough. Too injury prone. Move on.

  • lupamac

    And Pardew said: ‘You can’t argue with his record (since he came into side).
    ‘He’s a player that, when he’s confident, can get in the England squad, which he did during my time here.
    key to Steven is having a sustained run and staying injury-free, which
    he is having at the moment. When he gets his confidence he’s an
    outstanding centre-half.’ ( november 2014)

  • desree

    too much stock is placed in being a geordie. It’s rubbish, pride and passion are the things that matter. Certainly they mattered to KK and he made sure they mattered to his teams. Not sure taylor has played with much pride in the last 5 seasons. Not sure Shola ever did.
    Last time I seen real pride and passion from NUFC was the 4-4 draw with arsenal. The most pride I’ve felt as a nufc fan was the 4-3 Liverpool game in 96. It cut me like a knife but the buzz of having watched possibly the greatest match I would ever watch took the pain away. This is what KK knew, its his DNA, This is what Mike Ashley will never, ever understand.

  • kestrelbite

    Of course his fitness stats are not great, but he is not alone. A lot of newcastle players have suffered injuries throughout the last God knows how many seasons. Taylor’s are some of worst and longest but you have to wonder if there is not an underlying issue at the club. The Mag themselves were talking about Newcastle being top of the injury tables for last year and I’m sure we would have been there or thereabouts the last few years. Taylor may just be physically wrecked but what about the rest? Backroom staff need to be reviewed/disposed of as well.

  • Steve1221

    There’s absolutely nothing to argue with there, when he’s fit and confident he is a very good player, he just isn’t fit very often. Not sure why you had to bring Pardew into it.

  • GToon

    Aye, ok he might need to move on but I’d rather have him in the squad than the alternative of money in the bank. I mean, let’s not be daft enough to assume we will buy a replacement for him!

  • Andgeo

    Apart from the injuries, he is a total wolly! Granted he is a useful defender when fit, and good in the air, we should be moving on to better things. We won’t though, because the club is run by mike ‘clueless’ ashley.

  • Andgeo
  • Andgeo

    We will be stuck with the same crap as last year, just less Gutierez, sissoko, santon and mapou. Relegation? Maybe not with McClaren in for Cardew but Schteve is gonna have his work cut out getting us anywhere near respectability!!!!

  • SwoleKnight

    Just like a new signing!

  • Opiner1

    I don’t like him and he isn’t a particularly good player, but I’d rather have Taylor on the pitch with a ruptured Achilles than a fully fit Williamson.

  • toonterrier

    The best performance he has put in over the last few years is when he modelled for the Angel Of The North.  
    Has his moments but mostly a liability on the pitch.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Taylor is better than Williamson but then again so is your average scarecrow. Hopefully our shite board can manage to get at least 1 decent CB “Over the line”
    Wont hold my breath tho.

  • Brownale69

    He has had a good career and PAY at the town but should have gone ages ago. Way past his best like most of the team, big clear out needed.