Jonas Gutierrez’ big mate and Captain, Fabricio Coloccini, has been commenting about the winger’s departure from Newcastle.

Friday night saw the club release a statement which stated that the player wouldn’t have his contract renewed.

Jonas Gutierrez having sealed his own fate some time ago when making public how badly treat he was by Mike Ashley, quotes he then backed up again when commenting on the official statement.

Unsurprisingly, the quotes released from Coloccini by the club are a little less ocntroversial.

Instead the central defender talks about what Jonas has done for the club and his contribution right up until the last minutes on the pitch in a black and white shirt.

Fans will always doubt just how much of Coloccini’s quotes are produced by him after the bizarre open letter the club produced in the lead up to the relegation showdown in the final days of the season.

Coloccini quotes that appeared on the official club website:

“I am very proud of him for that moment (scoring v West Ham) as in my opinion, one of the biggest reasons we stayed in the Premier League this season was because Jonas was on the pitch in the final game.

“Scoring in front of the Gallowgate End in his last game for the Club was perfect.”

Jonas stayed to fight:

“Jonas has been a great player for Newcastle and someone who has given everything for the Club

“He was here for seven years and that’s a long time to be with one team, but this is football and life continues, I’m sure he will do well wherever his next club is.”

“The fans here love him because in the worst days he was still here, Jonas stayed at the Club when we went down, he helped get us straight back up again.


Giving the benefit of the doubt, you have to assume that Coloccini has at least approved what has gone out.


Plus of course there is nothing negative about Jonas in the quotes that is anything but positive about what Gutierrez has done on the pitch for Newcastle.

Would love to know what the chat has been though between Newcastle’s three Argentine players in recent months when they have been on their social get togethers (see photo); under fire Captain Coloccini, Jonas at war with the club owner, whilst Facundo Ferreyra…just wondered exactly what he was doing here.

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  • NicMayer

    He’ll go down as a legend in my books…

  • TonnekToon

    Coloccini won’t rock any boats .

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    And Mine a Lion amongst Lambs !

  • delashio

    I will never understand why a player gets bigged up for stopping at a club when they go down? At the end of the day if you’re part of a team that get relegated helping repair the damage is the least you should do. Good luck jonas and thanks for your service but its time to move on.

  • Philippines

    I guess Ms Smithfield is gutted she could not make more of this… e.g. “slammed, crucified, exposed, blah blah”. Good on Colo for giving a reasoned and balanced comment.

  • Alltomuch

    I just wish Jonas all the best, great for the club as he always gave 100%
    Indeed he must have been good as Pardew wouldn’t play him!!
    So Jonas is as bad as Teves and that other useless player that’s now with Barca