On Tuesday, ‘leaked’ images of a new Newcastle strip started circulating.

It was claimed to be the new 2015/16 Newcastle third kit, though some suggested it could be the new training kit.

However, the shirt then appeared later that day on sale via Puma’s USA website and is referred to there as the ‘Newcastle Cup Replica Jersey’ and is available for $90.

However, Thursday morning has seen Newcastle United officially ‘launch’ their latest strip and indeed it is the one that everybody saw on Tuesday.

In the sales text released by the club, they refer to it as indeed the new ‘third’ kit, with no mention of it being the new ‘cup jersey’ to coincide with the club’s new found decision to allegedly try in the cup competitions.

Official club info

This is Newcastle United’s brand new Puma third kit for the 2015/16 season.

The peacoat-navy and bright plasma coloured strip – modelled by Jack Colback, Ayoze Perez, Fabricio Coloccini and Massadio Haidara.

Like the home kit, which was released last month, the shirt features a new Puma ‘formstripe’ design on the sleeves but this time it’s a less obvious tonal construction, with a clean diagonal stripe design on the chest and front.

The shirt also features a traditional round neck construction for uncomplicated performance, and additional mesh ventilation panels are added under the arms to improve breathability and player comfort.

new newcastle strip

The latest home kit which was released in May met with mixed reviews (using this same awful tagline – ‘Divided we are weak’ crossed out and then ‘United we are strong’)

However, that was always going to be a hard sell when you take into account the ongoing unhappiness with the club/shirt sponsor and the anger toward Mike Ashley, with many fans boycotting all club merchandise and indeed anything else that puts any cash in the woner’s pocket.

Purely on the shirt design, the new home kit’s biggest criticism was the fact that the back of the shirt is completely white, with only blue at the very bottom/tail, meaning unless yoy get name and number on then it looks pretty poor.


  • IainT0842

    I can barely contain my excitement. I wish they put as much effort into signing some quality players as they do into flogging tatty sportswear with wonga emblazoned over it.

  • Paul Patterson

    You could come up with the most amazing design, but if it has W***a on it, I WON’T BUY IT!!!!!

    I also don’t like Puma, I like Adidas, Mike Ashley/S****s D****t are in dispute/shun Adidas (and Nike).


  • Deluded

    Why is it pink?

  • Deluded

    Did that POINTLESS ‘fans forum’ pick this thing again instead of asking real questions?

  • Slomma

    Never mind the new 3rd strip – when are we going to see some transfer action? It’s been over a week now and McClaren still hasn’t even appointed his backroom staff! Just what the hell is going on at SJP?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Looks nothing like this – does it ;-)

  • partworntyres

    JUNE  18 – NUFC linked with X X X X X and X strikers.

    JULY    4  – NUFC chase X X X X X and X internationals.

    AUGUST 10  NUFC confident of signing X X X X and X stars.

    Sh.t the seasons started ‘see  if we can re-sign alan shoulder – he can do a job’

    Sh.t strip by the way.

  • foggy

    putrid puma wonga shirt is enough to make you puke.
    Its almost as if the toon don’t want to make any dosh via shirt sales.
    Brainless, clueless, stupid,idiotic, useless that’s you Charnley.

  • Ashleyout

    ha, it gets better every day… why not have a new strip for every game
    we play, then Mike will make even more money… Its no wonder he is
    laughing all the time… – See more at:

  • TonnekToon

    Deep Joy !  a shiny new 3rd strip . Anyone buying that abomination , needs to have a long hard word with themselves . I wouldn’t  wash me windows with it .

  • ashley the human cancer
  • gazchampion

    ashley the human cancer Canny . Got a couple of adidas shirts from the good ol’ days, anyhoo!
    I won’t touch the puma ones, even if they were normal and without wonky sponsorship!
    buying this 5h1t is simply putting money in fatboys ‘skyrocket’, innit?

    We’ll have to bear with this embarrassing carry-on but we’ll still be here long after fatboy’s left Toon!

  • gazchampion

    See my post below… if I HAD to buy a Puma shirt I’d definitely iron this over the wonky sponsor!

    Ashley OUT!

  • mrkgw

    Whilst I don’t particularly favour the Wonga sponsorship remember the fact that it was they, who gave back the great old name of St James Park.

  • NottsToon

    You believe that? Wow, just wow.

  • gazchampion

    IainT0842 ‘they’ won’t though, ‘cos it’ll cost the big FGB big manneh!