Charlie Austin has said that he just wants to focus on Engalnd for the next fortnight and then sit down to discuss his next move at club level.

One of the big success stories in the Premier League this season, despite his club’s relegation, Austin is hot property and being linked with a host of clubs including Newcastle, Aston Villa and Southampton.

England play the Republic of Ireland this Sunday in a friendly, then Slovenia in a Euro qualifier the following Sunday.

Charlie Austin:

“I just want to concentrate on the next two weeks, enjoy the moment and what will be will be – then who knows what the future will hold for me?

“I feel like I have worked hard enough this season for QPR to try to be a Premier League player but, at the moment, I have still got a year left at QPR.”

The future is up to the club:

“So the future is up to the club and my agent to sort out. I’ll sit down with my family and my agent, then I will speak to Chris Ramsey and Les Ferdinand and tell them my thoughts, and they’ll tell me theirs.

“After these two weeks, I will sit down with the club but, for now, I just want to be fully focused on these next two weeks with England.”

With his club’s relegation and only one year left on his contract, it looks a formality that Charlie Austin will move to another Premier League club this summer.

To score 18 goals in 35 Premier League starts, which followed 59 goals in 98 Championship starts in the previous three years, what value would you put on Charlie Austin?

Turning 26 next month the striker is at his prime age and looks exactly what Newcastle need.

However, it is now 30 months since Demba Ba moved to Chelsea and Mike Ashley has consistently refused to pay the going rate for a proven goalscorer.

2013/14 saw Loic Remy arrive on loan to get us through another season.

2014/15 almost ended in total disaster after the budget signing of out of his depth Emmanuel Riviere, a journeyman French forward who clearly was never going to be able to fill the goals gap.

The likes of Swansea, Southampton and others have all shown that they are prepared to face reality and pay the going rate in transfer fee and wages for the key position in the team.

However, for Charlie Austin to come to Newcastle it will take Mike Ashley to do a complete U-turn on his transfer policy for United even to have  a chance of competing for the QPR striker’s signature.

Will Mike Ashley’s last day of the season speech be anything other than hollow words?


  • Wallsendstu

    We can but dream.

  • BillytheFish

    When we were there last month, I was in the QPR end, and they were pretty sure he was coming to the Toon, and it was already done..

  • ArtyH

    Lets face the fact, as we stand the squad is depleted, and it is very poor by EPL standards, evidenced by the poor results of last season ( and poor management ) ending with a last day scramble for safety. Judging the owner from past performance ( like stocks and shares ) it does not look good! From what we know of investment prospects, we will get either someone who is surplus to requirements or some young unproven prospect ( superstar? ) like so many before. That formula has proven to be flawed.
    In reality we as a club need HUGE investment just to stay in the league never mind improve on position, why is this so, because the other BETTER teams above us will be investing too in order to improve. I fear the tipping point is past and there will be under investment AGAIN leading to relegation next year. The righting is on the wall now, McClaren IMHO is not the man for the job we needed someone with vision not another YES man.  If you think Austin is going to come to the toon you need your head examined, even if he did there would be no supporting influx to complement his signing.
    I hope I am wrong. For the sake of the club, but it looks like another year of mediocrity with disappointment at the end.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Was Alan Shearer value for money ? You get what you pay for ,but not always with footballers and a true saying is ” there’s only one Alan Shearer “

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Buy him NOW !

  • toonfifer

    How about breaking the mould and actually offering the right amount in both transfer fee and wages for this guy, how about £15 Million and £60,000 per week…………………….Oh hang on………………we have a ceiling of £10 Million and £50,000 per week will that do???

    This will be yet another “couldn’t get him across the line” and he will go to a “big” club like bloody Villa!!!!

    We’ll then sign this new young kid Concha for £1.5 Miillion and hope he’ll do

  • toonterrier

    Lets face it. Unless we move several players on we wont be signing any decent forwards or defenders as the wage bill will give the fat man a funny turn. Having to pay more than ten million for a recognised footballer then give him the wages he would receive from even the smaller clubs will never happen. Just another name to add to the long list of so called potential signings.

  • desree

    I wouldn’t mind if he actually brought in and developed decent kids but they are rubbish

  • TonnekToon

    I’d take him over Riviere and Gouffy  any day of the week . Got to be a big step up .