Joey Barton has revealed that Charlie Austin has been asking him about what life is like at Newcastle United.

The former Newcastle midfielder says he is expecting to have a chat with the in demand striker shortly but isn’t so sure whether he will be recommending a move to Tyneside.

Barton questions the stability of the club under Mike Ashley and whether it would be the right environment for the QPR striker to develop his club and international career.

However, the encouraging thing is that despite Joey Barton’s clashes with Mike Ashley, he doesn’t say that Newcastle isn’t the right move for Austin.

Like the rest of us, Barton is just waiting to see if Ashley is going to start and run the club on an ambitious basis.

Joey Barton:

“I spent four years up there (Newcastle United) and the only issue for him, is maybe a little bit of instability going on around the place.

“Will they be the best opportunity for him, if he decides to leave QPR?

What’s it like?:

“Would they provide a more stable environment for him to kick on to that next level?

“He’s getting married towards the end of the month (June) and no doubt I will have a conversation with him – he is always asking questions like ‘what’s it like there?’.”

Only yesterday Charlie Austin used his Twitter account to pay tribute to Alan Shearer’s unbelievable 260 goal Premier League total and suggested it was unbeatable.

However, Shearer was quick to hit back with the teasing invitation below.

Charlie Austin @chazaustin9

“260 premier league goals!!! No one is catching him @alanshearer #thegoaldontmove”

Never one to miss a trick, Shearer was straight on the case and tossing the ball back into Charlie Austin’s court:

Alan Shearer ‏@alanshearer

“Why don’t you come up here and try?! #9 Alan Shearer”

Would be nice to think somebody like Charlie Austin would fancy the challenge of coming up to St James’ Park and playing in front of 52,000 every other week.


  • ArtyH

    I for one liked Barton, yes he had character faults but he was a good leader like Nolan. That was their downfall under M A. I cannot see Joey giving Charlie any advice to come up here as one question he would surely ask is what is the chance of winning anything, you know the answer to that one.

  • wor monga

    Joey is the perfect person to tell Austin about any
    instability at a club…there was no-one who knew more about instability than him…convicted
    twice on charges of violence which included prison sentences…

    …and several times suspended
    for violent conduct on the field…how stable is someone who stubs a cigar out in
    a team mates face.

    …People at the Toon, did Barton a lot of favours, back then when
    it would have been much cheaper and far less embarrassing to just finish him…which
    is what a lot of people in the game were shouting for at the time.

  • magpiefifer

    Despite Big Al’s best efforts,if Austin gets an offer from any Prem club with ambition (Southampton,Swansea etc) he will not be coming to SJP!!
    That applies to any talented,ambitious transfer targets.

  • ArtyH

    wor monga you are correct in everything you say mate and I agree too. However fact is Joey would be telling lies if he recommended coming to the toon, it would be a disaster for his career,  but thats just my humble opinion.

  • stepaylor

    Would love to have Austin here, Cisse sold and Austin the new number 9.