Charlie Austin is a done deal for Newcastle United and will lead the NUFC forward line next season, according to the only newspaper to be given exclusive access to by Mike Ashley.

Wednesday afternoon saw the Daily Mirror be named a ‘preferred media partner’ by the club and only they and Sky Sports allowed to speak to Steve McClaren at his ‘press conference’ unveiling.

Now leading with a headline of ‘Austin deal done, Berahino next’, the Mirror state that ‘Charlie Austin will become Newcastle’s first summer signing in the next week’.

The newspaper’s north east reporter Simon Bird adding that ‘England Under-21 striker Saido Berahino is also on their radar’.

If indeed Newcastle do sign Charlie Austin, then any photo opportunity would have to wait until next week at the earliest as the QPR striker is away with England for their Euro qualifier against Slovenia.

Austin and Berahino were both in the top six of Premier League goalscorers last season and despite playing for struggling teams, they amassed 32 goals between them – 18 for the QPR man and 14 for the Baggies striker.

HOWEVER, despite the Mirror being Mike Ashley and NUFC’s preferred media partner and given exclusive access AND stating ‘Austin deal done’…the following is added to their exclusive about Newcastle signing the striker:

‘That means £15m-rated Austin is to be poached from relegated Queens Park Rangers after scoring 18 goals last season, his first in the top flight, in a struggling side – although there will be haggling over the fee with the Geordies only wanting to spend £10m.’

So it is a ‘done deal’ but no deal is agreed and Newcastle United want him for £5m less than the asking price, with any number of other clubs surely prepared to pay £15m (and the rest probably).

This for the fourth top goalscorer in the Premier League last season and Harry Kane the only English player to score more?

This Charlie Austin transfer story is being built up to be a potential deal breaker for both Mike Ashley and Steve McClaren’s credibility in terms of things really having changed at Newcastle United.

As for the Mirror’s ‘preferred media partner’ tag, who can you really believe if this transfer tale becomes the latest in a long list that didn’t get ‘over the line’?

  • Bearsize

    If i was mcClaren i would loan qpr gouffran but as a striker. A season in the champ working on his goal scoring and hold up play could pay dividends as he has the pace to unsettle defenders. Could say the same for riviere but i think steve will get him scoring

  • mrkgw

    Maybe but the club need to pay the going rate and bring in Austin. Getting nervous with other clubs circling like vultures!

  • KevinBrown11

    Get him over the bloody line!!

  • Stephen Geordie Beck

    John Atkinson

  • Pedrothegreat

    For me this transfer will show how serious they are about getting top players. It will be a matter of time before someone pays the fee QPR want, because he is a 15 mill plus rated player, his quality is self evident, premiership proven, English and at a decent age. If this deal falls through it will show us how ambitious Newcastle really are. It worry’s me it could be another ruse to sell tickets, and after the last 8 year were sick off it, the proof is in the pudding get him signed to show our intent and don’t stop there the team needs reinvigorated.

  • ArtyH

    Problem is no one can sign any player til the 1st of July and that is ample time for bigger clubs to steal him away. More like just bluster to sell tickets or to make MA look like he is about to take an interest in the club instead of milking it. I will believe it when he signs Austin and Barahino, now that would show some intent, but I doubt either will happen.

  • dude 1

    Has he got a black and white shirt on and standing in St James Park NO so until then we haven’t signed him and it’s not a done deal

  • philk4

    He looks like the lad playing Thor in the Avengers movies in that pic !

  • Bearsize

    Going rate? Lol hope so pal

  • philk4

    dude 1 Agree 100% after last years disgusting “over the line” disappointments – deliberate failures, maybe ?

  • philk4

    Bearsize The Riviera kid too. A season in Championship will do the lad the world of good

  • mactoon

    Here we go again. refusing to meet the asking price then haggling until someone else comes along and buys the player from under our noses. This seems too much like the familiar transfer policy of the last eight years

  • wor monga

    Might not be a done deal…but as he wants to be guaranteed starting
    games, the top 4, and Liverpool should be ruled out…other interested parties
    for the striker would be Southampton and Spurs who would both have to clear out
    strikers to accommodate the lad…Spurs would have to take drastic losses on Soldado,
    and Adebayor to allow him to sit behind Kane…and the Saints already having
    Pelle, Mane, Long and Rodriquez would need to think long and hard, despite the
    press talk…

    …He’s certainly not going to go back into the Championship
    with QPR, and he knows that he will be a sure starter up here, and that any
    successful striker can make himself the ‘King of Tyneside’…so there’s no need
    to panic at this stage!!

  • TonnekToon

    I would love it to be a ‘Done deal’ . But this is Fatty’s Newcastle United we’re talking about . I’ll not hold my breath.

  • dcbashore

    The transfer window actually opened on Tuesday.

  • Gordonthetoony

    ArtyH It’s the end of contract players that can start and move on 1st July, the others have already started.

  • ArtyH

    Gordonthetoony ArtyH I stand corrected,  thanks for putting me right :)

  • v0ices

    wor monga amazed that the astounding football knowledge you constantly show does not include the rumor ,an u are interested in kane.

  • NottsToon

    I would like to see this happen, but I’m almost 100% certain that it won’t. He’s too much money for our penny pinching owner, and is therefore simply this years Lacazette.

  • ArtyH

    NottsToon Yes mate you are correct, shame as we deserve better, but this signing will never happen, and the media will make it sound a surprise.

  • wancarlos

    sounds like we will miss out yet again!! Ashley wont better the deal and bigger clubs like west brom and stoke will pay more to get there man lol we need to be the bigger club!!!

  • ArtyH

    wancarlos Well said, we as fans are sick and tired of being taken for mugs, its the deceit from the club which sickens me.

  • Andgeo

    Pure spin! Don’t we get this carry on every season?? Put your money where your mouth is fat boy.

  • ArtyH

    Just realised this info from the Mirror newspaper, nobody believes a word they print anyway, utter tosh. Prepare for a disappointment on this one.

  • Toonbadger

    My inside info is that he signed last Sunday with Alan Shearer by his side

  • mactoon

    Why would shearer be allowed into a club signing? Doesn’t make sense to me but the reality of it is probably that the club won’t meet the asking fee of £15 million. Nothing changes there then