The past few days has seen claims that Newcastle United are going to buy any or all of Charlie Austin, Saido Berahino and Andy Carroll.

This followed journalists close to the club claiming that NUFC were now targeting English players with experience of the Premier League, rather than budget buys from abroad.

Mike Ashley’s end of season speech about a new beginning and an ambitious outlook to prevent further failure, was met with a mixed reaction from supporters.

Then after Steve McClaren’s coronation the rumours of big signings were ramped up.

The Daily Mirror were the only newspaper given access to the new Head Coach on Wednesday and they have since reported that Charlie Austin is a ‘done deal’ and fellow English striker Saido Berahino is also a serious target for Newcastle.

In addition we have had the usual speculation about an Andy Carroll return, though there are claims it is a serious possibility this time.

What do you believe?

Vote below on which of Charlie Austin, Andy Carroll and Saido Berahino will end up at Newcastle this summer.


  • Jimmywayhay

    Not one of this lot will arrive , Austin for Liverpool now !

  • stephen richards

    Can’t see Austin signing for Liverpool they already have 5 strikers if he doesn’t play regularly he won’t be going to the Euros next year

  • Toonbadger

    Austin signed last Sunday I have that on good authority

  • ArtyH

    Its all paper talk and a load of tosh, we will never see any of these in a toon shirt next year.

  • David Brown

    None all talk no action

  • Paul Hobson

    U renewed David???

  • David Brown


  • Tony Mark Elsender


  • stephen richards


  • pauljamesbusby

    Austin and Berahino will go to ‘bigger’ clubs and rot on the bench. Carrol wont sign up for a ‘pay as you play’ contract so will end up rotting on the bench at West Ham.

  • Slowlybutsurely

    It’s all paper talk, these players unfortunately wouldn’t of even crossed there minds

  • NottsToon

    Austin is this years Lacazette…..until he signs for someone else then Berahino will be, possibly followed by Carrrol if there’s more time to waste before the window shuts with only some £4m Spanish teenager and a couple of Championship defenders signed.

  • Kazie23

    Austin will join us but only to get a spot in the euro’s team….then his leaving to another big club…his just taking it step by step with the clubs

  • DownUnderMag

    Sadly, new manager or not, public declarations of intent or not, the fans have lost all belief in the current regime and recruitment and generally don’t think we will get any public target until it’s a done deal.

    As soon as a potential target is being linked with other clubs, our immediate feelings are that there is no way we can compete as we won’t go above the fee/wages deemed “value for money” while other clubs will because they see the player as a longer term prospect and that the footballing reasons are worth the extra while all Ashley wants is a high profit margin.

    Austin and Carroll in would represent a huge boost in firepower to play alongside Perez, Cisse and Riviere.  However, the overwhelming feeling is that another club will pay more wages than us and we will be again looking at some overseas lower league bargain bin for an 11th hour signings hoping to unearth a gem or at least struggle through to safety once again.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    NottsToon  Not forgetting that the Spanish teenager and a couple of Championship defenders will have to be funded by selling one or two of our “purple’s”.

  • kuromori

    Jezza_NUFC NottsToon And then the Spanish teenager and Championship defenders will be the new “purples.”

  • mrkgw

    I really want to believe the hype about investment but with other sides starting to show their cards, I am beginning to lose faith again. I have serious, serious doubts as to Lee Charnleys ability to see transfers through. Time will no doubt tell.

  • mrkgw

    If true, then outstanding.

  • NottsToon

    That’s what fatty wants you to think. Charmless is just this years Joe Kinnear, another puppet to carry the blame of the owners penny pinching.