Despite no confirmation as to whether or not he’s signed his new Newcastle contract, the media in Wales are reporting that Cardiff City want to take Sammy Ameobi on loan next season.

Wales online say that the Championship club believe Ameobi will be made available by Newcastle for a year-long loan, once his new NUFC deal is confirmed.

Sammy Ameobi was the only one of the players whose contracts end this month, to be offered a new one.

However, this appears to be simply to ensure that Newcastle cash in whether the player signs or goes.

The winger turned 23 in May and if he refuses the new deal and signs for another club this summer, Newcastle will still get a fee by way of development compensation due to his age.

If United hadn’t made Sammy an offer then no fee/compensation would have been possible.

I suppose that there is a small possibility that Steve McClaren and his new coaching team  would be able to get more out of Shola’s younger brother than we’ve seen so far, but you wouldn’t want to go into a new season with any reliance on him delivering anything of substance.

Whatever happens with his Newcastle United contract offer, you have  to think that it will be best all round if the player goes elsewhere and gets regular football, which in reality would surely be in the Championship or lower. This is despite dubious claims of interest from clubs such as Everton and West Brom.

In the Wales Online report they have used this past quote from Sammy Amoebi’s mother

“He always said he was going to be a footballer, he’s never changed.

“Right from primary school he said ‘I’m going to be a footballer’ and he joked that he would be better than his brother.”

  • toonterrier

    He’s going to be better than his brother. I’m better than his brother. Can stroll faster, jump higher, head a ball and can plod along for ninety minutes and I’ve got a blue badge. Not good enough for the Premier league. Give him a one way ticket even if its a freebie and get him off the books.

  • TeamGB

    Never had the stomach for a Derby and for a local lad that is disturbing, tells you all you need to know about his limited capacity as a player, his career will fizzle out.

  • 1957

    Interesting that all the clubs who supposedly wanted to sign him have disappeared after he was offered a contract. He will never make a top flight footballer and no coach can make him one. He has skill but lacks application, passion and real determination to succeed.
    If he signs a new contract then loan him out as long as his wages are paid, we don’t want him hanging about in the background.

  • Crawcrooklad

    Yeah, my mother can probably be quoted as saying, “He always said he was going to be Superman, he’s never changed. Right from primary school he said ‘I’m going to be Superman’and he joked that he was going to be better than his brother, who was Captain Scarlet”
    Please get rid Mr McClaren, and don’t fall for the “local lad who bleeds black and white” gimmick.

  • DownUnderMag

    Always felt a bit sorry for him as he’s never been given a fair chance due to the stigma some fans had about his brother and in fairness to them both, much of their lethargic running is due to their physique and gangly legs.  He has skill but it’s worrying how little he applies himself and that he still can’t be effective for 90 minutes.
    His lack of fitness is a real concern as someone his age with as much ‘experience’ under his belt should be raring to go, and yet he looks out of puff after 10 minutes on the field while doing less running around than anyone else.  I’d keep him around just because I don’t think we can afford any more squad departures right now, but he needs to apply himself a lot harder…

  • mirandinha9

    Get him out. If he was ever going to be a stalwart, he would have evidenced it by now. For me, you assess the whole squad and consider if each individual player is good enough to get us to the top 6. If not, let them go. Mind, the top 6 will always be unattainable under Cashley’s regime. I wonder how many the Mackems will beat us by again this season. Absolute joke it is.