News has broken that Patrick Vieira is no longer being considered for the Newcastle United job, with the club now set to talk to John Carver within the next 48 hours.

Sky have broken the news and other media reports claim that the sticking point on Patrick Vieira was that he wanted to have too much of a (any?!!!)  say on which players were bought and sold.

The broadcaster says that according to their sources, the former Arsenal midfielder isn’t a candidate ‘if they (NUFC) decide to change head coach’.

They went on to release a further message via their Twitter feed, saying that Newcastle United officials will meet John Carver in the next two days to ‘clarify his position’.

“BREAKING: Sky sources: Patrick Vieira no longer under consideration by NUFC if they decide to change head coach.”

“BREAKING: Sky sources: Newcastle to hold talks with John Carver in next 48 hours to clarify his position.”

The sceptics (majority?) amongst us have long feared that Mike Ashley’s intention was always to give the job to John Carver, even though a run of only 3 wins in 20 games almost brought disaster to the club.

With Newcastle making clear in January just how little say any future Head Coach/Manager would have in the running of the team/club, it was always hard to see how any credible coach/manager would take the job.

Steve McClaren is still being talked about as a live contender but having being sacked by Championship club Derby County, would even he choose the Newcastle United circus.

Those who took Mike Ashley’s staged pre-West Ham TV interview as signs of better times ahead, must feel that that speech was a lot longer than 9 days ago.


  • Sickandtiredstill

    She also tweeted –
    Sources: Patrick Vieira’s not currently under consideration if Newcastle decide to make a change of Head Coach and no talks have taken place

  • RhysMelhuish

    I think we all knew it was coming.

    My season ticket is ready to be renewed for next year, but I’m heading straight down to cancel if Carver gets the job.

    Thanks for the 48 hours of optimism, Newcastle.

  • truemagpie

    what a surprise !

  • jimileysbaldyheed

    Pretty obvious then its decided they are either telling Carver how he will have to work under the new man, or that hes on his way out or heaven forbid that hes got the job. No matter how you dress it up this regime are toxic treat loyal employees and customers like crap and think they are immune to the most powerful weapon in the economic world Market Forces. Time will tell Until then the Spartans will get my loyalty first

  • Kevin Halliday

    Why oh why is the retarded fat lump constantly arseing about with the welfare of this club?. This is an integral part of peoples lives and the life of this city!. Where are the FA on this matter?. He is not a fit and proper person to be able to judge any matters football related, he must be stopped!!!. Arsely Out.

  • Simon Sharp

    .com are saying it’s likely to be Schteve.

  • Peter Lamb


  • nufcmag777

    I can just see Lee Ryder’s headlines”Newcastle get their man at the 3rd attempt with Geordie John as his 2nd in command”Why anyone believed the rubbish spouted by Ashley after 8 years of total contempt absolutely amazes me.This guy is nothing but a bloodsucker and will be until we are no more.R.I.P NUFC.

  • toonfifer

    As we all thought this was just a smoke screen by either Cashley or Viera’s representatives via the puppet master that is Sky Sports.

    The job was always going to McClown, he was looking at houses near Hexham last week and staying at Ramside Hall. 

    They can’t be meeting with Charver because he’s on holiday, it’ll be a quick phone call to tell him the assistant head coach job he was told about a few weeks ago will be announced on Friday and what he is to say to the press.

    So we now have Cashley, Chumply, McClown and Charver running our club until we win something.

    I’m 54 next week I reckon I’ll get a telegram from the Queen before this shower even get close!!!!!!!!

  • Wallsendstu

    Vieira stood no chance as soon as supporters let their feelings known that he was a good choice. The fat man will say it’s black if NUFC supporters say it is white. He hasn’t and won’t change the way he operates. I find it strange that for someone who is supposed to be a good businessman that he employes donkeys like Penfold. The guy hasn”t the balls to tell two long serving genuine players that they are no longer wanted he has to rely on his gutter rat to do it over the phone. In my opinion major decisions are being made by a teaboy and a third rate manager turned scout who enjoys his jollies around europe scouting for boys. Change, ambition, want to win things, all a load of rubbish designed to sell season tickets. It is said that the fatman is resurrecting Woolworths, more tat to go with his other stores and what was once NUFC.

  • toon tony

    BREAKING NEWS. ..Newcastle to interview Wenger, Mourhinio, Ancellotti, Deschamps, Klopp, but McClaren remains favourite. …

  • madgeordie003

    Well, that’s it for me. No more. hope allot of other people don’t go this coming season, think i will take up fishing again

  • tino o

    I would like to say I’m surprised but I’m not Ashley is pond life his interview was [email protected] Since January we have ended up with 1 of two carver or mclaren they will do the job properly next season we will go down! Everyone he employs to run the club are inept. Charnley has had 6 months nearly to do [email protected] all you couldn’t make this up they have made total fools of us again nothing is going to change! Ashley out! !!!

  • foggy

    madgeordie003 I’ve had it also with this bunch of lying scumbags.
    No more for me, never again will I set foot inside SJP whilst Ashley / Charnley / Carver and F in McClaren are at the club

  • CaptainCaveman

    What a shock… Our club is such a joke, I knew a positive appointment was never going to happen.  The thought of seeing Carver and McClaren in our dugout is absolutely horrendous.  The only talk Carver should be getting is one telling him his time at NUFC is at an end.

  • ArtyH

    I really cannot understand how anyone can blame Ashley for the pathetic plight of the club, it is his nature to make money that is ALL. The blame lies firmly at the feet of the people who attend home games, no one else’s, they give the man the money he craves and that is mission accomplished in his view. Nothing will change under his ownership…it cannot as he does not know how to change from making money. NUFC is a perfect vehicle for his money making needs, stupid customers who will watch anything that’s put in front of them time and again year in year out, with minor complaint. Just answer me this, why would he change??? Three years in the Championship he still gets T.V moneyand S.T revenue while the club bleeds to death by the hands of its own supporters. Irony complete. He hates NUFC supporters and gets paid for putting the boot in, must be so comforting for him.

  • v0ices

    RhysMelhuish Sorry by renewing your season ticket you are part of the problem by feeding the disease.

  • Polarboy

    Short of Ashley selling up our only other hope is Carr retiring. It’s clear that Ashley is leaving the big football decisions to him and surprise, surprise his mate McClaren is getting the job. I don’t think we’ll be relegated, we may even finish in the top half first season, but long term this is just steadying the ship so Ashley can bank the TV money.

  • v0ices

    ArtyH Cannot argue really its the people attending the games who have allowed him to do what he wants all that we can hope is they stop going sooner rather than later the faster we fall apart the sooner a new owner can buy the shambles for peanuts and rebuild.

  • ArtyH

    v0ices ArtyH  Its such a shame we all ( apart from the owner ) want the same thing.. success for the club but go about it differently. I would hate for the club to end up like Leeds or Portsmouth, but if thats what it takes MAYBE its the way forward. I fear dark days ahead with no change and no ambition, what a prospect eh? Another wasted year, I’m running out of them at my age, what chance a good cup run? Oh yes NONE.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Good Lad

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Its Geordie John

  • prestondave

    ArtyH agree with everything you say Arty apart from the first bit. It is Fat cnuts fault 100% because he could have ran it as a football club with aspirations and still made a load of money. He decided to run it as a tat club. The rest I agree with.

  • Phildene

    You shouldn’t even be thinking of renewing your season ticket. It’s types like you who are helping the fat man

  • LeazesEnder

    Michael Maximus Moose They aren’t that daft…..

    ……I don’t believe I just said that!

  • Andgeo

    Disgrace!!! He’s had his chance. The preperation for next seasons boycotts and protest campaign should start NOW. Do not believe a word that comes out of NUFC until the fat slime is gone.

  • toontom68

    You’ll be begging for Mclaren when the reality hits that they’ve given the job back to Carver!

  • kuromori

    Can anyone think of any other multi-million pound business in the real world that is given to the company secretary to run? Utter madness.

  • So there is the possibility its going to be Carver.When he filled in for Pardew when he was banned, his record was similar to this past season. Crap.Forget about Vieira, Garde, and Laudrup. Who were among the so called 80 applicants.Just 1 of them must be better than Carver.

  • GToon

    Happy birthday for next week.

  • GToon

    So the bottom line is that he didn’t get the job because he wanted a say in the players he wanted to work with. Wouldn’t anybody want that? Hope Vieira told them where to go. This club have got to be the biggest joke for years. They have no plan at all. It makes you wonder exactly what the words of Ashley actually meant. Ashley out!

  • JohnyH

    Ee aye ee aye ee aye oh
    Up the premier league we go
    When we win the champions league, this is what we’ll sing
    Johns a Geordie super Geordie
    Carver is our king

  • Peaco

    UK PLC is given to the civil service to run. Does that count?

  • Peaco

    Cynical season ticket renewal tactics. I bet the scum will end up with a decent coach and we’ll end up with Carver…. erm I mean the best coach in the league.

  • SGM

    I now know why Sepps Quit, He’s been offered Carvers job.

  • NotFatFreddy


    The only circus where a clown like Sepp Blatter  would be welcomed by the regime!

  • mirandinha9

    Thank goodness that normal service is resumed and Cashley and Charnley revert back to type. Just when we thought a move for Vieira might change things, the ray of hope dissipates into darkness again. At least the number of fans deluded by Cashley during his Sky Sports interview, might regain their senses. Cashley, has been in charge for 8 years and a leopard does not change its stripes. Unfortunately, some supporters believed the crap he filled them with. I’d be surprised if ‘yes man’ Carver doesn’t get the post now, with ‘one time’ heroes Beardsley and Moncur continuing to be part of the clan who sniff along after him.

  • toonterrier

    Cant see Carver getting the job. The club will talk to him and ask if he is happy working as Mclarens number two and we all know what the answer will be. So we will have a number one and a number two running or ruining our club. The only way is down.

  • Andgeo

    Carvers already got the job!!

  • What is the worst that can happen, there sheeet for 2 months and get sacked

  • GToon

    Can anybody name one other club where the coach has no say in transfers in or out and yet the club are successful? Start with the EPL and then include other leagues.

  • Alltomuch

    Clearly no caver
    Clearly no McClaren
    Clearly no ambition
    Clearly no truth
    Clearly no point
    Clearly not going again
    Clearly heartbroken

  • Alsteads

    Gateshead here I come!! Howay the Heed

  • Alsteads

    We should of went down and gave the FCB a reality check lads n lasses

  • v0ices

    Gregcodling pardew was sh!te for 2 seasons and was in no danger of getting the sack, carver was worse for half a season and is still head coach…… only at newcastle could this happen the apathy among those attending games is shocking.

  • snodgrass2

    Strange how I get the feeling that the only people who are surprised by this news is the 50,000 who attend the matches.

  • ArtyH

    Just thinking after reading the comments below,  if we as fans are apathetic towards the owner and club what are target players thinking now, and the new incumbent coach?  Its too much to think about for real fans, we should not be in this position.  Our institutional love for the club is being used against us.

  • Pedrothegreat

    Lets face it, since Pardew left it was always going to be McClaren, he is mates with Carr and he will keep the coaching staff like Carver and Stone etc on board. The reason why Charnley wont come out and say this is because he is worried season ticket sales will dwindle like they are doing. Charnley worry’s me, never have I seen such an amateur md of a football club, the man is chronic for making bad decisions, he hasn’t done one good thing since he has been in charge, and lets face it he doesn’t know anything about football, its obvious Carr is making the decision for him, and I think it is Carr who wants McClaren involved.

  • Gtoonsbro

    Be careful what we wish for. Anyone notice what happened when Rangers tried to stand up to Ashley, left it while so it didn’t look like sour grapes then he wants his money back. Don’t pay and I dare say he will have no hesitation in bankrupting them. At the moment Newcastle owe him something like £130m (or thereabouts). To mere mortals that’s an awful lot of money, and something the club could not pay back if demanded in a very short space of time (which wouldn’t allow a potential buyer the chance to come in). Whilst ultimately he might lose money don’t forget he can afford it. Is this why his loans remain in place even though the club generates cash and could be paying him back? Is it all about control and power. I might be wrong but it does worry me, he doesn’t support Newcastle, seems to take delight in peeing off the fans. Would demanding his money back and liquidating the club with the players up for sale like the discounted stock in his shops be his greatest two fingers to us ever?? As I said be careful what you demand / wish for he could just make it come true but not the way we would all like!!

  • nufcslf

    What fabulous reading. He will likely do it as well. Anyone going to matches let alone buying a season ticket for this is 100% the problem. Disgrace.

  • DownUnderMag

    Can’t think Vieira was ever a legitimate option, it was either a smokescreen while the club wasted time, a negotiation tactics to speed things along from the club over McClaren (or by Vieira to get a new contract with Citeh) or just general PR BS by the club trying to sell season tickets and keep the illusion of better times ahead going. The fact a McClaren deal is being reported as all but done because of Carr recommending him shows the club have not learned.  Jobs for the boys…it’s back to Wise and Kinnear scenarios again.  McClaren isn’t the answer, Carver is an even worse option, but anyone else who would be better for the club would either cost too much money, demand too many top signings or wouldn’t be the lap-dog Ashley is looking for.

  • v0ices

    Gtoonsbro whos he demanding the money back from himself?

  • At the moment all i see is JC getting the job on a full time baises #16.17 season in the championship .Sorry all you who like me love our club but MA is pitching for season tickets with a mouth full of wot he nows you Want to hear.if a Man of Patrick Vieiras ambiton turnos down 52’000 fans screaming his name and the Chance of manging one of the biggest clubs in the country and becoming a legand in newcastle United history ways it all. so to Sum up were f#*ked

  • sick of lies from fatty

    John Carver self proclaimed best manager in the premier league ( watch your back Jose),
    Couldn’t even manage the Denton CHECK IT OUT Even took them down twice. The man is clueless tactically and with Steve Stone there that makes two why not bring in COCO the clown to fill the missing gap

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Gtoonsbro Being careful what we wish for means we are stuck with this parasite and the stupidity of his actions.
    Now, Ashley hasn’t actually asked Rangers for his 5 million back. In his request for an EGM he gave the repayment as an option in order for them to reduce the % SD have in the retail deal. That was – pay the money back and the deal drops from 75(SD) – 25 % to 51(SD)-49%. Basically its his way of saying, if you don’t like the retail deal then put up or shut up.
    The rest of your worries are plainly ridiculous so you would do well to stop thinking as much especially when nothing you are thinking is remotely factually correct..

  • prestondave

    DownUnderMag Simple as that.

  • Wallsendstu

    Why do people always say be careful whattou wish for? Is it wrong to wish for a team that tries, an owner that cares

  • Wallsendstu

    I get sick of people telling us to be careful what we wish for. Is it wrong to wish for a team that tries, an owner who cares, a board capable of running a football club, a manager who can motivate players and who is able to get the most out of the tactics he employs, a club that doesn’t spit the dummy if they are criticised and ban papers, a club who treats its fans properly and communicates with them, a club that treats its playing staff with respect? The fatman worships money do you honestly believe he would liquidate the club and lose a penny of the money the club constantly tell us he has put in, or miss out on the millions on offer from sky? I doubt it.