Topping off an embarrassing episode for Mike Ashley and his running of the club, Jonas Gutierrez has now accused Newcastle United of making up quotes that were supposedly from Fabricio Coloccini.

Earlier today, Jonas’ friend and (now former) Captain was quoted by NUFC in an article on their website, however Jonas Gutierrez has said that after speaking to Coloccini, he has claimed that what was published was untrue.

Jonas commenting on Twitter tonight:

“The com(m)ents that coló has supposed to have said about me to nufc are un true i have spoken to him about this matter.”

This follows a joint appearance by both the Argentine midfielder and Ryan Taylor on Sky Sports this afternoon, where it was said they believed John Carver had been forced to tell them they weren’t needed any more over the phone.

Taylor saying Carver was upset at what he’d been forced to do and that Jonas was given his news only when Carver asked Taylor to pass him the phone!

The ‘quotes’ the club published from Coloccini earlier today:

“Jonas has been a great player for Newcastle and someone who has given everything for the Club.

“He was here for seven years and that is a long time to be with one team. But this is football and life continues, and I am sure he will do well wherever his next club is.

“The fans here love him because in the worst days he was still here. Jonas stayed at the Club in its worst days – when we went down – and he helped get us straight back up again.

 “I am very proud of him for that moment.

“In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons we stayed in the Premier League this season was because Jonas was on the pitch in the final game.

“Scoring in front of the Gallowgate End in his last game for the Club was perfect.”

I can only guess that the line I have put in bold was the one which was the tipping point, with Coloccini apparently saying that it was only a natural thing that Jonas was being dumped.

It looks as though Mike Ashley upset the wrong person when treating Jonas Gutierrez the way he did when the Arnegine international was fighting cancer.

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  • Bearsize

    Get’em jonas!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Cancer may have cost him – but he still has more cahones than anyone else at that cesspit.

  • Very Terry

    Ahhh, we (NUFC) continue to ooze class both on and off the field. It makes me feel so proud to be associated with this excellent, caring organisation.

  • toon tony

    Well done Jonas, hope there is more to come. …now then about that letter.

  • Andgeo

    Instead of paying this bishop, Wendy and penfold to make a mess of everything and then attempt to paper over the cracks with spin; just pay a proper fcuking manager to win football matches and by some real players.

  • hettonmag

    Maybe it will come out why Jonas and Charver fell out, the whole club is run by  amateurs and  for a multi million pound concern is disgraceful

  • Chemical Dave

    How long did the brave new world last?

  • mirandinha9

    Jonas, a man of both integrity and resilience, who is prepared to stand his ground. Naturally, bought by Keegan, one of the few men who has stood up to Cashley and in doing so, kicked his backside in the courts. I think the 2015/16 season is going to be the most intriguing we’ve ever had. Unless this summer we purchase big style, Cashley, is going to be pounded by the media and fans and despite many saying we as fans, cannot hurt him, just think why he did the Sky Sports interview. Protests and fear of lost income with dwindling season ticket sales is causing him to worry. Let’s just turn up the ante.