Mike Ashley has been badly hit by Newcastle fans boycotting season ticket sales, after failing to convince supporters that he is going to change the way he runs the club.

Massive resentment has built up over recent years with Newcastle now being outspent by clubs such as West Ham, Swansea and Southampton, despite generating far more money than those clubs, season after season.

Ashley twice moved the season ticket deadline back, despite renewal packs being sent out to fans as far back as March, the deadline for season ticket holders to renew was moved back twice from the original May date, ending up with a final deadline of 19 June.

The Newcastle United owner was hoping that his end of season speech on the day of the West Ham match, plus a series of positive transfer stories carried by friendly media, would persuade fans to renew but that has clearly had little effect.

season ticket sales

Despite season ticket sales also now being opened up to the general public, that has also predictably fallen on deaf ears.

(Thanks to Chris Holt for burning the midnight oil coming up with the following information on numbers of season ticket sales and those that remain unsold. You can visit Chris’ blog HERE, plus you can follow him on Twitter @MikeAshleyLies)

Chris has painstakingly gone through the stadium plan that you can access on the official club website. This allows you to access the various areas in each of the four stands at St James Park, with fans looking to buy a season ticket able to see which seats are sold and which are not.

A number of areas you can’t access, such as the whole of Level 7 where the family enclosure season tickets are.

However, so far Chris has gone through sections which make up almost half the stadium capacity and this is the breakdown of the sold and unsold seats.

season ticket sales

As you can see, almost 30% of these sections are empty, with 6,926 of the 24,154 season tickets remaining unsold.

The images below show the state of play as of today (29 June) in a section from each of the four stands, with the empty season tickets those marked as green:

East Stand Upper block H:

season ticket sales

Gallowgate Upper Block V

season ticket sales

Milburn A Paddock L1A

season ticket sales

Leazes Upper Block L4W

season ticket sales

As Mike Ashley has found, talk is cheap.

If he is to stand any chance of getting St James Park up to anywhere near capacity, he must allow money to be invested in the Newcastle United squad, unlike three of the last four transfer windows which saw not a single first team squad player bought in.

Credible signings need to be made, which will convince Newcastle fans that there is genuine ambition withn St James Park.

***As this article went live, access to the stadium plan disappeared. Coincidence?

****Stadium plan is now back up, access via the club website.

  • Belfast Toon

    Huge credit must go to those true fans who have stuck by their guns and refused to give Ashley any more of their money.

    Hit him where it hurts, in the bank balance …..

  • mactoon

    As at 14:46 today (Monday 29/06) this is the availability in green. The plan is still available on the website

  • MikeAshleyLies

    mactoon That is not a true representation.  Seats are still available in the red sections.  There is an actual seating plan on the website with every seat classified as available or not, like when you buy a single ticket.

  • toonfifer

    Really good article, if you work on there being 45000 season tickets available, as Ashley wants to keep some back for the CAT A games where he can charge more, that means just over 32,000 season tickets sold. Unless we improve next season I can see regular gates below 45,000 which will hurt Ashley, not financially but from a corporate stand point which is all he cares about.

  • dude 1

    Hmmmm I wounder if Penfold has informed Fatty of this? I bet not Penners will be thinking of excuses to tell his master I think a big well done must be sent out to the lads and lasses who have decided not to renew there tickets

  • daveym39

    MsiDouglas MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag just looked online and my old seats still have not been released bet there is a load more unsold

  • amacdee

    Anyone who believed that Fatman’s staged performance on the final day of the season was anything other than a sorry attempt to get the dissenters on board with a little smoke and mirrors must be auditioning for the Mr Gullible character in the new Mr Men series.

  • swrain79

    MsiDouglas MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag Mike Ashley = Nero!

  • KeeganNufc09

    MsiDouglas MikeAshleyLies the club have to show ambition first! Mike Ashley’s PR stunt clearly didn’t work #actionsspeaklouderthanwords

  • Fatty will have to explain to the PL and the TV rights holders why he cannot fill the ground . You can be assured that televised games will be moved if the ground is half empty with financial penalties.

  • Hez

    Depends on the comparison to last year really to tell how much they are down

  • Si_Logan

    MsiDouglas NUFC_Stats MikeAshleyLies Fat Mike will blame ticket sales for the lack of investment now, you just watch! #NUFC

  • Mickbessy

    MsiDouglas MikeAshleyLies 71.33% of tickets sold (based on 1/2 the stadium) is a actually very good considering what we’ve been watching

  • WeeMoose

    Hez Perspective: the Chronicle says over 30,000 were sold in the Championship season. No idea how many are usually sold, but given the scale of boycotts last season (such as Tottenham, officially 47,000 there, but looked like 30k), that the stadium attendance numbers are based on tickets sold instead of a turnstile-count and that there were probably a couple of thousand Spurs fans enjoying a free win, I’d say there were well over 40,000 season ticket holders last season. That assumes thousands of fans didn’t pay to go see the team give their least during a call for boycott – a fair assumption.

  • tt9m

    MsiDouglas MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag says that there’s none available in a section me and my bro gave up ours in too

  • JDB92_

    tt9m MsiDouglas MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag HanoiToon Strawberry Corner? I remember a few years ago I moved there, none on website…

  • JDB92_

    tt9m MsiDouglas MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag HanoiToon …rang up and got moved there no bother. Strange.

  • Hez

    Yeah, good call. So if the figures above are half the staduim, knock off 2,000 or so away allocation and your talking about 35,000 season tickets (obviously a guess!)

  • Paul Patterson

    mactoon  Quite ironic that the bit in the middle of the image is also ‘green/available’ . .

  • wor monga

    OK then…what do we have to take from this article?…is it
    that perhaps Ashley will be forced to change his ways, due to this drop in
    public demand?…and the upshot being that those empty seats would have a
    massively negative effect on his ambitions to woo customers into his stores

    …Personally I don’t think any of that will affect his
    thinking…he knows that some signings will have to happen if he wants the club
    to stay in the PL, and following those a few encouraging results will fill the
    ground to capacity…

    …that’s the way it’s always been up here, and if the price is
    right it always will be.

  • foggy

    amacdee  Aye and fatso was backed up by Mr Moncur. Legend my arse, sold his soul for fatso’s silver.

  • Andgeo

    It is the only way we can get rid of this awful fat scum. I can’t believe toon fans still use his shop, when I see someone walking around town with one of those big SD bags I just want to give them a slap.

  • wor monga

    devonbay       Absolute rubbish…so the TV company can predict or even care
    what the crowd will be before setting up their equipment…

    …all the season tickets
    aren’t taken up at a lot of grounds, but the games they want to televise are
    shown…football doesn’t exist for the crowds anymore it is now owned by the
    people worldwide who want to pay and watch it on a multitude of channels, and their
    focus most definitely isn’t on watching the crowds or on any empty seats…

  • WeeMoose

    Hez Alright, so let’s assume they’ve lost 10,000 season ticket holders. At £500 a head that amounts to a loss for NUFC of £5,000,000 (almost small change for the club, I think that’s what we spent on Riviere). The only gain here is increased media pressure with over 10,000 empty seats, but that would still be a bigger crowd than half the league and thus defensible. It will be years before people who signed up for irrevocable long-term season ticket subscriptions e.g. 5 or 10 years, can let their displeasure be known. So, in short, we’re screwed and will continue to screwed for years to come. Howay the lads …

  • Jimmywayhay

    It’s the only plan the club has to show !

  • CameronWestwood

    WeeMoose Hez It’s not the money lost that will hurt Ashley; it’s the sight of gaping holes in the stadium. This looks terrible; and beamed around the globe will reflect negatively upon his stewardship of the club. It will have a massive negative effect upon his business reputation; and it absolutely terrifies him!

  • potski

    Likewise, neither is it a true representation of the green. I spent ages going into green areas on those plans before, there would be seats for games but very difficult to find 2, nevermind 3 together. Plus I had three season tickets, and I never renewed them until a few days before the season started. Yes, I took the risk that “my” seats would be taken by someone else, but there hasn’t been a long queue of people desperate to take any spare season tickets for many years.
    You ran exactly the same story this time last year on the same tenuous data, predicting only half of people had renewed their season tickets. What was the outcome?
    I went to the Spurs game. My daughters took me for my birthday. For one of them it was her first trip to a game for a few years as she worked at weekends. The only scum I saw weren’t in the directors box, but the couple of hundred people outside shouting abuse at us as we left.

  • Jamiekgordon

    I can’t believe someone has actually brought one!!! Wtf

  • WeeMoose

    CameronWestwood WeeMoose Hez Lots of people claim not renewing is about hitting Ashley in his wallet – just look at some of the other comments. As for a patchy crowd, 35,000 is still around 3/4 full capacity stadium on season tickets alone, which looks no worse than half the clubs in the league. There’ll probably be discount upgrades for front-line seats to patch up the cracks.
    I also sincerely doubt Ashley is terrified about damage to his company’s reputation through empty seats at SJP. Pardew headbutted a player in full view of the cameras and wasn’t fired – even Jeremy Clarkson couldn’t get away with that kind of stunt behind closed doors. We are sponsored by a vicious pay day loan company, whose only saving grace was restoring the stadium’s name (another PR blunder). Through all this and more Ashley’s personal and business wealth has ballooned to make him a multi-billionaire..

    So long as the club stays in the premier league and the premier league is popular, he gets great advertising worldwide. His concerns begin and end there.

  • WeeMoose

    Jamiekgordon if you signed up for a long-term rolling deal, like the 10 year ones rolled out after the 5th placed season, then you’re legally bound to keep coughing up the cash until the 2020s.

  • v0ices

    WeeMoose CameronWestwood Hez is 5 million less in ashleys pocket and its a start.

  • LeazesEnder

    I wonder if the corporates are boycotting too?

  • BillytheFish

    It would be a lot worse but for the thousands that are locked into the season ticket scheme….

  • Porciestreet


  • Porciestreet

    @Si_Logan MsiDouglas NUFC_Stats MikeAshleyLies Scuse Caps.

  • Porciestreet

    CameronWestwood WeeMoose Hez I SO HOPE YOU’RE RIGHT MATE.

  • alreet

    Really wanna see wat happens if we continue to boycott season tickets till the min allocation of players are purchashed of the substantial quality needed to win sumfink as the gaffer so daintily puts it.
    Listen up ash. Charns and gang. As a team without losing any of the current crop we need a min of 3 squad players to fill guti raylor and campbell gap. A left winger. Creative mid. 3 centre backs coz willo is a tired heffolump and colo not only wants to be back in argie soon but hes getting on to mid 30s now. A left back and at least 3 strikers.
    If you get that shopping list i think a few of us would sign up for another season at the biggest rollercoaster in the prem.

  • Shipcote Willy

    Good to see that so many have not renewed but 70% have. A lot will have the long term deal but dismayed to see the rest are still going regardless.

  • NormalSupporter

    Sick and tired of this sort of stuff. Have sat in the same seat for the last 15 years, son has his own season ticket as do 4 of his mates. Lads I sit with we have all renewed our tickets and always will.

    I often wonder how many of the whiners who drag my club down actually go to the games. Are ticket sales really down that much? Times are hard for folk but how many will come clambering for tickets when we put a run together?

    The Mag used to be a great read but now is just folks moaning about the club, feeding the press with your dissent. If you don’t want to go great don’t go, but don’t pretend you have the support of the majority you don’t.

  • Shipcote Willy

    Spot on Monga At the end of the window we will have in and a few out with just enough to keep us in the league. At least that will be Ashley’s calculation.

  • LeazesEnder

    NormalSupporter Weirdo!

  • ncncnc

    WeeMoose Jamiekgordon
    no, you aren’t
    you can cancel any year you like – it’s around feb each year before you start paying for the next season.

  • Timptoon

    NormalSupporter So you’re happy with the club? Happy with year after year of under investment? Happy with being lied to and fed bulls**t? You’d take Kinnear back and Wise? You’ll cheer on Williamson when he runs onto the pitch on August 8th in your Wonga shirt? You are the one who is dragging the club down with your ambitions for survival and sod the cups. You buy into the regime and all they’re doing is taking the piss … out of you.

  • Chemical Dave

    Write a positive article not normal supporter.

  • WilliamCarney

    Andgeo Relegation is the only way we will get rid of him, ticket money is only pocket change in the football world.

  • Timptoon

    Andgeo I feel the same about the Wonga shirts. God knows there are enough ways to wear the black and white without being used as an advertising board to line the Fatman’s pockets.

  • PhilYare

    NormalSupporter enjoy

  • SteveSmith16

    Ashley is giving our club the shaft so we’re (rightfully) giving him a smack in the wallet.
    You’re giving him a condom, telling him to enjoy himself and inviting your lad along to have a watch from the side.

  • grahame49

    Well yet again a Newcastle fan gets called for being loyal, did you abuse John and Liam who had payed for last season tickets and no doubt would be there this season loyalty comes in different forms. A uncle granda and grandson who choose wallsal to follow were taken from the football world, the photo of them together at their clubs first trip to Wembley made me cry. No doubt dads grandas uncles etc will take their young family members to games. To all fans who comment on here save up and go to Everton game on boxing day you will see family’s going and treasure that memory our club is Newcastle united not Ashley divided

  • Jarra MIck

    Christ on a bike when will you people realise the 10 year deal was designed to keep you renewing so the season ticket price wouldn’t go up each year. It isn’t some sort of binding contract, I should know I was on that deal and chucked it last season.

  • WeeMoose

    ncncnc WeeMoose Jamiekgordon the terms for a five year deal are rigid, but what you’re saying is right about the multi-year price guarantee deals: http://www.nufc.co.uk/page/System/Terms

    Apparently fans were able to get out of the ten year deal that way though, like this guy: http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/newcastle-united-fans-wanting-cancel-4751388 My mistake.

  • Andgeo

    Totally agree. We need someone who works with clothing labels etc to produce an alternative advert, i.e. JD sports which can be ironed or stitched over the wings. Alternatively as supporters we could choose to advertise what we want in that space. NUST or the ashley out campaign could source a sponsor to make a donation and then we could advertise their company instead.

  • WeeMoose

    Jarra MIck Ten year deal, yes, fair enough, I got that wrong, but the five year deal from a year or two back is more binding than a vice on your testicles.

  • Andgeo

    It’s not our club anymore, it’s Ashley’s.

  • Andgeo

    It’s not any supporter who is dragging the club down. Mike ashley is raping it for every penny and some of us arnt content to sit and watch while he destroys the club. Are you happy with mike ashley???

  • Andgeo

    They are gullible.

  • Andgeo

    Well shearer is a start!

  • Andgeo

    Can’t believe anyone actually did a 10 year deal with Ashley. You have my sympathy.

  • Kevin Halliday

    Keep up the pressure all you Geordie lads and lasses. Make Fatty sweat.

  • Phildene

    You can still cancell even if you’re ‘locked’ into deals. We had 10 year ones ages ago but cancelled quite some time back and haven’t regretted it one bit. Deals CAN be cancelled

  • Phildene

    No you’re not. I’ve commented on this- you can cancell the deal any year- we did

  • DavidDrape

    well done just waiting to see the kids tickets down to a fiver for the 1st home game. if its on live tv he won’t be happy that his brand and reputation is going to take further knock

  • DavidDrape

    grahame49 There won’t be a half decent football club left for the kids to go to if your not prepared to fight and try to  save the long term future of our historic club.  the way things are going most kids won’t want to go to the games. SJP is already a morque as it is.

  • LeazesEnder

    Andgeo Yes he chucked the executive box in because his mates didn’t want to go

  • DavidDrape

    NormalSupporter WAKEY WAKEY TIME! ho man, why divint ya speak to any rangers fan and they will tell you the sxxx that club is going thru at the moment and ashley is the biggest problem at the moment from stopping that club moving forward. God knows what secret deals and agreements he has hidden at NUFC. Are you happy paying  £50 wonka shirt for only 69p being reinvested into your wonderful club? what about your club membership scheme he forces you to have, this £30 odd quid is meant to be re invested and ring fenced into the academy…..anyone who believes anything that man says is a mug

  • DavidDrape

    LeazesEnder what about the link ups he has with big local companies/organisations in executive seats. these will sell out for those on offer because fans will be taken up top seats at half the price….many of whom will just  go for a day out and most wouldnt dream of going away form home until it was a cup final

  • BuckBlack

    NormalSupporter I doubt you’ve ever been to any football game, anywhere, ever, you ASTROTURFING [email protected]

  • mactoon

    The deals can be cancelled you just need to ask the box office what the deadline is for cancellation as they can stipulate this on a seas by season basis. Once you have this date you need to write to the box office and tell them you are not renewing and are cancelling the direct debit. It has to be in writing and physically posted. End of. I did it on my deal 2 seasons ago.

  • mactoon

    No you aren’t. You just have to write to them and tell them you aren’t renewing. I did it 2 years ago

  • wor monga devonbay Duh , the season ticket situation is known in advance , the clue is in there for you to find  . The crowd create the atmosphere and can make a shite product seem attractive .

  • stepaylor

    WeeMoose Hez empty seats wont matter, they dont at Villa Park, Stadium of Light etc

  • Toonfanhadenough

    WeeMoose Jamiekgordon No you are not. My son and I had 10 year deals from 2010. Last monthly direct debit payment for last season was in February. I phoned the club to cancel saying we were stopping our direct debits. They said please confirm by letter or e-mail and they would end the direct debits. We sent the e-mail and cancelled the direct debits ourselves anyway.

  • WeeMoose

    Yes, I’ll bet you all did. I assumed the ironclad five year deals they ran last year had the same terms as the ten year one.

  • mactoon

    Well all you have to do is write to the box office and cancel. I did it as did about 30% of the current season ticket holders this season!

  • DownUnderMag

    While still worrying how many have been sold, it is good to see some finally waking up and making a stand.  I understand the draw to some, after all it is their weekend out for most and a perfect way to catch up with mates that they may not see any other time anymore.  For others it will be a sense of duty, or even just habit, but the fact so many are now waiting to see what happens is a good thing, hopefully Ashley will finally start ACTING on his end of season PR exercise.  I know ticket sales amount to a drop in the ocean these days but hopefully the point will still make it’s mark and the thought of the negative publicity will spur him on.  Not holding my breath though.

  • mactoon

    Can’t see it making a difference to him but him being here made a difference to me. I fell out of love with the sport I’ve worshipped since I was a teenager. He should be ashamed what a despicable man he is

  • DownUnderMag

    mactoon that to me is the most worrying thing about all this, what irreparable damage is he causing to the heart and soul of this club?  Even if a new owner comes in and even if he/she splashes the cash…or hell, even just runs it like a football club on it’s own financial footing, how many fans will ever truly return to what they once had with this club?  John Hall should be ashamed of himself for what hell he’s put us into selling to this man!

  • DavidDrape

    DownUnderMag mactoon yep many have already turned their backs on the club (including any kids they take).

  • desree

    Isn’t this the norm at most football clubs? it is still a strong position for Mike Ashley to be in. They will likely sell more tickets on match day

  • mactoon

    I agree. Ashley has single handedly caused me to fall out of love with the club and football in general. In the end I just didn’t enjoy going to the matches as all we had to talk about was the negative aspects of the club. Who do I blame for that? Ashley. Who do I blame for Ashley? John Hall. And yet the ‘saviour of the north east’ has never had a bad word to say about what is going on

  • Hez

    NormalSupporter  most of the “whiners” don’t go to games because they can see what it happening to the club, I stopped going years ago as the writing was on the wall, the clubs a circus under Ashley and if you can’t see that well enjoy your “day out” at the match

  • Hez

    grahame49  No they are getting called for having a pop at other fans, half of the fans don’t go for the loyalty of the club, they go for a social experience and its part of their day out in the bars and restaurants on a Saturday

  • MackEdwards

    grahame49 Grahame, it’s not even Newcastle united now. Look at the various blog sites and you will see name-calling, sabre rattling, and general discord throughout the fans. Why do you think this has happened? It is because of the abhorrent way Mike Ashley has treat the fans and club. He has virtually prostituted NUFC for the sake of his SD empire. This is no where near the club it was and won’t be until he has gone! ! !

  • Tony79

    Hopefully i can now turn up on the day with my mates and all sit (Stand) together like the old days.

    Better atmosphere if that happens.

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Mac, really good posts and advice as usual.
    Ashley out.

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Supporting the club is also wanting what is best for the club. That means determining whether the direction of the owner is at least positively purposeful. The only thing positively purposeful about Ashley’s abysmal ownership is the accumulation of his own wealth and brand awareness, with little-to-no care for the state of the club’s values and footballing progression. His years at the club have indicated that.

    Therefore, if no action is taken to rebel against this monetary parasite, the best interests of the club are thrown to the ground and trampled on. To me, that is not supporting the club.

    If you want flowers and plants to grow, you do not use the area as a walkway…

    Ashley out.