Bournemouth have posted a warning to Newcastle United and Mike Ashley, that failing to properly invest this summer could be disastrous.

With United now said to have just about managed to get an assistant manager over the line, the need to sign some credible players must surely be top priority.

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It isn’t the time to panic yet but if there hasn’t been unseen significant work behind the scenes already then it would be very depressing news for the masses.

A club like Bournemouth arriving in the Premier League, many rival fans will see them as whipping boys – a tiny ground and no top tier record in the Premier League era.

However, last season the likes of Leicester showed that the core of a Championship team with not that much investment, can compete in the top league, while with even less investment Burnley didn’t fail by that far.

Whilst Newcastle have drawn a blank so far on signings, Bournemouth have already banked five.

They have recruited Sylvain Distin (Everton) and Artur Boruc (Southampton) from the Premier League to give them extra experience, whilst Adam Federici (Reading) and Joshua King (Blackburn) have came in from the Championship.

All four of them on frees but they will bulk up the squad and add some experience as I mentioned.

Also they have brought winger/attacking midfielder Christian Atsu in on loan from Chelsea.

However, the news today that a sixth signing is on his way, has made a few more people take notice. Bournemouth are reported to have agreed an £8m deal for Ipswich defender Tyrone Mings, a player a number of other Premier League clubs – including Newcastle – were also said to be chasing.

The landscape has changed with the TV deals, promoted teams can pay big fees and wages but still leave themselves some insurance money if it all goes wrong.

There is also talk of Dimitar Berbatov arriving after being released by Monaco.

When you consider that any signings are on top of a team/squad who won the Championship and scored 98 goals over the season, I have a feeling they will have a right go.

Plus of course they may go out and add a couple more serious signings to add to the six already made.

Considering Newcastle only managed two draws with Burnley and were defeated at both QPR and Leicester, it points to Newcastle being little better than the promoted teams last season. The final Premier League table suggested that as well.

Newcastle United and Mike Ashley have to show they have learnt their lesson and be bold in the transfer market, or else just like Swansea and Southampton, more and more clubs are going to be paying the going rate whilst Newcastle attempt to do it on the cheap – with an almost guaranteed outcome of eventual failure for United.

We have been warned.

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  • Shaker_Shakrah

    All the clubs are working except Newcastle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We need 6 quality first team players and 2 or 3 youngsters and we need them NOW  !!!!!!!!!!

  • DavidDrape

    went to bournemouth a few seasons on a stag do. rang the disabled rep the day before & turned up on the day and was given a free disabled ticket with plenty leg room along form the dugouts and an invite into a lounge before the game – top club, nice people and great nightlife. good luck to them – they know how to look after supporters form what i experienced

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Of course Bournemouth are another club we can no longer compete with in the transfer market.

  • tino o

    The difference is their owner obviously gives a [email protected] unlike the greedy chancer we’ve been landed with.

  • dude 1

    Lessons learnt are this the fat man dose not do

  • Andgeo

    We can’t compete financially with the bigger clubs!! That’s because the fat scum who owns the club thinks he has the right to line his pockets with tens of millions from the clubs Tv income and use the club as a free global advertising vehicle for his business. When he does eventually leave, NUFC should prosecute him!

  • Andgeo

    We do but fatty doesn’t! He thinks that appointing Schteve is enough to keep us up got another season. All fat scum mike is doing is counting the millions.

  • Tadger

    Reading papers today a good score on the transfer market is Liverpool 6 Newcastle 0 tells you everything

  • 1957

    I really don’t care what other teams are doing, the only thing that is important is what NUFC do or at the moment aren’t doing.

  • DavidDrape

    Andgeo why are neewcastle city council not standing up to him re everything. they should be vocal in their disgust in what ashley is doing to its people

  • DavidDrape

    1957 agree with that perspective but it is worrying as nufc are falling behind more and more clubs…it will also mean no decent or above average players will be left to buy because they will have been snapped up

  • KevinBrown11

    It’ll be panic buys near the end of the transfer window as usual, nothing changes at the toon with the tools in charge, get a move on get some players over the bloody line will you.

  • WilliamCarney

    Nothing will change at Newcastle, we should all go and support gateshead and give them a they can really be pround to play infront of, if we gave them something to play for they would end up in the premier league in a few years from now, then mike Ashley can kiss our asses good buy.

  • kuromori

    >>A club like Bournemouth arriving in the Premier League, many rival fans will see them as whipping boys – a tiny ground and no top tier record in the Premier League era.
    Yes, but they have an ambitious billionaire owner who is not afraid to spend money. How can we compete with that?

  • SGM

    Yeh, Like they know all about The premiership, and survival, and investing.

  • wor monga

    Clubs don’t see other clubs as ‘whipping boys’ at this stage
    of the season…only those who stand on the sidelines see them as that…they see
    them as something to take on and beat, and as the season goes on we will see
    how strong their squads really are.

    Most of those signings are players that other clubs wanted
    rid of, and could be picked up fairly quick…but would you be satisfied with
    that level of signings…even those that the ‘Press’ have maintained we were
    interested in?…No…didn’t think so!!…Let’s wait and see what happens then,

  • Ben Jefferson

    Il bet anyone now we finish above Bournemouth