Bobby Moncur says that he never accepted Lee Charnley’s justification for Newcastle not trying in the cup competitions, especially the FA Cup.

The former United Captain hinting that Mike Ashley’s policy of ordering weakened teams was due to fear of injuries.

Having being named as part of the newly formed Newcastle United board, Bobby Moncur claims that a lot of people he has spoken to are really looking forward to the new season because of what Mike Ashley had to say in his speech before the West Ham match.

Bobby Moncur speaking to the Chronicle:

“One of the things which spurred me on was Mike Ashley doing his interview,  I have spoken to people who are really looking forward to it (new season) because he made a statement and now he has got to back that up.

“A lot of the supporters are buoyed up and looking forward to next season. At the end of last season it was a bit doom and gloom and now that Mike has come out and changed things around a little bit with a new coach, a new board, people are looking forward to it.”

Lee Charnley explains the Cup policy:

“All the fans say to me ‘All we want is to have a go in the FA Cup’ and I don’t see that as a big risk. I know there’s reasons given to me.

“There was a general trend of injuries but I said to Lee (Charnley), as an ex-player you are going to have to explain to me why we don’t have a go. He did, but I didn’t see it. The risk of injuries compared to the feelings of the fans and the bad publicity isn’t that big.”

The fans I talk to were surprised by Mike Ashley speaking in public for the first time but until he backs it up with credible signings then I don’t know anybody who is convinced that things have definitely changed. This includes a number of my mates who have received letters after Steve McClaren’s appointment, begging them to renew their season tickets after the deadline was put back by three weeks.

A decent number of them say they will renew, but ONLY if Ashley allows proper investment in the squad.

Other ones say they will probably go match but match but see how it goes, especially when it comes to what kind of team Newcastle put out when the League Cup kicks off in August.

  • Brownale69

    After 8 years do you believe this liar?

  • v0ices

    Brownale69 sad to see one of the clubs heros act like this…

  • andewalsh

    Moncur the ugly stooge. Whoring himself for money. Selling his credibility to keep in with a LIAR.

  • magpiefifer

    Who wrote Moncur’s comments – the same person who wrote Colo’s!?
    Mind you,Moncur is well capable of schmoozing up to Ashley after the many supportive remaerks he’s made in the past.
    We’ve got a board of yes-men so what’s going to change!?

  • mactoon

    Moncur has continually backed Ashley but until Ashley actually does something to prove he meant what he said I don’t believe it and I am not looking forward to next season until something happens so don’t think you are speaking on my behalf.

    Let’s look at what has happened since the Ashley interview.. the manager has been prevented from openly talking to the press and we don’t appear to have matched Austin’s clubs valuation. Still waiting for something to happen

  • toonterrier

    Obviously Moncur doesn’t read the Mag otherwise he would know the majorities opinion of Ashley’s speech. We will believe it when it happens but after eight seasons of spin and lies from the lot of the clowns involved with the running of our club unless major changes are made starting with the recruitment of proven players then we shall sit back, shake our heads and say nothings changed. Please prove me wrong.
    ps  I have renewed my season ticket but only because I’m involved with the ten year plan and hoping every year that things will improve.  Still waiting.

  • Adam_B

    Deeply upsetting but not surprising. Mr Moncur, what about all the lies and false promises before the pre-West Ham “PR exercise”? What about the fans’ scepticism? What about the disgraceful 2 fingers to the Fans’ Forum? Even if some supporters are responding favourably to the PR, what about the others – do they not count for anything?

    Are you saying that we should forget all that because Mike took 5 minutes after 8 years to issue some carefully-crafted spin? OK, actions speak louder than words and so far, no new signings have arrived. Yes, the coaching staff is being sorted (and thank heavens for that), but if you suggest that all in the garden is rosy, you simply have no credibility. There MUST be serious investment in the team now – if that does not happen then nothing has changed and the imperative of Ashley leaving will be maintained. If you were really a club ambassador, (for the fans rather than a regime-supporting PR agent), then you really ought to be acknowledging that we’ve been lied to before, terribly mis-managed and that the “promises” made are simply talk unless backed up by actions.

    And as for Charnley’s statements about NUFC not trying in the cups these last few years, it is an absolute disgrace, matched only by the FA’s non-response. That these comments continue to be released shows how arrogant and untouchable these clowns think they are, SHAME ON YOU.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Moncur is Fatmans lickspittle and a bloody disgrace. Fatman pays his wages so Moncur does exactly as he is told.
    Some people must be as thick as shite if they actually believe Fatmans drivel after 8 years of lies.
    Utter Tools

  • stephen richards

    Fail to sign Austin or Dost next week and any optimism will disappear in a heartbeat

  • Pedrothegreat

    Moncur did a lot for this club during his playing days and deserves a bit more respect from some of his harsher critics in my opinion, he is entitled to his view about Mike Ashley and the current setup, but to quote Victor Meldrew “I don’t believe it” we have lost faith in tabloid speculation and rumours now, the proof is in the pudding and until I see Charlie Austin or someone of equal calibre with a Newcastle shirt on I aint parting with any money to watch drivel again next season, we need 6 or 7 top quality signings, not bargin basement flops, or loanees or pretenders like Sissoko hoping to impress other clubs.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    The crux of all this is Bob saying he changed his mind after, and because of, the Ashley Sky ‘spin’. 

    Not because he had some long and meaningful conversation with Fatty or Penfold (has he ever had one?). Our ‘Ambassador’ and now Board member obviously takes very little convincing of anything – despite his own Club finally admitting they NOW intend to compete in the Cups. 

    Given that they are all gagged from speaking to anyone but the ‘preferred partners’ of the media world, I am now even less inclined to believe anything coming out of St James’ Park. Actually, I’m not inclined to believe anything at all that has been drafted, written and approved by Bishop first.

    Change? Transparency? Better communication? My [email protected]

  • geordieladdo

    there’s one main reason why Bob Moncur is now on the board and that is so that he can face up to the fans forum.

    Maybe they think he’ll get an easier ride seen as heis a ‘legend’…..

    He’s being used! But suppose the pay will make it worth it……

    maybe why there’s not been one for a while…. watch this space

  • Jail for Ashley

    So now they’ve actually admitted what we’ve all known for years now and that the policy was to exit the cups as quickly as possible. Should anyone unlucky enough to have been at Stevenage, Brighton (twice) Leicester and Cardiff at home not deserve a full refund of ticket and travel. Slimy barstewards.
    Ashley out.

  • jack1x

    Bobby nothing has changed , your a legend and I watched you in nearly all your games for Newcastle , but even you have became blinded by this , I know you just want the best for the toon and maybe your carried away a little by these false promises .Every person we have supposedly been interested in seems to be going somewhere else , fans want action now , not excuses , intent has to be shown now , and action speaks louder than words .Spend some money , some big money and we might start to believe the words

  • PaulNewsome

    Marshal Petain was regarded as a French national hero of the First World
    War who captained them to European victory. However, he collaborated with the Nazis with the Vichy government of the Second World War and was
    eventually tried for treason. Reminds me a bit of Moncur really.

  • Chemical Dave

    Hideous arrs licking JUDAS.

  • JohnyH

    Lower than a dwarfs testicles.

  • Slomma

    I worshipped Bob when he captained wor lads, but it seems at the moment as if he’s just a lapdog for Mashley. After the owners statement and the appointment of the new manager (no comment yet), we’re still waiting for ACTION! No backroom staff appointed and no players in – or out for that matter. Massive changes needed but NOWT happening and no statements from the club. The agony just goes on.

  • Jarra MIck

    i know it’s difficult but some people find it impossibleto distinguish between the magnificent footballers Moncur and Beardsley were and what they have become. Both of them were heroes to me growing up but now I see them for what they are sycophants desperate to hang onto jobs. Some of the people on here still see them as heroes, there not they’re Ashley’s men 100% and they will say and do what they are told.

  • Peter Lamb

    Shut up Bobby. No signings yet.

  • Wallsendmag

    The way Moncur talks anyone would think he’s on the clubs payroll……..

  • LeazesEnder

    PaulNewsome Reminds me of Le Pétomane

  • Bob2147

    stephen richards Transfer window does not open until 1 July I thinkl

  • stephen richards

    Yes but you can still do the deal you just can’t file the paperwork until 1july that’s always been the case

  • Bob2147

    stephen richards Agreed, the transfer cannot be registered until 1 July and I cannot see that the club would announce a signing until it is “over the line”. 
    Anyway, I do not expect to hear any official announcement  from the club until 1 July at earliest.
    I would love to be wrong though so we can get something positive for the fans to cling to in advance 1 July .

  • stephen richards

    Would not surprise me if they held back any announcements about signings until after the1/7 because the club seem determined to keep the fans in The dark surely it would make more sense to make some early deals to try and persuade the thousands of fans who have cancelled season tickets to renew

  • magpie9

    That cant be Bob Moncur speaking it has to be a 6 ft dummy, nobody can sink that low fro captain of toon puppet  spouingt fattys garbage

  • mactoon

    But if they actually went down the route of buying players before the renewal deadline it would cost them money
    If they kept putting out rumours that they were going to sign players the daft fans will renew their tickets. .. gotcha!