With 37 appearances for AS Roma in the past season, that alone is a triumph for Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa after a dismal time at St James Park.

Hardly given a chance in his proper position of centre-back under Alan Pardew, the defender was sent out on loan without Newcastle recruiting a replacement – a factor which almost helped bring relegation to NUFC.

However, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa hasn’t looked back, playing Champions League football and helping AS Roma chase Juventus for the title until their challenge faded late on.

With a permanent deal now triggered after playing a certain number of games, Mapou has now gone down in folklore for the club.

In the second last match of the season, AS Roma faced derby rivals Lazio with a Champions League place to play for, victory for then second placed Roma would see them guarantee that runners up spot ahead of third placed Lazio.

With the score at 1-1 with five minutes to go, up stepped Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa to score the winning goal, ensuring Champions League football and the defeat of their bitter rivals.

That day will mean Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa will always be a legend for the Italian club’s fans but just have a look at how they chose to show their appreciation at the final home match of the season…

mapou yanga-mbiwa

And another one…

mapou yanga-mbiwa

For younger readers, there used to be a TV show in the UK called The Black & White Minstrel Show in the 1960s and 1970s which was eventually brought to an end because the TV company realised that this kind of thing had had its day and that it was no longer acceptable.

Whilst obviously the Roma fans are doing this in tribute, I just wonder what Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa though of it?

Maybe the next project for the good people at Show Racism the Red Card (SRTRC).

As for Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and his teammates (and adoring fans), their next game is a friendly against Real Madrid, with Champions League football again next season to look forward to.

Where did it all go wrong?!!

  • keeganRescueUs

    I know it’s so very wrong but that’s hilarious

  • Morpeth mag

    Yes he’s found his level , thank God parsnip played him at fulll back or we might have been stuck with a decent defender,, thanks again Alan,, and good luck next year at palace!!!! Maybe you can give John and Steve a job, !,,,,,,,

  • this story is about 3 weeks old…

  • RexN

    Always an interesting debating point which some of my mates were discussing recently. Some readers will remember a certain centre forward who we had in the 80s. He was affectionately known as “Blackie Milburn”. It wasn’t intended in a derogatory way but would it be frowned upon now?

  • GrahameSlone

    Isn’t quite appropriate but not done out of disrespect. Glad the lads finally getting regular football & playing in his preferred position. It’s a shame we couldn’t keep him but Pardew seemed unwilling to give him a fair crack. Good luck to the lad

  • MartinJW

    Er yes Rex it would be frowned upon. And ‘blacking up’ as MYB isn’t clever either.

  • 1957

    It’s typical of the attitude of Southern Med countries, an issues we rightly tackle but other cultures adopt a relaxed attitude to. I’ve been to a game in Bilbao two years ago where black players from the opposition were greeted with monkey chants every time they touched the ball.
    Differing cultures mean there is no answer Europewide and UEFA don’t care, thankfully we live in a country while not perfect has tried to change.

  • amacdee

    How many players that Pardwho didnt think were good enough were actually good enough ?

  • YorkshireLadSPB

    It is ridiculous to compare ‘blacking up’ and what is obviously a tribute to a player they love, respect and appreciate. There is nothing to see here, if you are offended, that’s your choice, but you are foolish to be offended.

  • amacdee

    Morpeth mag Funny how Pardwho the Clueless steered clear of both those knobs while taking his “analyst” and coveting his mate and GK coach. You know you’re shlte when even Pardwho doesnt want you !

  • desree

    was his winning goal a header, good to see he has been unpardewed. another talented player not given the support or time to adjust.

  • desree

    i guess it would be coloured milburne these days

  • Squintytoonarmy

    And pardew preferred Williamson could you see willo playing for Roma …

  • FrankTV


    There is a precedent, although for slightly different reasons: 2001, Serie B, AC Treviso players decide to get onto the pitch with their faces painted in black on the last game of the season. Reason? To support A. Omolade, a Nigerian player (back then an Under 21 from the local academy): he had repeatedly endured monkey chants on any other home game – which incidentally had drawn a raft of hefty fines on the club from the Italian FA.  He thanked his team mates publicly and the initiative was praised by the press. Yes, they do things differently down in the Med, but I can reassure anybody this is in good faith and there are no racist overtones: the black player(s) response speak for itself.  I think in MYM’s case the lad must have even seen the funny side of it.  NB: it’s usually right-wing hooligans spouting racist chants: Lazio’s are a prime example, Treviso AC too, back in the days (the team eventually went bankrupt and now languishes in the Italian Conference league).

  • desree

    I’m convinced mym would have found playing second fiddle to mike williamson far more offensive

  • Dorsalino

    Some of the comments on here really show how out of touch some of our fans are! Only a bunch of white people can make such statements..coloured Milburn? really? blacking up is a tribute?? Then it’s a hugely misconceived tribute by fans who are often openly racist anyway.

    Jeremy Clarkson types will obviously roll out the – oh you’re too pc – no sense of humour etc…but until you experience the vicious side of racism, which Top Gear often more than hinted at.. I guess you remain happily ignorant. I’ve worked with openly racist colleagues, and it’s repulsive, although the “it’s just banter” attitude is also a poor disguise for people who obviously are racist but are unwilling to recognise that truth.

    Remember our fans racially abusing Shaka Hislops parents?…the real shame is that UEFA and also FIFA have never properly addressed issues of racism in football.

    A lot of white people just don’t seem to get that blacking up really does offend but then I guess the more right wing you are politically the less it bothers you.
    I bet Mike Ashley finds it funny though….

  • keeganRescueUs

    Thanks for the bore nado!!!

  • Steve1221

    Racism – “discrimination or prejudice based on someone’s race”
    Can you please explain to me how paying tribute to a player by dressing up as him displays any hallmarks of discrimination or prejudice.

  • Morpeth mag

    Exactly, I could not agree more,, explain to me as well,,,
    nothing is said about people wearing ginger wigs and kilts,,,,,,

  • Steve1221

    Maybe the disgraceful, xenophobic, curly ginger wigs in the crowd are the reason Colo gets homesick so often.

  • Morpeth mag

    Hahha, yeah, the harpo Marx appreciation, society!!!!

  • Morpeth mag

    By your criteria, you have made a rascist statement, ” A BUNCH OF WHITE PEOPLE” what do you mean by that? If I said ” A BUNCH OF BLACK PEOPLE” you would have called me a rascist,,, it seems to me that the only people who are rascists are white people???

  • NotFatFreddy

    Owaaaa’ Betty!  What sort of politically correct world do we live in?  It would be wrong to black up and do it to deliberately offend and degrade a black person.  BUT if it is to celebrate a black person?  There was a BBC prog where Lionel Richie was impersonated by a ginger haired skinny white Englishman, and black people thought it was great!

    Black people would be more offended if other contestants were made up to look like their celebrity and the Lionel Richie tribute impersonation had ginger hair and remained white!

    Black people can quickly discern what is racially motivated.