There have been major changes in the betting odds for next Newcastle manager.

With it being 155 days since Alan Pardew fled the scene, there have been as many managerial candidates suggested as potential signings, with Newcastle managing to bring in either of them in over five months.

If you believe the newspapers (today…) then it is a straight shootout between Steve McClaren and Patrick Vieira, with the Frenchman slight favourite.

The papers are just about split evenly as to which of the pair will get the job but most are going with the line that both will be interviewed sometime soon.

However, if the past half year is anything to go by, then this week’s favourites for the job can be tomorrow’s old news.

Here are the front runners with a few other ‘interesting’ candidates picked out as well, the full list can be seen by going HERE;

4/6 Patrick Vieira

6/4 Steve McClaren

12/1 Michael Laudrup

14/1 David Moyes

16/1 Alan Curbishley

33/1 Steve Bruce

33/1 Harry Redknapp

66/1 Thierry Henry

To place a bet and/or to see odds for all potential next Newcastle managers go HERE

On these type of bets it is always good to check exactly how they define ‘permanent’ manager and with BetVictor they say the following;

1.1. Next Permanent Manager
Every effort will be made to quote all potential new managers for the market, but should a manager not quoted be appointed, all bets will stand.

Caretaker and interim managers will not count unless they complete at least 10 competitive games or the club indicate the manager will be appointed to cover at least 10 or more games. They will then be deemed the permanent manager and paid as a winner without clients having to wait for 10 or more games to be completed.

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  • Sickandtiredstill
  • themilkman

    Patrick viera won’t be offered the HC job at NUFC, As I think there is some one under the radar that we don’t no about yet . forget carver and McLaren they are just red herrings .

  • foggy

    Hot on the heels of Friday nights news about the club releasing Jonas the media became awash over the weekend with the news that Vieira might become the toons new manager. Maybe its the cynic in me but I see the hand of Ashleys pr guru at work.
    Vieira as manager, not likely
    McClaren with Carver as assistant, probably all arranged before carver went to Butlins

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Is it Him ?

  • themilkman

    There,s only three applicants for the job of HC at NUFC. McLaren, viera, and some one that is unknown to us at the moment. I don’t think McLaren or viera will be given the job, but this unknown person will get the job.

  • wor monga

    Vieira wouldn’t be coming up to Newcastle if the job wasn’t
    his to turn down…he doesn’t need that type of interview for any non-footballing
    entity to see if he’s ‘suitable’ for management…he already ticks all the boxes…

    …What he needs for his own progression is to prove that he
    can turn an underperforming team into a performing one, (and everyman and his
    dog knows that the Toon is the best example of that in modern football history)
    for him to be recognised as a top coach by the really top clubs…

    …A lot of guarantees would have to have been covered
    behind the scenes, on this one, and Patrick Vieira wouldn’t be coming to the
    Toon without them being cleared in advance…

  • themilkman

    All Newcastle fans around the world will probably be shocked when the new HC is paraded in front of the press at st James park. That’s my own personal opinion .

  • Whether it is McLaren or Vieira, Ashley will not have to pay compensation.However, in the future,will any other clubs approach McLaren if he is at Newcastle.Doubtful. Yet if it is Vieira, and Man City or Arsenal come calling in the future, Ashley will demand huge compensation for him, because make no bones about it he will be a success.He would get nowt for McLaren, but megabucks for Vieira.So its a no brainer.

  • The so called mystery candidate will be either Karanka or De Boer

  • wor monga

    Davey h

  • wor monga

    Davey h 

    …50% correct…and spot on if you were to delete De Boer from
    the equation…but only if other names in the hat find a hidden obstacle there,
    that could not be overcome!!

  • Porciestreet

    themilkman There is someone who is still under contract at the moment who will be available June/July. Obviously not wanting to rock the boat, Ashley is keeping stum. However, that said, I would install Msr Vieira first thing in the morning If it was down to me.

  • Porciestreet

    themilkman And, not wishing to appear derogatory or racist, Vieira’s nickname as “The Malteaser” I find extremely hilarious  (in the best possible taste).

  • Porciestreet

    foggy So hope yr wrong mate.

  • TonnekToon

    Michael Maximus Moose themilkman HaHa that wouldn’t surprise me in the least .Two loonies together J.K .& J.C. Reminds me of the the 2 loonies in the asylum , stood at the window looking at the sprawling lawns and ornamental gardens , One turns to the other , pointing outside and says ,” One day son this’ll be all yours ” !  The loony bin that is NUFC .

  • delashio

    Lets just walk before we try to run. You’re getting far too carried away already. He hasn’t even been signed yet at this would be his first job with a team that needs a complete overhall. Calm down.

  • foggy

    Porciestreet foggy I hope I’m wrong.
    The toon could have a brave new world in a few days time if they appoint Vieira.
    If its McClaren then we’ll just slink back into the shadows.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Vieira seems to be a great option. He even said he loved NUFC’s atmosphere and his favourite ground as far back as 2013.  Has been headhunted by Bayern.  Does his own scouting.  Is well appreciated at Man City.  Is a winner etc.

    I am sure all fans would be more than enthusiastic to have him.

    As there is no compensation package to be paid why not get rid of Carr and our coaching staff and pay them compensation.  Let the new man bring in his own staff and let him scout and be responsible for buying players also!  THEN we might get somewhere!

  • Andgeo

    Can’t wait to see charnley a excuse for taking McClaren ahead of Vieira!

  • Chemical Dave

    Spot on del but please make allowances for mong a as he has dementia.

  • Alsteads

    Anyone know any out of work manager that owes a fortune to the bookies/casinos? ……….might be worth an outside punt!! :-)

  • themilkman

    Newcastle united is an ongoing soap opera at the moment,and mike Ashley must be loving every minute of it,because it seems every body is aware and talking about my beloved club,and their seems to be no end in site to finally sort out who,s going to be our New Head coach and sort out players coming into the club.

  • toonterrier

    Maybe the club will offer Charva a new contract so if any of the big clubs come in for him they will get compensation. Its what they’re doing with Shammy and he’s about as much use as Charva.
    We’re doomed I tell you..

  • nufcslf

    Sickandtiredstill Interesting article. Hope Cashley doesn’t get wind of it or sweet fa will be done to make it happen.