With the summer transfer market hotting up by the day, Alan Sheare has sent a Newcastle United teaser message to Charlie Austin.

The Queens Park Rangers striker is hot property after his 18 Premier League goals last season, followed up 59 in 98 Championship starts in the previous three years.

Charlie Austin sent out this message on Twitter regarding Geordie legend Alan Shearer:

Charlie Austin @chazaustin9

“260 premier league goals!!! No one is catching him @alanshearer #thegoaldontmove”

Never one to miss a trick, Shearer was straight on the case and tossing the ball back into Charlie Austin’s court:

Alan Shearer ‏@alanshearer

“Why don’t you come up here and try?! #9 Alan Shearer”

Would be nice to think somebody like Charlie Austin would fancy the challenge of coming up to St James’ Park and playing in front of 52,000 every other week.

Just as interesting would be if Austin made it clear he fancied a move to Newcastle, what Mike Ashley would do in terms of being ambitious enough to go after a player who would surely guarantee Premier League goals.

  • Alltomuch

    Ashley, charnley or Carr
    Would they pay the fee?
    Doubt it

  • Andgeo

    Fat Ash will offer him £20k per week and £500 worth of sports direct vouchers to keep him in cheep boots and shin pads for the duration of his contract.

  • Stuart Go Lightly Wilson

    I have a a real good feeling after reading up on Scuba Schteve (McClaren) hopefully he can land some transfer targets mainly British… and add to the current squad Carroll and austin would be nice,,,good to see so many names being thrown into the ring!! Giving a good buzz so early on in the transfer market good to see mike Ashley taking a back seat too !! Hwtl one faith one team one United!! Come on the Toon we still believe!!!

  • Pedrothegreat

    Andgeo  HA Ha, the media have got this all mixed up, its not Charlie Austin Ashley wants to buy, its an Austin Allegro for Steve McClaren to use as a company car.

  • DownUnderMag

    Love your optimism.  I think we all hope to get some decent players in and a manager who can somehow engineer some kind of measured success, even if it is a League Cup win.  Sadly, many of us are still waiting for that spark to get us hopeful again as we sit with no manager, 6 players released from an already paper-thin squad and no sign of any imminent arrivals.  Hope you are right and the bright spark is just around the corner.

  • Paul Patterson

    A few problems-
    * We won’t pay the going rate to QPR.
    * We won’t pay the going rate to Charlie Austin.
    * We won’t build a side to assist a 20 goal a season striker.
    * We don’t try in the cups to give Austin more games to score more goals.
    * We don’t aim for Europe to give Austin more games to score goals.
    * We would sell Austin in a crack IF he started scoring lots of goals.
    Shearer’s record is as safe as houses . .

  • KevinHarland

    If he wants to come, we’ll pay the money. I honestly believe that Ashley is going to spend this summer BUT we’re not an attractive option to players anymore. We’re based in Newcastle when most players want to be in London plus we are known for paying less than our rivals and having a revolving door policy. It’s going to take a while to shake that off and it will be tough to sign players until we have.