Just over a week since Steve McClaren was appointed head coach at Newcastle United and there has been much talk of who will join the club in the coming days and weeks.

With the fixtures released yesterday, it will be interesting to see what shape we will be in for our first pre season game at Gateshead only three weeks away as from tomorrow.

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Despite no incoming transfers as yet, there has been much change to the make-up of the club off the pitch.

Gone are Steve Stone and John Carver, who some blame for the club’s fall from relative mid-table security to a perilous relegation dog fight. With it looking likely to be Paul Simpson, McClaren’s assistant at Derby, and/or former Middlesbrough/Sunderland star Bolo Zenden.

Mike Ashley has resigned from the board with club legend Bob Moncur part of the newly formed gang of four, alongside Graham Carr, Lee Charney and McClaren. The first time a Newcastle head coach has been part of such a structure.

Steve McClaren argues that this is a format he is used to, and one he’s excited to be a part of, hopefully one that will bear fruit when it comes to player recruitment.

Not all of our fans are pleased with McClaren and would have preferred Michael Laudrup, Frank de Boer, Patrick Vieira or David Moyes, however, McClaren sounds positive in what he wants to achieve for Newcastle. Declaring he wants to win a trophy and have a team that we are proud of, that fights and wants to play free flowing attacking football.

After disaffection felt towards Pardew in the last few years at St James with banners and protests demanding his removal as manager, 2015/2016 feels like a new beginning.

With a new board, money to spend and a new head coach, the signs are good positive of a huge improvement on last season.

Actions speaks louder than words and talks of a budget in the region of £40 million, if then spent in the right places, would go a long way towards reassuring the doubters that things are on the up once again.

  • LeazesEnder


  • Little Davey

    LeazesEnder  I’ll 2nd that

  • Corkyjohn

    What a load of shite…..we need far more than £40m to replace the crap we already have & the crap we have released. What new manager isn’t going to make all the right noises? Prove us doubters wrong & start buying quality not unproven championship & foreign

  • Toonbadger

    A new beginning with the same end

  • ArtyH

    Sick of bei g decieved and lied to by those in charge,  it will  e no different,  just some new faces, and probably not as good as those who left, what a state to be in with our beloved club, we are the only ones who care.

  • A lex

    a new board, money to spend…………….”

    What, in heaven’s name, are you sniffing?

  • DZA187

    Corkyjohn first team needs a good 100 million spending on it and the fatman might get away next season spending 30 million on a couple of players.

  • cwtoon88

    Baaa Baaa Baaa Baaa Baaa

  • GToon

    Feel so sorry for McClaren. He can’t even get his coaching staff sorted, never mind sign a player. Any other club would have got him his coaching staff the same day. Looks like “the line” affects not just players. To be fair “the line” is starting to affect me too as I really struggle to see myself making the trip to SJP in the foreseeable. Is Ashley the line? Will all be revealed one day and the line is just him laid down in the road and he is that fat that he blocks it? I think it’s my bed time.

  • Rabid Dog

    New beginning? Don’t make me laugh – actions, results, top8 finish and silverware, AS PROMISED. So far only words and hollow ones at that!

  • bidz01

    Let’s see some QUALITY signings then!
    I won’t believe anything is any better till some top signings are made, not from the championship or division 1!
    Ashley is not going to change anything, just bleed the club dry till there’s nowt left then dump it