A breakdown of the clubs who have sent scouts to the European Under 21 Championship has been published but Newcastle United are missing from the list.

In total 122 clubs and other organisations have scouts who were officially accredited, including 25 English clubs.

Altogether 15 Premier League clubs and 10 from the Championship are represented out in the Czech Republic, checking out the stars of tomorrow ahead of potential bids by their clubs.

Funnily (but not in a good funny way) enough, both Sunderland and Middlesbrough are there, while Newcastle are absent.

Premier League Clubs with scouts at European Under 21 Championship

AFC Bournemouth


Aston Villa

Crystal Palace



Manchester City

Manchester United







West Ham

Championship Clubs Represented in Czech Republic

Bolton, Brentford, Brighton, Burnley, Charlton, Fulham, Middlesbrough, Reading, Sheffield (either United or Wednesday – not clear on the list), Wolves

  • jack1x

    We are probably keeping our powder dry lol , or looking at affordable players in the conference , it’s a shame we are not a big club anymore , with small gates , what do we expect , we put up with anything , so we probably deserve it

  • Giimps

    More likely they won’t employ any scouts during the close season and only pay them for hours worked from August till may, it’s a very expensive business owning a football club you know, only £34 mil in the bank and this years sky money to come … Oh and the money from santon, yanga and fraudew so around 50 mil, but he’s saved £2.50 and a packet of swizzels by not sending any scouts, they’ll be there for the semis and final though but they’ll have to make their own way there and take a tent

  • Bearsize

    Fans forum meeting on the 6th of july. We are supposedly going to sign 6 players. I am predicting a lot of signings between the 1st and 6th, a big charnley and mclaren speech and then everyone forgets last seasons performances and mike ashley making money disappear. Sports direct shares will jump up and everyones a winner ;) could we sign a player 6 consecutive days in a row? Might ve worth a punt

  • magpie9

    Fatty wont pay bus fare & expenses

  • Toonbadger

    So what? There are more important things to be getting on with and we have enough younguns trying to get a bit of game time to start with

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    No big deal man !!

  • GToon

    Well I can understand this one. What would you say if a scout came up to you and said “I’m from new…” They wouldn’t even finish the sentence and I would have walked off and I support the team. Such is our standing in world football thanks to Ashley. But the money’s alright….. As the Stranglers once sang.

  • kuromori

    Bearsize What odds are you offering?

  • Wayne Clayton

    Bearsize Are you wearing a white suit with a small person beside you looking for a plane? (Fantasy Island for the young – ask your parents).

  • delashio

    I thought everyone was screaming out for PROVEN first team players to go straight into out team and improve it? Oh wait, we can totally contradict everything we’ve been saying fot the last few years and have a moan and whinge at this cos we can twist everything to make it look bad. Well done once again the mag.

  • delashio

    Not much point wasting money going really when everyone is shouting out for oroven players and we have plenty youth.