Charlie Austin fills another day’s headlines for some this morning, with claims that Newcastle United have bid £14m for the striker.

The supposed bid has been reported by the Express and follows up their earlier claim that Southampton had started the bidding with a £10m offer, something the Saints denied.

However, in this latest Express story, they want us to believe that Southampton have now bid £13.75m and Newcastle have ‘gazumped’ them with this £14m offer.

Personally, I can’t help but feel that Charlie Austin has already decided where he is going next and a deal is probably agreed, with only the public announcement to come.

With only one year left on his Rangers contract and QPR’s relegation confirmed some time ago, it isn’t as though the striker making a move is any great surprise to anybody.

Turning 26 in 11 days time and his wedding taking place in the coming days, this will be by far the biggest contract and decision in Charlie Austin’s lifetime.

With most of these deals for high profile players it usually turns out that their agent has been negotiating with whichever clubs for a long period.

You would have to be very naive to believe that the starting point for the striker deciding his next club is going to start now. Especially when with international duty for England, his summer is even more crowded in what is already a shorter close season than almost any other that has gone before. Then with his wedding and honeymoon etc on top of that.

Six weeks on Saturday the Premier League kicks off again, in 7 days pre season starts for Newcastle, plus in two and a half weeks time the United squad fly out to America.

When the Newcastle players return from the States they will have just over two weeks before playing their first Premier League game.

It isn’t only Charlie Austin who needs to decide his next move as quickly as possible…in the unlikely event he hasn’t already done so.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    We’ve seen it all before, far too many times. It’s the same scenario that plays out every summer. Charlie Austin will eventually sign for some club like Stoke or West Ham for around £12 to £13 million and it then will emerge that Newcastle’s offer was actually round the £6 million mark rather than the reported £14 million.

  • MackEdwards

    Unlikely but it would show commitment to improve, but as I said UNLIKELY ! ! !

  • DZA187

    If it’s true, 14 million I would expect QPR to accept.

  • prestondave

    Sky sports this morning reported that QPR have confirmed no offers have been made by anybody.

  • DZA187

    From sky sports this morning: QPR have yet to receive any offers for striker Charlie Austin, who scored 18 goals last season and has a year left on his contract at Loftus Road.

    And Sky Sports understands the club will not accept anything less than £15m for the player.

  • 1957

    More speculation to fill a few more column inches or minutes of airtime. I believe this as much as I believe the number of players press reports say NUFC are supposed to be interested in.
    Just typical of the sporting press who know it winds supporters up when things don’t happen. Keegan set in motion press attacks and misinformation about the club by the media by nearly upsetting the natural order of winners in the EPL. It even happened with SBR where they reported he had ‘lost the dressing room’ and precipitated the spineless Freddie Shepherd sacking him. They attack supporters by saying we are unrealistic or deluded with out moving from their desks in London.
    Just ignore them and don’t read their rubbish.

  • AB233

    Jezza_NUFC £6 mark more like

  • nufcmag777

    Who writes this rubbish.If people would just think logically because Ashley would never sanction £15 mill + wages for Austin when at 26 there would be no sell on value(he wouldn’t sign Andre Agew who was a FREE transfer because he was too expensive)

  • kuromori

    nufcmag777 I joked before that even “free” was too much for Fat Mike but now it’s come true. D’oh!
    The reason we haven’t bolted that famous horse onto our dustcart yet is that Fatty keeps trying to kick its tyres and look under the bonnet.

  • killyted

    spot on,, nail on head comes to mind

  • SGM

    Lets hope that neither him or his wife read the shite that’s put up here.

  • v0ices

    SGM well if you would shut up it would reduce the volume by half.

  • WilliamCarney

    Belong as you keep reading this crapp and commenting on the stories they don’t care what they write, don’t read any transfer news from any of the papers, don’t visit their websites or buy their papers, juat stay on facebook and wait for the club to announce transfers, everything you read from the papers is all crapp, stay off these websites untill the season starts.

  • Ben Jefferson

    Nope we havent