QPR 2 Newcastle 1    Saturday 16 May 3pm

Goals: NUFC Riviere 24 QPR Phillips 54 Fer 61

Even when gifted a win against a team already relegated and in disarray, Newcastle someow found a way to get beat.

This gutless display is indefensible, a boot down the pitch by Tim Krul saw Emmanuel Riviere fluke the ball into the net.

Only minutes later and Robert Green was forced off after a collision with Joey Barton, what could possibly go wrong…

QPR simply came out and had a bit of a go in the second half and that was more than enough.

On 54 minutes Charlie Austin crossed for Matt Phillips to head the equaliser and then 7 minutes later Leroy Fer hit a long range effort past Tim Krul.

All that was needed was a little effort and evidence of team spirit to play for the club and the fans.

QPR had it and Newcastle didn’t, that tells you all you need to know.

These are the key stats as provided by BBC Sport;

Possession was 53% Newcastle and 47% QPR

Total shots was 22 for Newcastle and QPR 8

Shots on target was Newcastle 8 and QPR 4

While corners was Newcastle 12 and QPR 3

Full match report to follow.

Team: Krul, Janmaat, Coloccini, Dummett, Jonas, Colback, Ryan Taylor (Aaron 64), Sissoko, Cabella (Ameobi 73), Perez, Riviere (Cisse 63)

Unused Subs: Woodman, Anita, Gouffran, Abeid

Ref: Lee Probert

Crowd: 17,608

  • NottsToon

    Simply awful, I have no doubt that we won’t beat West Ham, so now Ashley has to hope for a favour from Man Utd. Fvck this awful football club, it’s a stain on the city thanks to one man.

  • Andgeo

    Why bring ameobi on? The lads hear clearly isn’t in it. Given players on the bench the only sub would have been abeid for Taylor or abeid for Cabella. Sent the team out in the second half to score a second and conceded 2, QPR had a couple of good chances too and the warning signs had been there for 10mins after the second half kick off.
    None of this should distract from the key issue however….Fat Lying Cuhnt out!!!! Fat ashley is relegating us, we need to keep fighting back. Anybody who spends a penny in those tat stores should be ashamed of themselves.

  • John Watson

    You have to hear Carver’s post match interview. You’d think we were challenging for the title and beaten by Chelsea in extra time….and as for Cisse. What a bloody disgrace, his body language, arguing with our own players, plainly upsetting Perez and Carver says ‘ I was too busy concentrating on the match to see’..

  • Toonarden

    Never mind – In the close season he’ll sell a couple of our top players and buy a handful of cheap replacements whilst still not outlaying a penny. He’ll put the ‘best coach in the Prem’. in top position as ‘he loves the toon’ and then tell everyone that ‘mistakes have been made but this time they’re going to get it right’.
    And, as ever, the stupid, myopic daft b*****s will swallow it all with a huge Sports Direct spoon and throng into SJP in their Wonga tops next season all ready for the new dawn.
    I sometimes think we deserve what we get.

  • A lex

    Do I take pride in saying this? Well, to a certain extent, I do, but it pains me no end to write this.

    Where are the likes of Alan Pardew B&W Army, the Rob Kilsby’s, the ‘vbfgt’ champagne socialists, or whatever guises they’ve been masquerading around in for two years? And, all the other ‘supporters’ of Ashley’s Newcastle – what do you think of this situation, eh?

    Even if we escape on 17th position, we (“the militants” – haha, do me a favour!) were absolutley clear that this would happen, To someone, anyone with a bit of football knowledge and foresight, it was a nailed on certainty we’d get to this exact point sooner or later.

    Well, now we’re here. Is it okay if we ALL start and do something now, or are you still going to keep schtumm and suck up to Ashley and his ruthless cohorts?

    I really don’t know how to continue with this post, so I’ll stop here. I’m just sooooo exasperated. Exasperated with the team ……..but, more so, with the ‘alleged fans’ who have sat idly, silently by, while doing nothing but criticising those of us who have warned them of this outcome.

  • Toonarden

    A lex – You just beat my post but you are dead right. Some of us on here have seen the light virtually from day one (ie after the fiirst couple of seasons) but were continually beaten down by the diminishing Ashley ‘apologists and accountants’.
    Where are they now eh? Looking forward to being replaced by the Boro are you?

  • Chemical Dave

    Was hoping for a win today…interesting how things will pan out next week, the loss today will mean there’ll be nothing in the way of protest and if we lose and man utd win as I expect, we’ll stay up and fat boy will

  • nufcslf

    Toonarden Exactly how see this. Can’t understand why anyone…not knowledgeable football supporters, just people…won’t say a bloody word. Very very sad and very much self inflicted for not letting fatty know that everything the idiot does is simply not good enough.

  • onedavidmccreery

    Pray tell……top players?

  • dude 1

    Just seen the interview with charver the great and I want to know who his writer is I just loved the comment we will have to keep a low profile this week and get on with it dream on Johnny boy the whole North East will be watching and asking questions this week this is going to be the most profile week of newcastles season kidda

  • Chemical Dave

    ..once again from the abuse he deserves. He’ll buy a few foreigners and it’ll be enough to keep the gullible turning up.

  • StephenBowers

    I genuinely think we will avoid the drop without winning another point but will there be any lessons learnt.
    I’m starting to dispise the owner and the people involved with the running of this football club.
    Ridiculous really as I’ve never heard or talked to any of them.
    What next? More of what we have had to endure these last few years is my guess.
    I would love to hear Kevin Keegan’s assessment of the clubs current plight, if ever a man had the right to say “I Told You So”

  • Willvenus1

    Just please stay away next week. We aren’t capable of beating West Ham, even though they have still got Cowhead in charge. You can no longer support the unsupportable. Today should be everybody’s final straw, especially those of us leaving Loftus Road with the sound of the QPR supporters laughter ringing in our ears.

  • nufcslf

    StephenBowers Hear hear. I’ve already decided that I will be out playing football next Sunday and the fatty and co can shove the match where the sun don’t shine.

  • keith d

    well done carver, phone your missus and tell her to pull the shutters down again and get the earplugs out, just imagine next week, a Hull victory and Kevin Nolan to score and we loose 1-0

  • fromtheheed

    Krul totally to blame for this defeat. Incapable of kicking a moving ball. Umpeen times this season he panics as he did today and ball travelled 50 yards to a QPR player and the rest you know. Carver started with wrong players as usual, his substitutions as usual were lame ducks. No doubt the 47,000 will turn up for the final game, Ashley has them in his pocket.
    I have now become even more bitter and twisted and blame the suppoeters for everything that is wrong with the club. You have less ambition than Ashley to put up with crap season after season.

  • nufcslf

    keith d That would be a thing of beauty and so well deserved.

  • truemagpie

    I don’t trust this team anymore. Instead of supporting them in SJP and feeding FatAsh, why not send a bunch of fans to Hull City and cheer for Man Utd instead. I’m sure that we will see more positive feedback from the red devils to help us beat the Hull.
    yes, I have more confidence on Manu than this spineless team.

  • Wallsendstu

    It must have been a really inspiring half time talk given by the best coach in the premier league they obviously came out fired up to go out for the win. Already he is pleading with the fans to lift the team, probably because he is starting to realise he does not have the ability to do so. Penfold and the fat man have to sack him after the west ham game as he is an absolute waste of space

  • Pains me to say it, but come on man u. We don’t deserve it. Awful.

  • snodgrass2

    truemagpie The surprising fact is that i’ts taken this long for you to realise the blindingly obvious.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Whatever the outcome next Saturday, whether we win, draw or lose, whether we are relegated or survive by the skin of our teeth I hope the fans are not insulted by an end of season lap of honour. I want Carver, Stone et al, and the players to just get down that tunnel. You ARE an embarrassment.

  • Chemical Dave

    You’re starting to despise the owner ? Have you just returned from planet shirebrook?

  • Phildene

    StephenBowers the people who run this club have been despised for var nigh on 8 years now by all the fans! 

    If we don’t act it will be more the same as it’s fine by Ashley-he’s getting plenty of dosh from tv, SD free advertising and the paying fans who and blinded by black and white.

  • snodgrass2

    Andgeo “The lads heart clearly isn’t in it” It doesn’t matter where this lads heart is it’s his talent that is missing. Why he is even on our books is a mystery.

  • Phildene

    A lex Well said A lex. Infact VERY well said mate!

  • Phildene

    Toonarden A lex Spot on mate

  • jarra lad

    Well it’s a damn good job we didn’t take the FA cup seriously and went out at the first hurdle against Leicester, otherwise we might have found ourselves in a real relegation battle.
    Oh, just a minute…..

  • snodgrass2

    Big Hairy Man If they are real fans they won’t be there to witness it. They have been insulted by every game this season and still sat in silence pretending they are being entertained.

  • GToon

    But don’t you want your chance to let them know what you think. I’ve tried but I don’t think he could hear me from the Gallowgate.

  • A lex

    Big Hairy Man ……….and keep on walking through the Milburn entrance, down the steps, left along Barrack Rd passing the St. James’ Metro station, carry on towards Grey’s Monument (not forgetting to pause at the SD shop to spit at it), then finally right down Grainger St to the Central Station………………and get the first train out of here!

  • EastStander

    Are you lot effin mental. You want us to go down. Ive been to qpr and the embarrassing thing was their fans at the final whislte so pi55 off and let the fans do their best to keep us up next week

  • EastStander

    Are you lot effin mental. You want us to go down. Ive been to qpr and the embarrassing thing was their fans at the final whislte so pi55 off and let the fans who can be bothered do their best to keep us up next week. We can al hope fatty goes in the summe rbut in the meantime relegation would be a disaster

  • EastStander

    If we are real fans well try our best to keep us up even though they dont deserve our support. Not being there isnt an option

  • snodgrass2

    EastStander The only way you could help to keep us up next week is to join in and play yourselves. You turn up week after week and week after week you lose. Big difference. You are being conned. Nothing will change with your continued subservience. Change only comes when there is a will to change. Your weekly presence signifies acceptance. Nothing will change next week.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Who didn’t think it would go down to the last game… then Hull beat Man U, who have nothing left to play for, and us drawing/losing to the Hammers and the Mackems remaining on 37 and we are stuffed by our goal difference? 

    Come on Man U get at least a draw.  Come on Chelsea stick 7 past the sadems.  How embarrassing to be saying that.

    Never think it couldn’t get any worse…an ex Toon player to be the next coach…Stuart Pearce.


  • LeazesEnder

    EastStander Yes it is

  • EastStander

    For me it isnt. If we go down i know ill have given my full support home and away. Bigger mug me but hey ho

  • GToon

    Check out the true Geordie on YouTube. Think he hit the nail on the head after today’s “cup final”.

  • Burrells

    If it doesnt happen this season, it will happen next
    The improvements needed to make the club viable in the premier league are too massive for Ashley to consider. Im afraid we’re just extending the inevitable

  • EastStander

    And me staying away will? Is away support ok though?

  • snodgrass2

    EastStander There’s only one way to find out. Try it. Stay away. Away support is immaterial as Ashley gets no share of away money. It’s irrelevant whether you’ re there or not.

  • northender

    snodgrass2 EastStander Exactly right, mate but you can be sure that as long as they keep on showing that embarrassing Shearer ad’ on TV there will be plenty of mugs queuing up to get in.

  • mrkgw

    A complete disgrace and Ashley, Charnley, Carver and the players should hang their heads in shame. None are worthy of Newcastle United. Of the players incidentally, anyone know as to the whereabouts of Tiote?

  • snodgrass2

    northender snodgrass2 EastStander Agree with that. What I can’t fathom is that if it was a concert or play and was bad the audience would ask for it’s money back and definitely would not go to a repeat performance. How is football different?

  • TC99

    Totally agree mate, and Tiotes out for the rest of the season with a knee injury I believe, we definitely miss him. He may not be the best but he has more heart than our whole team!

  • snodgrass2

    EastStander But analyse your position.  Watch the teams body language. They do not care whether you are there or not.  Did you see Sissoko today standing on the halfway line as play swept towards our goal. He had hands on hips and made no movement to defend. Janmaat lost the ball twice and made no recovery movement. Cabella falls over so often he spends most of the game watching like the crowd. Your “support” is totally irrelevant to them. What they need is no visible support so they would begin to worry about jeopardizing their wage packet

  • Gordonthetoony

    GToon  Loved his laugh at the start

  • Gordonthetoony

    Willvenus1  I shall watch the Hull game instead. Watching Newcastle today was shameful.

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    EastStander Why do you want us t stay up?

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Anyone who goes to the match next week deserves a good kick up the arse. It is obvious to even the most simpleminded cretin that our Team don’t give a toss and our Coach is a f*cktard.
    Stay away and let the cameras see an empty stadium. Stop giving Fatman your money.
    Ashley Out!

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    Surely the best coach in the league shouldn’t be facing relegation. The only explanation is that he hates Ashley as much as the fans and is using his superior coaching skills to send us down. All we need now is for another Geordie, Steve Bruce, to finish the job. C’MON HULL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DownUnderMag

    I would love for us to stay up, but I fear that it may be the smokescreen the Ashley camp need to delude themselves into thinking they can do the same next season.  Part of me wants to get relegated just so it may force a change in attitude, but even then I doubt it…i’m sure Ashley will firmly believe that we’ve been promoted first time before so can easily do it again with minimal investment.

    If we do somehow manage to stay up by Hull losing or we finally get some more points on the board, I fear that next season will just be awful, further sucking the life out of the club….it’s tough when you don’t know how to end this nightmare….

  • PhilYare

    jarra lad carver would probs come out with usual BS and say we would have been relegated by March if we had of won that game

    luckily we have the best coach in the universe to cleverly scrape 2 points from about 79 games to ‘get us over the line’….. ironic really because we are about 20 miles over the line of absolute disgrace

  • PhilYare

    MikeAshleyAteMyHamster EastStander apparently its a nice family day out for some – enough to make you sick… they couldn’t give a f**k

  • PhilYare

    keegan once said to the players – ‘if your having a bad game give the ball to someone having a good game’ unfortunately there is nee one to pass to

  • Andgeo

    What is this “we will sit down in the summer and see what went wrong” crap Cardew keeps coming out with.
    Firstly Carver shouldn’t be anywhere near our football club now he has completely embarrassed himself and secondly it is obvious to everyone what has gone wrong. Mike ashley hasn’t got a clue!!!!

  • Andgeo

    It does seem that cardew is deliberately demotivating all the players.

  • Ron Knee

    Wallsendstu Yes, but will Charnley still be there to sack Carver?

  • SGM

    Everyones an expert.

  • Morpeth mag

    I don’t know if krul is totally to blame, but his distrbution is awful, why are the coaching staff not working on this, even when he collects the ball from corners etc he has no urgency, he allows opposition to get there shape back.
    As for the team, the only one ive any time for, is the young boy Perez, the rest are a shower of shite!!!!!

  • NottsToon

    SGM Why not give us your expert view then “supa fan”.

  • Andgeo

    Not quite everyone!!! Unfortunately fat mike and his disciples havnt got a clue!!

  • BrianPhenny

    Hace the facts guys we are rubbish, we have been all season, cut price bargain basement players trying to be premier league players and embarrasing themselves, we have an owner who doesn’t have a clue, a pretend head coach who’s statements are jokes worthy of Peter Kay and he believes that he’s the best in the premier league and for some deluded reason believes he should get the job next season. I have followed this club for over 55 years and have never until now been embarrassed about it

  • ourlad

    Just read the latest from John Carver,quoted that the weather did not help to the loss at QPR.
    That’s 9 out of 10 losses mate.A bad craftsman never blames himsel.
    Why don’t you admit it and blame yourself.Got to be in cloud cuckoo land,it’s a total disgrace.

  • northender

    snodgrass2 northender EastStander 

    And the bloke who owned the theatre would sack the director!

  • kuromori

    Morpeth mag Coaching staff work on something? Bwah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-ouch!

  • snodgrass2

    SGM Not everyone. There are 52,000 people who watch a match which their provider tells them A) they won’t win if it’s for a cup B) they won’t win if it’s for a European place C) they can’t win if it’s for a top four position. These people are not experts merely stupid.

  • snodgrass2

    DownUnderMag We end the nightmare by refusing to renew our season tickets. Simples.