So this is where we have ended up.

A season that started with a wait of 62 days for the first win, is ending with an 85 day wait until a potential final victory of the campaign on the last day that would ensure Premier League survival.

A season that has featured countless self-inflicted wounds and shortly we will find out if they add up to a fatality.

Six years ago it was a very similar scenario, selling players in January and a manager walking out because he’d had enough.

A frightening thought is that even if Mike Ashley had unveiled Joe Kinnear as Alan Pardew’s replacement, surely even he would have bettered John Carver’s two wins in nineteen games.

Sunderland appointed an experienced manager to try and save them with only nine matches remaining, Dick Advocaat has done it with a game to spare, picking up 12 points out of 24 compared to John Carver’s 10 from 54.

The now usual present of six derby points has gifted Sunderland survival and potentially condemned Newcastle United.

Mike Ashley’s reaction to the crisis has been to go into hiding and not seen at any United match for some time, whilst at the same time channelling instructions down the food chain to minions Charnley and Carver, telling the Newcastle fans it is their duty to turn up and support the team.

You really couldn’t make it up and promises of a credible post-mortem once the season closes, are about as believable as the players claiming that THIS match we will see a different performance to the countless other feeble ones we’ve been subjected to this season.

With no crystal ball to give us guarantees, no wonder many supporters are torn between desperately wanting Newcastle to stay up, whilst at the same time wondering exactly what will change if another season’s Premier League TV riches falls Mike Ashley’s way.

To be the plaything of Mike Ashley is truly a soulless existence.

All we want to see is a club and football team that does its best whatever division it finds itself in, with everybody pulling in the same direction.

Yes we may be ‘too demanding’ but one day that dream may become reality.


  • Sickandtiredstill
  • DownUnderMag

    JFK’s record wasn’t actually all that bad (only 4 wins but he managed to only have 33% loss rate and those draws could have come in handy right now), so yeah he probably could have done a slightly better than Carver has done. But that discounts the fact the man is a total burk and should never be allowed near a football club (let alone a microphone).

    Sickandtiredstill Wonga are re-branding, an image clean-up.  I think even that dodgy company realises that being associated with Ashley and a sinking ship isn’t great for their business, let alone at the price they paid.  I guess this means St James Park is a thing of the past again??

  • LeazesEnder

    I like the way that after eight bloody years of this tyrants rule, the noises coming out of his minions gobs are about it being ‘Our Club’….

  • themilkman

    The only way mike Ashley will leave the club is if Newcastle are relegated to non league football.unfortunately that’s what its going to take to get mike Ashley to sell Newcastle united

  • Sickandtiredstill

    1957 “I knew Robby, Robby Bobson, real well. He was on my speed dial”

  • Chemical Dave

    We have been relegated 4 times in over 100 years, go down on Sunday and it will be twice in 8 since fat pig bought us…quite an achievement.